The President congratulated new settlers in Dnestrovsk

The implementation of the presidential program for the construction of affordable housing continues. Another high-rise building has been commissioned today. Housewarming is celebrated by residents of Dnestrovsk. The President took part in the opening ceremony of the house in Komsomolskaya Street. Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated all the participants on double holiday – the opening of the house and the Children's Day.

Speaking about the program being implemented in Pridnestrovie, the President noted that it brings real results. Long-term construction projects that have been idle for decades received the second chance, and it has been successfully used. Residents of the republic had the opportunity to purchase apartments at affordable prices, the President emphasized. He wished that children's laughter would sound in the new house, and happiness and joy would settle here forever together with the residents.

The five-story building in Dnestrovsk like all the objects included in the program at its initial stage, is an unfinished construction object. It was started in 1994 to provide housing for the employees of the Moldavskaya GRES (Hydroelectric Power Plant). The circumstances of the late 1990s did not allow the project to be implemented. The object has been frozen. Works resumed after the house was included in the presidential housing program. A cooperative was created in 2018. 23 residents of Dnestrovsk were registered as members of the housing cooperative: seven state employees and 16 employees of enterprises and organizations of the city. There are 30 apartments in a two-entrance building. The cost per square meter is 1200 rubles on average. By the time the object was put into operation, the adjacent territory was landscaped, children's play complex was equipped, and parking spaces were prepared.

The house in Dnestrovsk is the eighth implemented item of the program for the construction of affordable housing initiated by the President. The next step is the opening of a house in Rybnitsa. A little bit more long-term plans include the commissioning of two residential buildings in Kamenka. There are also a couple of long-term construction projects in Dnestrovsk. One of them is located next to the one that was opened today, and vividly illustrates what was and how it became.