The President on a working visit to Dubossary district

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited socially significant objects of Dubossary district, included in the Capital Investment Fund Program 2021. Most of them have already received financial attention, but further work is required. The Head of Dubossary accompanies the President on his tour of the district. The first point of the inspection is the Red Riding Hood kindergarten. This is not just a preschool educational institution, but a correctional one, for children who need qualified correction of developmental disabilities. This is the only Dubossary kindergarten with professional speech therapists. The institution is in high demand. 128 pupils now attend it. The kindergarten is 45 years old, and there has been no major renovation since the day of its foundation. Ruslan Chaban spoke about the work carried out at the facility last year. A new hip roof was installed and window blocks were replaced under the Capital Investment Fund program. The adjacent territory was landscaped at the expense of the local budget. The next stage, scheduled for 2021, will be the renovation of the bathrooms, replacement of the heating system, renovation of the facade and installation of shade canopies on the playgrounds, the areas in front of which will be covered with paving slabs. The Head of the district said that there is an idea for an outdoor playground to use a specialized rubber coating. Vadim Krasnoselsky supported the proposal, noting that the materials should be absolutely safe for children - both in terms of preventing injuries and in terms of environmental safety.

Vadim Krasnoselsky paid attention inside the kindergarten to the catering unit. Kitchen equipment is outdated. There are ventilation problems. The President noted that the amount allocated for putting in order the infrastructure of the kindergarten is quite large - 3 million rubles. Savings are possible with reasonable design and prudence. The President pointed out that they should be directed to the arrangement of the catering unit at the expense of first available funds. As for the internal repair work, the need for which the President mentioned, it will be possible to talk about them after the reconstruction of the heating and hot water supply system.

The development center "Ivushka" (a Russian-Moldavian kindergarten) has been working for the fourth year. Windows, doors, heating networks were gradually replaced, the roof was repaired. The territory is only partially landscaped. The work will continue this year. It is planned to spend about two million rubles. The facade and gazebos will be repaired. The food block and the ventilation system need repair and re-equipment here. The Head of the district drew the President's attention to the fact that this facility did not know any repairs since its commissioning. The reconstruction became possible thanks to the launch of the Capital Investment Fund program.

The institution is attended by two hundred kids. Many are from large families. When planning the repair work, they were interested in the opinion of the team, parents and even pupils, they told Vadim Krasnoselsky. When choosing the design of the facade, they preferred multicolor to restraint: seven cases will be painted in various warm shades. The kindergarten employees independently performed the visualization of the project - a full-fledged model. About three million rubles have already been spent on the repair of Ivushka. Another two million have been allocated this year.

The Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs was put into operation in the reporting year. A new building has been built and fully equipped. The plans for this year are the construction of outdoor pool in the courtyard of the institution. The design area of ​​its bowl is 40 squares (10 by 4 meters). The estimated depth is one meter. The location is necessary for carrying out rehabilitation water procedures in the open air - in the warm season.

The center is attended by 47 children - more than originally planned. Increased interest to the institution is not only among local, but also among children from other cities with disabilities and their parents. Many people wishing to get here for a two-week rehabilitation course, the President was informed during his inspection visit. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that it is important to ensure the safety of pupils in the pandemic. He instructed to work out the issue of organizing testing for COVID-19 arriving at the center of visitors.

The President during the inspection of the facility asked about the qualifications of the personnel. The director of the center Svetlana Zavtur said that negotiations were underway with Russian colleagues to conduct educational courses, provide consulting and methodological assistance. The Head of the institution also said that two were sent for rehabilitation to Moscow, where doctors highly appreciated the work of the Dubossary center.

Speaking about the further development and improvement of the center, the staff noted that on the instructions of the President, given on the opening day of the institution, landscaping will continue. Funds will also be allocated for fencing the territory of the center. The total amount of expenses planned for 2021 is 905 thousand rubles.

The Energetikov Park in Dubossary is also gradually changing. The central alley is paved with tiles, lighting is thought out, benches and urns are installed. The central element of the park area is a children's play complex made in the form of a ship. In 2020, funds were only enough to tidy up the sidewalk leading to the park. Considering that this object is a venue for city events, it is planned in 2021 to reconstruct the summer stage (it will be performed in one - ship - style with a playground) and expand the spectator area. There are also plans to equip the sector for playing sports. The preliminary cost of the upcoming work is 3 million rubles. The President considers the allocated amount to be considerable, while he noted that a full-fledged park project has not yet been presented. We need visualization and detailed painting for each object, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. In his opinion, the park should include two zones - leisure and sports.

In general, the President noted that infrastructural changes in the settlements of the Dubossary region are visible. He aimed at continuing work in this direction, stressing that not only cities, but also villages of the republic should be cozy and comfortable for living.