Press conference of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

It is a good tradition to hold press conference of the President on the eve of the Republic Day, the next date for the formation of our statehood, during which we can summarize, ask interesting questions, recall achievements, outline problems and prospects. I will be happy to answer all your questions: do not be shy - ask. Talk time is not limited. When you get tired, when you find out everything, then we finish the press conference.

Violetta Ganina, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

Vadim Nikolayevich, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu visited Pridnestrovie last week. We know that you discussed the topic of ammunition disposal in the village of Kolbasna. How you evaluate the results of this meeting, could you comment on this event?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Yes, indeed, the meeting with Sergey Shoygu, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, was held. In addition to ammunition, we discussed other topics. The main thing is not ammunition, but the peacekeeping mission of Russia in Pridnestrovie, maintenance of peace here in Pridnestrovie, its further strengthening. Many questions of rotation and technical support are connected with this, well, one of the questions is devoted to the topic of the warehouse in the village of Kolbasna, where the ammunition is located.

Let me remind you how this ammunition storage was created, why today there is such a massive accumulation of ammunition. In fact, this is not Russian, but Soviet ammunition that was exported from the countries of Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, and it was decided not to take them far, but to store it here. There are ammunition, the shelf life of which is long expired - thirty, fifty and sixty years ago. Arsenals such as heavy aviation bombs and other equipment are absolutely senseless and even dangerous to store in the current environment.

Sergei Shoygu filed a proposal to support him in terms of conducting an audit and disposal of the arsenal, which is dangerous to keep and it makes no sense to keep on the territory of our republic. How can one say no here? As examples of Russia and Ukraine show, warehouses explode. Common sense tells us to do something about it.

I asked Sergey Shoygu a number of questions on this subject, including the observance of environmental and technological safety. Weapon such as aircraft bombs must be disposed of under certain conditions. Now this is just a stated desire. Necessary intergovernmental agreements should be concluded to realize this.

Attention needs to be paid to: reduction of quantity, disposal of ammunition is an internal affair of Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation. If some Moldovan politicians want to speculate on this topic, they are doing a futile job. I absolutely do not see their participation here. I say again that this is an internal affair of Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation. As we decide, so be it.

Alla Ivanchenko, News of Pridnestrovie:

Two questions on political topic. The first. Our representative office was opened in Moscow. Why is the Moldovan side so actively opposing? And the second question. At various sites, the Moldovan side often raises the theme of the presence in the security zone of border guard units that have existed there since 93. Why right now is this topic so actively circulated that it has never been so acute?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I wouldn’t say that this is so keen for us for the first time. Moldovan politics are characterized by cyclical discussions. It was always. As for the representation. Why is that? In general, why are Moldovan colleagues annoyed by visits to Pridnestrovie by European delegations, American, OSCE, etc. Why are they annoyed by the representative office of Pridnestrovie in Moscow? I will explain.

Previously, we were not talking about Pridnestrovie, they were talking about us. It was a vacuum information that was created. There are all foreign representatives, representatives of the European Union, OSCE, USA, Russia. What can you tell about us? What do they say about us? I won’t even comment. You understand everything perfectly.

Therefore, when delegations frequented us, when they began to invite us, it became annoying. Why? Yes, because people see with their own eyes what Pridnestrovie is. They see the Pridnestrovian people, they see the Pridnestrovian leaders, they hear information from the first person and draw their conclusions. And this, of course, is annoying. Do you understand?

