The President discussed with leadership of the PMR Government, Ministry of education and State University the mechanism of examinations for applicants, students and graduates

The President during one of the meetings asked officials responsible for the educational direction of state policy whether a decision was made on the mechanism for taking exams in secondary specialized and higher educational institutions. There are three questions included to the agenda: the timing and procedure for conducting the current certification of students, the admission campaign for applicants and the final tests of graduates of high schools and vocational educational institutions of the middle level.

According to the Chairman of the PMR Government Alexander Martynov, the PMR Ministry of Education in close cooperation with Heads of educational institutions and the sanitary service of the republic developed three relevant projects.

The president’s recommendation was taken as the basis of the knowledge assessment system for individual disciplines obtained by intermediate students of the university, technical schools, colleges and universities: as well as students, the final grades derived from the current ones will be considered as the result of intermediate certification. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that this decision is binding on all educational institutions. The President considers that variety of approaches in the current circumstances is unacceptable.

Variability in the organization of the admission campaign is acceptable. Depending on the specifics of the institution and its technical capabilities, management is offered a choice of two forms of entrance examinations. By the decision of the admissions committee of the organization of higher professional education, the results of entrance examinations may include the grades in the relevant subjects from the educational document submitted by the applicant. The second option is to take exams remotely, using information and communication technologies. In this case, educational institution is obliged to provide identification of the applicant. Applications for admission are submitted in electronic form. The medical examination of freshmen with the provision of a health certificate was postponed to September.

Contactless educational technologies will be involved in the final certification of graduates. The thesis must be submitted in electronic form, its protection is organized remotely. As for the final state certification, its result will be considered the average grade mark for academic disciplines (modules) that are included in the state exam.

The President supported these proposals. The Ministry of Education is preparing the appropriate orders.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about Uniform state exam. According to the rector of PSU Stepan Beril, Pridnestrovian state university is organizationally ready for testing. The date depends on the decision of Russian colleagues. So far, it has been announced that the Uniform state exam will be postponed from June 8 to a later date. The PMR President called on the leadership of the country's main university, on the site of which traditionally Uniform state exam takes place, to keep the issue under control and to inform school graduates about the upcoming tests in a timely manner (558 Pridnestrovian graduates filed applications for the exam).