The PMR President summed up the results of the outgoing year

The coronavirus, which officially appeared in 2019, as it is named - COVID-19, held the reins of government throughout 2020, influencing all spheres of society without exception. Quarantine restrictions forced to cancel or change the format of many events. Compliance with safety requirements made adjustments to the plans for holding the annual press conference of the PMR President. It did not cancel the traditional meeting of the President with representatives of mass-media. It was organized in an alternative form - without mass participation and with involvement of a minimum number of interlocutors. Editors-in-chief Alexander Karasev (the Pridnestrovie newspaper), Alla Ivanchenko (News of Pridnestrovie news agency), Victor Savchenko (First Pridnestrovian TV channel), Igor Avrenev (TSV) and Yuri Soloviev (Radio 1), which are representatives of a large audience of readers, listeners, viewers, Internet users, spoke on behalf of the collectives of the Pridnestrovian mass media.

Vadim Krasnoselsky was asked about a dozen questions during an hour allotted for a safe conversation in a closed studio space. They talked about foreign policy and the situation within the state, about difficulties and achievements of 2020, about fight against coronavirus and changes in the way of life of the country and each of its residents under the pandemic influence. It was about the heroes - about those whose names are well-known, and about "invisible" fighters of anti-coronavirus war, who day after day perform their feat of labor, which is considered an official and civic duty. Journalists asked about state programs and social projects - completed, postponed until better times and planned for the near future. The electoral processes of 2020 were mentioned. Education and upbringing of the young generation of Pridnestrovians was discussed. They discussed the theme of the of the New Year celebrating traditions on the eve of the upcoming holidays.

Concluding the meeting, the President wished everyone health, stability, prosperity and simple human happiness, noting that it is formed in the head and heart of a person. Vadim Krasnoselsky, summing up, addressed the interlocutors - not only the heads of the media in the studio, but all Pridnestrovians and wished that in 2021 everyone would make themselves and those who are nearby happy.

Watch the full video version of the conversation between the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky and the chief editors of the leading Pridnestrovian mass media on the air of PGTRK and TSV today at 20:00.