The President gave a satisfactory assessment to Rybnitsa administration activities

Vadim Krasnoselsky held a regular final reporting meeting. Each of them this year takes place in two stages - a desk discussion and an on-site inspection. The Head of the district Viktor Tyagay informed about the results of the activity of State Administration of Rybnitsa district and Rybnitsa. The meeting was attended by representatives of the legislative and executive branches of the Government.

Viktor Tyagay said that the population of the district is 67087 people: 43987 live in the town, 23100 - in the countryside. The 2020 year of birth is indicated for 437 residents of Rybnitsa and the district (the birth rate is 51 people lower than the previous year). Migration growth at the end of the year is plus 552. Credit support was provided to 14 families.

The speaker informed that the district earned 188,7 million rubles during the reporting period, exceeding the plan for its own income by 4.6%, or 8 million rubles. The total receipts to the Rybnitsa treasury are 212,4 million. At the same time, the financed costs were lower than planned by 9,2 million and amounted to 231,3 million rubles. There were 5,267 small and medium-sized businesses in the Rybnitsa district at the end of 2020, which is 434 more than at the beginning of the year (the number of both legal entities and patent holders increased). The volume of industrial production also increased despite the pandemic: in 2020 this indicator (excluding small businesses) exceeded the data of 2019 by 4,7% and amounted to 4 billion rubles. The main contribution, as before, is the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant (81,7%). Among the large taxpayers are Rybnitsa Cement Plant, Sheriff, MTS, Interdnestrcom, as well as Rybnitsa production units of the Tiraspol Combine of Bread Products and KVINT, a garment factory, and a METALON plant.

60 organizations and 585 private farms are involved in the sphere of plant growing of the Rybnitsa agro-industrial complex. Almost 30 thousand hectares of grain and legumes were sown during the year, 19,2 thousand - industrial, almost two thousand hectares of forage crops, 17 hectares of vegetables, 13,5 - melons. At the same time, bad weather negatively affected the yield. 7,6 thousand hectares of corn and sunflower crops died, almost the same amount was damaged. A serious problem remains the small coverage of agricultural land with land reclamation - only 3% of the area. The livestock sector employs 8 legal entities and 13 peasant farms. The number of cattle was increased in 2020 compared to 2019 and amounted to 3613 units. Milk production also increased by 39% (7638 tons were collected).

As for infrastructural transformations, there were four municipal programs in 2020 with total funding of 7,8 million rubles. 98% were fulfilled. The allocated funds were used for repair work in the building of the district administration, gasification and heating, power supply and ventilation of the local council premises of the village of Ploti were carried out, windows in 13 educational institutions were replaced, the necessary work was carried out in several kindergartens, a cultural and leisure center. Funds were allocated for computerization and furnishing of classrooms, the speaker said. In addition, the city Memorial of Glory, common grave of Soviet soldiers and a monument to the village of Zhura who died during the Second World War and a similar monument in the village of Gidirim were repaired last year. Sports facilities were financed from various sources: the stands and roof were partially renovated, the window blocks of the city stadium (the Yubileiny sports complex) were replaced, and polyurethane running tracks were laid. In the sphere of leisure infrastructure, the old fountain has been reconstructed, the area around it has been landscaped, a so-called dry fountain has been built, a system of irrigation of green spaces and lighting of the city park has been organized, the recreation area along Valchenko Street has been re-equipped, and the city beach has been equipped. The infrastructure of the settlements was also refreshed in a targeted manner within the framework of the voters' mandate program, said Viktor Tyagay, giving specific address examples. 21 public wells were cleaned in 13 settlements during the year. Work was carried out in the road industry. The roadbed and sidewalks were repaired, stopping points and parking lots were improved, the territory of educational institutions was put in order. According to the head of the state administration, the state of the district's roads is mostly satisfactory. According to the state program Capital Investment Fund 2020, 6,5 million rubles have been allocated for Rybnitsa facilities.

Housing fund of the district includes 451 houses. They are served by eight enterprises of housing and communal services, in which 1300 people are employed. Five roofs were repaired in the reporting period, capital repairs were carried out in 27 entrances of high-rise buildings, the current one - in 44. The networks of cold and hot water supply were changed. Panel seams were sealed. In the area of ​​improvement and sanitation, increased attention was paid to the arrangement of container sites: 6 out of 52 units were reconstructed, 39 were repaired and 54 new garbage bins were installed. 96391 cubic meters of solid household rest were taken out and utilized during the year. Residents of Rybnitsa preferred coniferous plantations (175 planted) and roses (3300 bushes) for landscaping. Discussing this aspect, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the five-year state program for the greening of settlements was calculated until the end of 2020. Its goal is to lay the foundation, give impetus to the further development of this direction. The task of local administrations is to constantly work in this sphere. The President drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to form a green array of settlements on the basis of local planting material, which, firstly, is valuable for the Pridnestrovian business, secondly, it will ensure a greater survival rate of plants, and thirdly, it is economically profitable. The President considers it expedient to give preference to conifers - in a reasonable combination with deciduous and flower crops. The advantage of evergreens is that they are planted for the long term, create a feeling of coziness and well-groomed all year round, adding color to the “gray” cold season. The President spoke about the necessity to maximize the involvement of local businesses in the improvement of streets and squares of settlements.

Outlining the tasks for the current year, Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about the timely and full implementation of social obligations, as well as high-quality and prompt implementation of development programs, including infrastructure development. The Capital Investment Fund 2021 in Rybnitsa will continue to improve the Naberezhny Park (a million rubles allocated), the central city square (5 million) and the Kirov Park (3 million rubles). 2,5 million will be spent on further reconstruction of the Yubileiny sports complex. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the Rybnitsa basin, noting the special social significance of this object. It is not possible to find funds to repair it this year, it will be among the top priorities in 2022. The President noted that the Rybnitsa leadership needs to reconsider the approach to design: the plans and calculations presented earlier are unreasonably expensive, and therefore unacceptable, Vadim Krasnoselsky said. He recommended seeking advice from his Bendery colleagues who successfully commissioned the city pool a year ago.

The President spoke about the continuation of work on street lighting and water supply to the settlements of the region (the villages of Mokra, Voronkovo ​​and Krasnenkoye are to be provided with a centralized supply of drinking water). In addition, the nearest plans are to renew the city sewerage network. During the working discussion they also discussed the state of the elevator economy. In this context, Vadim Krasnoselsky voiced a recent appeal to him by residents of one of the Rybnitsa high-rise buildings, instructing to urgently solve the problem with the cab malfunction.

As for the results of the past year: the President recognized the activities of the Rybnitsa administration as satisfactory. The meeting under the President will be continued in Rybnitsa. Vadim Krasnoselsky went to the north of the republic with inspection.