The President congratulated residents of the village of Malaeshty on the temple holiday and took part in the opening ceremony of the reconstructed House of Culture

The village of Malaeshty, Grigoriopol district, celebrates temple holiday on October 14. The first documentary mention of the settlement dates back to the middle of the 16th century. Today it is the 479th official name day. Due to the quarantine restrictions, the usual festivities on this day were not organized, but the villagers were not left without a gift. It was the long-awaited opening of the reconstructed House of Culture. The President and his wife, leadership of the district and the village, representatives of the legislative and executive branches of Government, and villagers took part in the ceremony.

The event recalled the history of the Malaeshty cultural center. Opened in 1962, the House of Culture - the largest in the region - became famous for its pupils. The orchestra of Moldovan folk music, taraf, dance groups not only performed successfully throughout Moldova, but also toured far beyond its borders. A large library is located in the House of Culture; at one time, the local film and video center also received visitors. At the same time, for more than half a century of history, the House of Culture has not known a major overhaul of the building. A small amount of cosmetic work was carried out in the 90s. The real reconstruction was only possible now, thanks to the state targeted capital investment program. The President during his working visits to the Grigoriopol region visited this facility more than once, emphasizing its importance for the preservation and development of the village, for consolidation of the local population in their small homeland. Today Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled the impression made on him by the first visit to the Malaeshty House of Culture. A couple of years ago, it was an emergency unheated building, where it was simply unsafe. The warmth disappeared in the House of Culture in the mid-80s of the last century, and this fact was ignored for three decades. But classes here did not stop even for a day. Today the housewarming is celebrated by employees and members of ten creative teams of the House of Culture (over a hundred people aged 5 to 70). Vadim Krasnoselsky addressing them and all residents of the village of Malaeshty, for whom the House of Culture is a platform for holding official, festive and ceremonial events, a cultural and educational center, with words of congratulations noted that he was glad to continue the good tradition of opening points new or renewed infrastructure facilities. The President recalled that the state pays increased attention to the development of rural areas: there are various target programs – Fund of Capital investment, water supply, street lighting, widespread gasification, construction and repair of rural roads.  The President after the ceremony of cutting the symbolic red ribbon, accompanied by the leadership and young pupils of the House of Culture, took a tour of the renovated premises of the House of Culture. He asked about future plans - creative and infrastructural. Vadim Krasnoselsky was told that soon one of the halls will be equipped with exercise equipment. It is also planned to design a mini-museum - the Room of Glory. Local residents shared in a conversation with the President that they hope that a medical facility will appear in the village. Vadim Krasnoselsky assured that there was not long to wait: the construction of medical and obstetrical stations is one of the priority areas in the capital investment program.

The festive program continued with performances by the creative teams of the Malaeshty House of Culture, for which the second life began, as it was noted at the celebration.