The President visited the village of Ternovka, Slobodzeya district

The President visited the local House of Culture in the course of inspection visit to the village of Ternovka, Slobodzeya district. The object is being reconstructed. Approximately six million rubles have been invested in it. Three-year capital works are at the final stage. Now the facade is being tidied up and the adjacent territory is being improved. 550 square meters of paving slabs will be laid. There are ideas for the future: to build a playground near the House of Culture, as well as to install a light structure of a summer pavilion for outdoor events for example. Vadim Krasnoselsky supported the initiative, noting that an important component of the successful implementation of any project is, in addition to having an idea and financial resources, the human factor. If there are people who are ready to bring the idea to life, then everything will definitely work out, the President emphasized. Examining the hall of the House of Culture, the President noted the significance of the volume and quality of the work performed here. He asked if the House of Culture was in demand. The President was told that eight circles function on a permanent basis in the House of Culture, in which 70 children and about two dozen adult residents of Ternovka are employed. The village is preparing to celebrate its 255th anniversary at the end of October. The administration of the House of Culture, the village and the district hope that by the anniversary date the House of Culture will not only be completely transformed, but also provided with the missing equipment. Vadim Krasnoselsky promised to assist in purchasing sound amplifying equipment.

The second object of Ternovka, which was visited by the President, is a local school. The roof is being repaired there. 1.5 million rubles were allocated from the Capital Investment Fund 2021. t is planned to update the facade of the buildings and replace 260 meters of the fence. The territory of the educational institution is spacious. It should be used wisely, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. The school playground has become obsolete. Instead of this a multidisciplinary sports zone may appear in the future, following the example of existing zones in the cities of the republic. The facility will be able to perform the functionality of not only a modern platform for conducting physical education lessons, but also a public sports complex, including fields for playing sports, track and field tracks, and outdoor exercise equipment. The project will be developed adapted to the capabilities of the schoolyard and nearby idle areas on behalf of the President.