Actually, the representative office gives information about us outside the Russian Federation. The head of the representative office is Leonid Manakov, Honored Person, General, Vice President of the Guild of Lawyers of Russia, a person who absolutely understands the situation in Pridnestrovie, with Pridnestrovian citizenship. He represented our republic at UN sites and will continue this work. What was he talking about, by the way, in his report? Exclusively on human rights. That is, what happens? The Moldovan side simply wants to deprive us of the right to protection: to protect human rights, to protect life and freedom. Well of course it's annoying. Let's see who annoys exactly. The officials of the Socialist Party, those who are now in a high position, in the course of the meeting with Russian leaders raise the issue of revoking the registration of our representative office with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Do you understand? Socialists. Such a strange friendship, strange pro-Russian. We protect citizens. They don’t go to the embassy, ​​they go to us for protection. We provide support. And here the tendency is bad. I will recall the events of 1991, 1992, I will recall who started the war here. Former communist or non-former communist, I don’t know, but they definitely didn’t say goodbye to the party card. They started a war, they killed our people. The Pridnestrovian people have the right to know each war criminal by name, and the name must be confirmed by the court. We can, of course, blame anyone, but the court must speak out. And the site of the representative office was created, including for this purpose, to declare aloud about the war crimes that took place here. We are not talking about the Moldovan people, the Moldovan people were simply used, the people who died here also have the right to defense in court. Those who pushed to it, those who killed in the back of the head, committed terrorist acts, must respond. And they will answer - sooner or later. This is our whole story. Well, of course, according to some, it must be eliminated, it must be forgotten, it must be erased, it cannot be remembered. Not! We will remember, we will talk. Therefore, the representative office works and helps the citizens of Pridnestrovie. I plan to visit Moscow in September, to meet with countrymen there, with compatriots who also want to play an active role in the fate of Pridnestrovie, although they are now in the Russian Federation. I have already said that we will be glad to have the opportunity to open similar representative office in St. Petersburg and in other cities. Time will tell.

Irina Rusnak, TSV:

Continuing the political theme. Vadim Nikolaevich, how are relations between Moscow and Tiraspol being built now? What did the figure of Dmitry Kozak and your contacts with him bring to these relations? And can we talk about further intensifying economic and other cooperation?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

First of all, I want to indicate the desire of Pridnestrovie to interact with the Russian Federation. The interaction is not to ask for any subsidies, any help, but to offer their capabilities to Russia. We are really interesting, our economy is interesting. We are of great interest for Russian investments in Pridnestrovie, therefore, if we talk about the interaction between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation in general, we highlight several main areas. The first vector is, of course, political. Russia is the guarantor of the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, and plays an important role in our negotiations with the neighboring state. Second: Russian peacekeepers are in Pridnestrovie. The meeting with Sergei Shoygu was a confirmation of the further need for peacekeeping. We do not question this peacekeeping mission and do not intend to replace it with some incomprehensible format of the international mission of European observers. The existing format is successful. The third vector of interaction is economic, the fourth is cultural and humanitarian, and the fifth is informational. At meetings with Dmitry Kozak and with other officials, employees of the Foreign Ministry and not only, we discuss precisely this interaction. We can separately consider: with Sergei Kuzhugetovich - the military, with Dmitry Nikolaevich - economic, with other representatives - cultural and humanitarian, etc. Everyone is working. Not only the President, but also ministers, heads of state administrations are working in this direction to the best of their ability. The range of Pridnestrovian-Russian cooperation is large, and I cannot say that the year was bad from this point of view. The year was multifaceted and successful, we have achieved a lot in relations with Russia.

Anna Turchenko, News of Pridnestrovie:

An important issue is the transit of Russian gas. It is clear that the issue is being resolved in Moscow and Kiev. Does the leadership of our republic have an action plan in case the transit agreement is not signed? Could in such a situation a budgetary and energy crisis happen?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

The question, of course, is not simple. Of course, we need to be prepared for everything. At present, a block of draft relevant gas laws has already been practically developed, in which, by and large, there will be answers to these questions. They are to be considered by the Supreme Council this year. These legislations contain various plans: “A” - in the case of preserving the transit of Russian gas, “B” - in the case of reducing pressure in the pipe of transit of Russian gas, “C” - in the absence of transit of Russian gas. Each scenario is discussed, for each scenario there is an algorithm of actions of officials.

Do you know the most important thing? It is clear that certain economic decisions made by our neighbors sometimes negatively affect us. We are used to it. The main thing is the lack of panic and panic in society. That is, in the event of a particular set of circumstances, each of us - from the President to the ordinary employee of the executive branch of government - must know our place in the ranks, our task and the course of action. In this way, we will reduce the likely negative consequences of any decision made. It is most important.

