The President visited "The Dniester" Sanatorium in Kamenka

Vadim Krasnoselsky, accompanied by the Head of the district administration Vladimir Bychkov, visited the Dniester sanatorium, being on a working visit to the Kamenka district. Under the conditions of universal quarantine, the institution did not accept visitors: the reception of customers was stopped on March 17, the facility was completely abandoned after discharge from those who were already on recovery, on March 27. The pandemic made adjustments to the implementation of plans to expand the sanatorium. The construction of the new three-story polyclinic building has been suspended. The Head of the sanatorium Ivan Bystrov, turned to the President for support in continuing budget funding. The question will be raised by the President in front of the government at one of tomorrow's meetings. Another topic that will be discussed tomorrow in the course of the meeting of the Pridnestrovian Presidential Operational Headquarters for the Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus is the possibility of resuming the work of the Kamenka sanatorium. The administration addressed this request to Vadim Krasnoselsky. The President outlined his concerns about the prematureness of this step. Emphasizing that the coronavirus was still not defeated, he noted that if the Operational Headquarters made a positive decision based on the opinion of the republic’s chief medical officer, the institution would be required to undertake testing of every citizen coming for sanatorium treatment. In addition, if a carrier of infection is detected among patients or staff of the sanatorium, the institution will be closed for quarantine, which, of course, will entail serious costs associated with compensating clients for the cost of vouchers. Another important aspect is demand. The sanatorium will be opened if the number of applications is not less than a hundred. The President emphasized that for the present time, we can talk exclusively about Pridnestrovians.