The President visited kindergarten and school in Shipka village

As part of the inspection visit to the Grigoriopol district, Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the village of Shipka. He was interested in the state of the infrastructure of local educational institutions - kindergarten and school.

The "Semitsvetik" (Seven-Flower) kindergarten, attended by 57 pupils, is located in a building built in 1956. Once it housed another preschool education institution, which closed its activities in 2003. Three years later, on this site - after reconstruction - the current "Semitsvetik" (Seven-Flower) was opened. By this time, the roof had been repaired, the stove heating was replaced with gas heating, the boiler room, bathrooms and a catering unit were made, but the floors were left unattended. It is in disrepair now. Cracks on the walls appeared due to the sagging foundation. One of the groups was closed for security purposes. 15 kids had to be distributed to other teams.

The preschool was included in 2021 in the capital investment program. 784373 rubles were allocated for strengthening the foundation, overhauling the roof and replacing wooden floors. While inspecting the premises of the kindergarten, Vadim Krasnoselsky raised the question of the feasibility of repairing such a dilapidated building and proposed to consider the option of combining a preschool educational institution with a rural school located nearby. The final decision will be made after consultation with specialists.