We cannot influence the transit of gas, just as President Dodon, who constantly discusses this, cannot influence it. This is not in our competence. It is in the competence of only two presidents - Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelensky. But we must, of course, take into account any scenario, be prepared for it.

Yuri Zayats, TSV:

Vadim Nikolaevich, you went to the polls with the People’s Program. What, in your opinion, points could be implemented, which are the most difficult to implement?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

The question is short, but if, in answering, I begin to talk about the entire People’s program, I will speak one and a half, or even two hours. I will only outline some important positions. Most importantly, we managed to maximally implement this program in practice. The overwhelming majority of its items are completed, another part is in progress, and a very small part is not executed. The program has been transformed into the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy. By and large, now this is already the main document of the republic, and not the People’s Program of the election period.

What is done. Firstly, the economic crisis of 2016-2017 has been overcome. The result of overcoming this crisis was economic growth - an increase in GDP, an increase in exports and imports, and an increase in the share of industry. The next point is the elimination of gray schemes. This is also a fact: schemes are liquidated, the economy is transparent. In addition, state management company has been established that monitors and directs the activities of the Board of Directors of a number of state enterprises. As a result - the economic success of these enterprises, which were previously unprofitable. These are MMZ, energy networks, Odema factory and others. The result is an increase in taxes, growth in salaries, and the stability of these enterprises.

Implementation of capital investment programs, which are included in many paragraphs of the People’s Program. These are educational institutions, preschool institutions.

The next very important achievement is the implementation of affordable housing programs. They say that it is realistic to provide access to a two-room apartment at a cost of seven and a half thousand conditional funds for collaboration? It turned out that perhaps only work is needed. On September 6, the first house will be commissioned - in Tiraspol, Benderskaya street byt the Ministry of Defense of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. It has been an eyesore for many years. Of course, it's easier to rip apart than to build up. We managed to build. Oleg Anatolyevich promises to move forward this year. Only 397 apartments in Tiraspol. By 2021, 630 apartments will be commissioned in all cities and towns of the republic. In addition, programs are being developed for the acquisition of housing by public sector employees and apartments for orphans. We will look for new housing for our citizens.

The next question is jobs. It was a difficult question. And I added to it that the budget sphere is not taken into account when calculating the created jobs - only the real sector of the economy. For the period from January 1, 2017 to the present, 10710 jobs have been created. This data is open, transparent. Not to mention the preservation of old jobs at facilities such as, for example, MMZ and the railway, which, in fact, ceased their activities. Creating a job is preceded by serious work - the launch of new industries, attracting investment. There was a significant reduction in the tax burden at our enterprises. We took a risk in terms of the fact that the amount of taxes received in the budget could decrease. In practice, more taxes, because they left the gray schemes, as far as possible left the shadow economy. Hiding taxes has become absolutely unprofitable, it is profitable to pay.

We have earned such a program as soft loans. It works by means of the state reserve fund and other institutions. Farmers developing our economy can get cheap long-term credit for their enterprises.

It was difficult, but we practically revived all social benefits to our citizens, which were previously canceled, introduced new benefits.

To date, there is no shortage of currencies at exchange points. This information that we are allegedly running out of currency was speculative. It's a lie. I want to voice some numbers. From January to July, we have a surplus on the purchase and sale of foreign currency is 31 million dollars. This figure shows the true state of things. The next point that characterizes the stability of the ruble is the cash supply in the republic. We have cash money supply in the PMR rubles - more than a billion PMR rubles, non-cash money supply - more than two billion PMR. The currency, which is located in Pridnestrovie, in exchange transactions and is located in banks; it is five billion rubles. That is, we are five times the cash turnover in the PMR rubles - this indicates the strength of the Pridnestrovian ruble. This is the result of the coordinated work of the PRB, the Government of the PMR, and the Supreme Council. When forming monetary policy, we all take this into account. Today, there is no question of inflation, the devaluation of the Pridnestrovian ruble. All who talk about it do not know what they are talking about, or they are deliberately misleading.

