The President assessed the activities of the Operational Headquarters based on the results of the COVID-year and aimed at further work

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

“The year was not easy: drought and coronavirus infection. Its severity was felt not only by the President, officials making decisions, but also by every citizen of our state. Someone more, someone less, but everyone felt the impact of this crisis. Despite the difficulties, this is a year of the history of Pridnestrovie, a step towards the recognition of Pridnestrovie, a year of testing Pridnestrovie for resilience, for its ability to withstand difficulties. What is the most important thing that has been proven this year? That, even if the health care system is not as technological, not as equipped as that of other states, when there is organization, administration, tight control and management, then everything is possible: to organize a fight against the pandemic, and most importantly, save people. Unfortunately, this year we did not avoid losses. The pandemic took its toll. This is a great grief for people. But we resisted it. I am convinced that our doctors, who are in the most difficult conditions in COVID hospitals, have done everything possible to save the inhabitants of our republic. I am infinitely grateful to those who put their souls in, who do not work out of hand, who, at the behest of their hearts, really save people and do everything possible to minimize losses and preserve the health of our citizens. I am grateful to all health workers, from nurses to the Minister of Health, who are doing their duty 100%. I am also grateful to the employees of law enforcement agencies. Special thanks to the employees of the Internal Ministry, the Minister of Internal Affairs for organizing the process. It is difficult to imagine well-organized work without proper organization and control. The number of the Operational Headquarters meetings held, decisions taken, inspections conducted, and daily meetings is enormous. And this is all the time, attention. I am also grateful to the sanitary doctors, the chief sanitary doctor for withstanding the load on the system. You have passed what you had to go through with dignity. I am grateful to all the leaders, all those who made decisions, took responsibility for their implementation. This is both the Government and the Supreme Council - everyone who is involved in this system. I want to thank those who did not stand aside: these are volunteers, these are commercial entities, entrepreneurs who helped in the fight against the pandemic. I will not name them all - there are many, many people who came to the rescue on time. This makes me happy.

I am convinced that we have already gone through the most difficult thing in the past year. The most difficult thing is organizing the process, stabilizing relations and ensuring control. We have to continue what we started, refine, eliminate the shortcomings. The basic was done.

I don't want to make predictions for 2021. I always want it to be easier, better. I am an optimist by nature and I am convinced that everything will be fine, we will cope with everything and 2021 will be the year of victory over the coronavirus. We must approach this in a coherent, organized manner, without any panic, with confidence in making decisions. The victory will be ours, I have no doubt about it".