The President congratulated the staff and pupils of the reconstructed municipal preschool educational institution No.23 on housewarming

The State Program for construction, repair and reconstruction of socially significant objects, initiated by Vadim Krasnoselsky and supported by the Government and the Supreme Council, continues to operate. Approximately three hundred of educational, medical, sports, and leisure objects were brought into proper condition or built from scratch during four years with the help of the special-purpose fund. Among them there are more than fifty kindergartens. This year, the capital's preschool institution "Ryabinushka" was also reconstructed. The renovated facility was put into operation. The festive event was held on this occasion today. The President took part in the festive event.

Municipal preschool educational institution No.23 was included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund 2021 at the insistence of Vadim Krasnoselsky after a presidential visit to the institution. The Tiraspol kindergarten "Ryabinushka" opened its doors to the pupils in 1963 and still did not have major repairs. 15.3 million rubles were allocated from the state budget for its reconstruction in 2021. These funds were used to replace the roof, windows, entrance and internal doors, repaired the facade, ceilings and floors, and replaced the sewerage system and plumbing fixtures. The catering unit was equipped with modern technological equipment. The laundry is fully staffed. Transition gallery was rebuilt for the safety of children and employees. Now the landscaped area was fenced off along the perimeter. The results of the work carried out were presented to the President today. Special attention was paid to the playgrounds, which are equipped with modern play equipment. The President was told that it performs not only leisure and entertainment, but also a developmental function. Another important aspect: everything is made of environmentally friendly materials, said Tatyana Khokhlova, the Head of the municipal preschool educational institution No.23. The arrangement of the elements is thought out taking into account the age categories of children. Shade awnings were updated. The paths leading to the playing areas are concreted. There is a sports ground next to the walking and outdoor areas. It is the center of the organization of various motor activities of children. A safe rubberized coating is thought out. Volleyball court is still covered with sand. Vadim Krasnoselsky considered this as incomplete work. Instructions were given to use soft rubberized material in this sphere for the safety of babies.

Examining the interior, Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the equipment of the kitchen sector. The equipment was completely replaced. The PMR President asked about ensuring fire safety. The facility has an automatic sound warning system, in the event of a threat of fire spread, an alarm will be triggered. The recuperators installed in groups and offices provide a comfortable temperature and clean air in the premises, Vadim Krasnoselsky was told.

The employees of the kindergarten, pupils and their parents took part in today's solemn event. 46 specialists work in "Ryabinushka" at the moment, 24 of them are teachers with many years of experience. The kindergarten is ready to accept about two hundred children. A quarter of the children's team have already managed to get used to renovated walls of the building. The rest of children are awaiting return from other institutions where they were during the period of repair work.

A creative program prepared by children was presented to the honored guests. The participants of the festive event called this day the second birthday of the institution. The President and pupils of "Ryabinushka" exchanged gifts. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to everyone who participated in the reconstruction of the kindergarten – from the Government Chairman to builders, congratulated the team, pupils and their parents.