Big changes have affected our army. I once promised that we would come to the time when the military enlistment offices would have lines not from those who were eager to “dodge” from the army, but from those who want to join the army. I receive applications from young people who want to serve, and they are forbidden by medical standards. They say they want to serve. What happened in the army? In the army, such a negative tendency as hazing and assault was completely destroyed. In fact, over the past year there have been no escapes from the army, there are not even cases of being late. A working day has been introduced: a young man arrives in the morning, leaves in the evening (constant alert units are a separate issue). Students can serve and study. Improved combat training in the armed forces. Thanks to the capital investment fund, normal conditions for the stay of military personnel are created: barracks are being renovated, a new form is being sewn. This all attracts young people, and they want to serve in the Pridnestrovian army. This is the achievement of the past two years.

We invest a lot in the development of sports, in the development of culture and education. As promised in the People’s Program, we have created the possibility of securing each graduate who is studying on a budget with jobs. They consolidated this legislatively and functionally. Dual education system has also been created.

Most importantly, we have strengthened the course towards the independence of our state. The development strategy of Pridnestrovie, which is the successor to the People’s Program, clearly says where we are striving, where we are going. The work of our economy depends, among other things, on the coordinated work of the entire team of Pridnestrovian officials. I am also an official, like everyone else. Unfortunately, this word has become abusive. On the contrary, the official should work for the good of the state. It is important.

As for the fact that the People’s Program has not yet been fully implemented. It was not possible to raise the pension to a living wage (we are moving towards this step by step) and to increase the salaries of budget workers to the level of salaries in the real sector of the economy (we are striving for this). The third point is the possibility of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by those who have different citizenship. This issue is not only in the competence of Pridnestrovie, it is in the competence of Russia. I assure you, we are doing a lot of work both in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and in the Council of the Federation of Russia. We do not disregard this topic. These three questions today remain relevant, have a place to be and are under our control constantly.  

Alexander Lagutin, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

Vadim Nikolaevich, we are observing the negotiation process of Pridnestrovie and Moldova, and for the last 8 months we have not seen anything there, because criminal cases are not being closed, and telecommunication issues are not moving. The same is true with the unblocking of the railway in the north of Pridnestrovie. At the same time, the President of Moldova Dodon, when he meets with the ambassadors of foreign states, says that everything will be implemented, everything is moving forward. He says that meeting is about to take place to discuss how everything is fine in the negotiations. Do you have the feeling that the negotiation process, everything that has been achieved lately, someone wants to bury.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I would not like to think so, I will say frankly. After all, the “5 + 2” format is, again, the format of our informational nature, our openness, and the opportunity to express our problems. That's how good it would be if there weren’t this format, some Moldovan officials think. Of course, we support this format, and, thank God, all observers, intermediaries and guarantors support this format. All issues have been resolved. On the Moldovan side, not everything has been decided. These are telecommunications issues, termination of criminal cases. Therefore, let's see. I am ready to meet with him at least every week, if only there is a result. Of course, we will meet, we will discuss, I will ask why these or other problems are not solved. Negotiators from the Socialist Party, everything seems to be normal. Let's move forward, let's work, and not just say that we will do something, and so on. So far, unfortunately, there is no result as such. But I think that everything will be fine. I'm still an optimist.

Irina Rusnak, TSV:

The question is about the next year 2020, which will be anniversary year for the republic. This is the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 30th anniversary of the republic. It is known that funds will be allocated for celebrations. Meanwhile, in villages and districts, we have destroyed memorials and monuments to the Red Army Soldiers. I would like to know if there is a solution to this problem, and will we have time to do everything for the anniversary?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

The destroyed ones, of course, you said too much, describing the state of these monuments. Of course, we have not destroyed monuments. There are monuments that need to be repaired, restored to proper condition and so on. But it normal. That's life. Monuments are in the open air and tend to collapse.

