The President visited the Catherine Park and the Belvedere Colonnade at the entrance to the Capital

The Catherine Park, built in the center of Tiraspol on the initiative of the President, is one of the most anticipated infrastructure projects of recent years. The work started in 2018 is nearing completion - the opening of the park will be a symbolic gift for the 30th anniversary of the Republic. The construction progress was inspected by Vadim Krasnoselsky together with the Head of the Capital Oleg Dovgopol. Heads of contracting organizations responsible for individual projects were invited to a working conversation.

The architectural decisions of the park zone are subordinated to the common goal - to show and preserve the history of the foundation of the city. It is no coincidence that the name of the Catherine Park was chosen in honor of the Russian Empress, who signed the Decree establishing Tiraspol.

According to the designers, the central place of the park should be a smaller copy of the Tiraspol fortress - the place where the city of Tiraspol began. 38 x 16 meters is a real mini-fortress with protective redoubts, parapets 1,2 m high and even one and a half meter barracks of the Catherine musketeers. A model of the Intercession Church will be in the center of the fortress.

The most voluminous and expensive metropolitan project is the Catherine Park, whose total area is more than 19 hectares, consists of several recreational areas. When designing, they tried to take into account the interests of Pridnestrovians of all ages. They will build a whole town - Miracle City for the smallest. It will include modern attractions, which should arrive from China in the near future (delivery time has shifted by a month and a half due to the pandemic). After installation, commissioning and testing of equipment for compliance with all safety standards, Miracle City will open the doors to its first young visitors. This should happen in October, on the birthday of the capital.

Near the Miracle City there is a sports and fitness zone. There will be a field for mini-soccer, volleyball and basketball, tennis tables, a workout area, a field with chess - everything so that Pridnestrovians and guests of the republic can spend time with benefit. An important element of this part of the park is the health trail, which is about a kilometer long. Anyone can go in for recreational walking here or, for example, jogging. The trail is divided into three different slopes, along its entire length will be located sites with sports equipment and simulators.

The park space was intended as functional and all-weather. So, a large area is reserved for the rollerdrome, which can be upgraded to a skating rink for winter time – special equipment will be ordered for this. Director of the Energoremstroy company Dmitry Dobrov spoke about the work in this part of the park.

An important element of the Catherine Park will be a fountain complex for 6 bowls (the height of water jets up to 3 meters). Equipment for cleaning and dosing chlorine has already been installed; in early July, they expect a final supply of pumping equipment. The control launch of the fountain group is scheduled for early August. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the need for early water filtration, so that by the beginning of September the trouble-free operation of the fountain group was ensured.

The park complex will also include an exhibition center, a restaurant, rotundas and lakes. One of the lakes, located near the diocese, has been a favorite vacation spot of Tiraspol residents for many years. The area around it is ennobled - a pier will appear here, forged lanterns will be installed in the general style of the park.

The lack of a convenient stage, a platform where residents and guests of the capital could accommodate has long been one of the problems of the city during cultural events. Such a platform appeared in the central part of Catherine Park. Vadim Krasnoselsky said that in early September it is planned to hold the first event here - an award ceremony for Pridnestrovians who worked daily for the benefit of Pridnestrovie, strengthening the foundations of its statehood.

On the opposite side of the park - in the square de Volan - the work is almost finished. Small architectural forms are installed, landscaping is carried out, the irrigation system is functioning, the sidewalks and paths are covered with tiles.

Concluding the inspection of construction work, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed confidence that soon Catherine Park will become a place of attraction not only for Pridnestrovians, but also for residents of other states.

The inspection detour of the President completed the inspection of the belvedere colonnade at the entrance to the capital. The construction is a classic-style colonnade 6,5 meters high. Almost all concrete work was completed last year. Now, finishing facade works are also coming to the final stage - balustrades, decorative elements of columns, which are responsible for the aesthetic design. Vadim Krasnoselsky pointed out the need to put in order the territory adjacent to the entrance complex and recalled the deadlines for putting the facility into operation.