The progress of work at the facilities of the Capital Investment Fund is under personal control of the President

The President visited the construction and repair sites of facilities of increased social importance with a working inspection once again. Today he watched the progress of work on the territory of the Republican Clinical Hospital. Putting it in order is an initiative of the President based on citizens' appeals. The tasks set have been fulfilled by 80%. The paving of the paths with paving slabs is almost complete. It is important that the sections of the comfortable pedestrian zones are determined based on the requests of the personnel and patients of the medical institution. The priority of the opinion of the main users in the implementation of social and infrastructure projects is a principled position, indicated by the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about progress with replacement of engineering networks – water supply, heat supply, power supply and sewerage. According to the Head of the hospital, these works have been completed in full. New communications –are under new asphalt surface. The production of small architectural forms – benches, lamps – is at the final stage, said Igor Tostanovsky. The landscaping still has some work to do. Shadow awnings will be installed near some of the benches in the future on the recommendation of Vadim Krasnoselsky. The Head physician shared with the President his ideas for the further development of the Hospital. There is a proposal to use one of the buildings of the Republican Clinical Hospital as an educational building.

The current cost of the project is 3.5 million rubles. Completion date is September this year.

Similar date for commissioning of the facility has been set for the stadium at the capital's school number 18. The President visited the facility. The fence is almost ready there (95%). The paving of plots with paving slabs is 80% complete. The preparatory work on the site where the football field will be located has been completed. It remains to cover it with artificial grass. The contractor will start work on Wednesday. The rubber covering of the volleyball and basketball court is finished. Stands for fans appeared here, following the example of those installed in the Catherine Park, as well as "sandboxes" for long jump, tennis tables. Lighting is well thought out. The second stage in 2022 will install gazebos for board games, equip a workout area and a playground, and improve the territory adjacent to the stadium. The President considers that there should be at least five such sites in the city. This will satisfy the needs of the city's residents – both young sports fans and older people, such as an active lifestyle.

The work on the renovation of buildings and the improvement of the territory of the Pridnestrovian State University is being actively promoted. The transformation of the buildings is evident. The facades and roofs as well as the internal premises of the dormitories are being repaired, the sidewalks are covered with tiles and the landscaping is renewed. Work in these areas has been completed by 70% of the planned, the President was informed today. Vadim Krasnoselsky was personally convinced that the declared volumes were fulfilled. The President talked with the executors of the repair and construction works. Several contractors and subcontractors are involved in the facility. Their representatives assured the President that they are meeting the deadlines set by the customer: the stage determined for the current year should be completed by the beginning of the academic year. The President drew attention to the university fountain – this is a new location of the university infrastructure. The finishing of the bowl was discussed. Most likely, preference will be given to red or green granite. They also talked about the illumination of the cases. A test run is planned today. The President was told about the developments in the design of the entrance to the main building of the university. Now they are choosing a new version of the color and font solution for the title inscription.

Vadim Krasnoselsky communicating with contractors focused on the work performed and emphasized that efficiency should not affect a little.