Yes, two great dates. This is the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War and the 30th anniversary of the formation of our statehood. We have developed action plans, a block of events. The organizing committee is created. We have gathered more than once, deliberated. Everyone knows their task and everyone will fulfill it. Many editions will be issued. I will name only a few. This is the “Golden Collection of the Best Places of Pridnestrovie” (it will be released literally in September of this year), the Encyclopedia of our state, the four-volume “History of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” and other works.

As for the celebration, we always celebrate such dates widely. Of course, money will be allocated for the restoration of monuments. In the city of Bendery, for example, it is planned to expand the Alley of Heroes through the improvement of the place where the participants in the hostilities, participants in the Great Patriotic War, the Afghan and so on are buried. The same events will be held in other cities and regions.

I think that you, journalists, should devote separate materials to this issue, communicate with those who, let's say, take part in the preparation, in the beautification.

You know, just recently, I came across information in connection with which I really want to turn to Igor Nikolayevich Dodon for help. In the village of Ungheni, IS-3 tank stands on a pedestal, which is periodically attacked by vandals, it is decorated with different colors, its upper part has already been dismantled - the hatch has been opened. This is in extremely unsightly condition. In addition, according to available information, it does not appear as a historical value in Moldova and does not even exist on anyone's balance sheet. Someone is protecting, someone is not protecting, I don’t know. Its appearance today is extremely indecent. Therefore, I want to turn to Igor Nikolaevich Dodon: since the Moldovan leadership cannot protect the historical memory of the Soviet Soldier, give the tank to us to Pridnestrovie. We will put it in order, put it on a pedestal, and it will serve as a vivid evidence of the victory of Soviet weapons during the Great Patriotic War. And we, of course, will do it.

Tatyana Batueva, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

This year, the Entrepreneurship Development Fund has been launched in the republic. In Tiraspol, 22 students entered business school, and these are potential entrepreneurs with ready-made business projects. How will entrepreneurship support continue? Does the state generally rely on small business?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Yes, of course, any state relies on small business. There are different percentages of economic success and small business development. In the most successful economies, the share of small business reaches 50%. In Russia, it is 22-23%, in our country - about 15%. We have where to move and where to grow. Therefore, one of the directions is the opening of business schools, where everyone can get an appropriate education for budgetary funds. For those who graduated from such a school, appropriate subsidies and grants will be provided, which will become an impetus to the development of entrepreneurial activity. In the future, there will be other types of support; relevant legislations are currently being developed. The President, the Supreme Council, and the Government are working in order to support young people and give them the opportunity to do business not outside the republic.

Yuri Zayats, TSV:

How do you assess the fact that Chisinau has declared August 23 the Day of the Victims of Repression of Stalin and Hitler?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

To begin with, let's recall what happened on August 23. On August 23, 1939, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed. In general, August 23 is a very interesting date in history. On this day there was a bright event - in 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944. This is a kind of task for you: look at what happened this day throughout the entire Great Patriotic War. Returning back to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact if we evaluate the historical background of this document, then, clearly, it was a victory for Soviet diplomacy, because this pact was signed after the Munich agreements, or, as they are called, the Munich agreement, according to which Czechoslovakia was divided. After the signing of peace agreements by Hitler Germany and France and between Hitler Germany and England, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed. Therefore, if we recall the date of August 23, then we must talk about the date of the Munich agreement. This is history. We will not judge.

Somewhere I was even satisfied when this decision was made. I will explain why. By and large, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact played a negative role in the fate of Pridnestrovie. After its signing by special secret agreements, which have already been declassified, the sphere of influence in Europe was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union. In accordance with the Pact, Bessarabia was transferred to Soviet Russia, and after that, by a special decision of Stalin, Bessarabia was annexed to the MASSR, and the Moldavian SSR was formed. It turns out that only thanks to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, thanks to August 23, 1939, we began to live together.

