The PMR President paid tribute to the dead and deceased participants of the Great Patriotic War, expressed gratitude to the living veterans and congratulated the Pridnestrovian people on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory

History and geopolitics are changing the map of the world, but the memory uniting peoples and generations remains unchanged. The Great Patriotic War and the Victory of the Soviet soldier are among the events that cannot be forgotten. Grateful descendants for 75 years have been honoring May 9 heroes who liberated the world from fascism. The anniversary celebrations were planned to be large-scale, but the pandemic prevented the implementation of the plans on time and in full. However, the holiday has come. Cities and villages are decorated. The memorials came to life with a multitude of flowers that local leaders placed on behalf of the residents at the monuments and graves of the defenders.

With a low bow, the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude and respect to the dead and deceased participants in the Great Patriotic War. The commemorative wreath at the Eternal Flame is a symbol of gratitude, as well as a scattering of flowers lowered on stone slabs with carved names of heroes and at the foot of the monuments built on the capital's Memorial of Glory. The President was accompanied by a spouse. The First President of the PMR, leading members of the Presidential Administration, legislative, executive and judicial authorities, ministries and departments, Commanding Officer of the Operational Group of the Russian forces in Pridnestrovie, the Head of the Tiraspol administration and the chairman of the City Council, parliamentarians participated in the solemn ceremony of laying flowers.

The President, on behalf of the Pridnestrovian people, wished the living veterans good health and many more years of peaceful life. The President’s video message from the Glory Memorial is addressed not only to participants in the Great Patriotic War, but also to current and future defenders of the Fatherland (Cadets, pupils of Suvorov Military College, soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers, generals), as well as to every Pridnestrovian.

The President emphasized that WWII veterans are a generation of winners for posterity, brave and strong-willed people who love their homeland and people. He expressed gratitude to them for the courage and heroism shown during the Great Patriotic War, for the opportunity to live and work freely under a peaceful sky for the good of the Fatherland.