What are colleagues from a neighboring state doing? They recognize the pact as null and void, and recall it in connection with the regime of Stalin and Hitler. No questions. Then acknowledge us. I remind everyone, including the Moldovan colleagues, that on June 23, 1990, the Moldovan Parliament declared this pact null and void, announced the withdrawal from the MSSR, the creation of which also recognized null and void. Those. de jure and de facto they gave us independence. They themselves divided the Moldavian SSR and, as it was at the time of 1940, one subject was divided into two - Bessarabia and the MASSR, i.e., modern Moldova and modern Pridnestrovie. Today they have proven the course they pursued in 1990. Thus, they once again confirm our independence, our right to be an independent entity. I discuss this issue with many colleagues - European, Russian, Ukrainian and not only, and everyone agrees. This is a historical fact: Moldova, MSSR itself destroyed its statehood. They only confirmed what they did on June 23, 1990 with today's decision. Therefore, the next step is the recognition of our statehood, which, of course, will be. I have no doubt about that.

Nadezhda Shvets, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

Our cities are becoming more attractive in appearance, and the result is already in person, it is obvious. But do not you think that a lot of money is being spent on these goals, while there are many other serious problems in the republic?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, President of the PMR:

Of course, there are enough problems. But, when our citizens, visiting cozy European countries, admire how beautiful it is, how nice it is, the sidewalks are paved there, what buildings and cultural centers are there, and when they come to the republic, they say that this is not the time for us. And when is the time? Of course, not the time. Everything will be destroyed, it will be destroyed, and Pridnestrovie will become like ruins, this cannot be allowed. I am convinced that every person is born into the world to make life better: his family, friends, society, state. We must strive for this. If everyone makes at least one person happy, the whole world will be happy.

In 2017, not everyone immediately understood what I had in mind when I said that Pridnestrovie should be made more beautiful, better, more interesting. Thanks to the Capital Investment Fund, we are systematically and reasonably moving in this direction: the objects of education, health care, sports and culture are being repaired. In 2018 alone, 171 facilities were repaired or rebuilt - mainly schools and preschool institutions. This year 141 objects. Next year, I think, there will be about 130 objects - let's look at the situation that will develop. We build infrastructure, repair roads and sidewalks, networks, create park areas, fountains, and work on landscaping. We do this only for people. I give you a guarantee - everything will go away, moods will change, but objects will remain, beauty will remain. No need to leave for tomorrow, it should have been done the day before yesterday. We will work, and everything will be fine.

Ekaterina Poshelyuk, the PMR Ministry of Defense:

One more question about the future. 2020 is declared the Year of Health in the Republic. Since 2017, the Ministry of Defense has been actively involved in the promotion of healthy lifestyle, in the development of the physical culture movement, the Army Sports Club is developing, and the Army against Drugs campaign is being held. How do you see the further development of the sports movement and the promotion of healthy lifestyle?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

You can not separate the army from the state and people. Therefore, I will speak as a whole. The next year has been declared the Year of Health, but it is not only about health care, but also a healthy lifestyle, the development of sports and physical education. This is all about health. The priority of the Capital Investment Fund in 2020 will be the construction, repair and logistics of health facilities. We will continue to invest in facilities for people with disabilities. Next week we will hand over a new boarding school for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This object is built from scratch. Next year we will rent a large sports complex in Tiraspol - also for people in this category. A few days ago we will open an Olympic reserve school based on the capital’s school number 4. Here, outstanding athletes who represent Pridnestrovie at international competitions and show high results, will be able to live, study and participate in the training process.

Generally speaking, Pridnestrovie is unique in terms of sports. We have about 500 thousand of the population, 150 thousand of which are pensioners. Preschool children can also be excluded from the category of athletes, that is, two hundred thousand can actively engage in sports. Last year, our athletes won 131 awards at various world championships, Europe, the Russian Federation, European countries. There were also Olympic medals in youth competitions. Unfortunately, for a number of objective reasons, we cannot officially appear under our flag. Although every athlete takes this flag with him. This is life, you can’t get anywhere. But, nevertheless, the development of sports is going on. And there is evidence of that. We have created federations of various kinds of sports, we have formed sports societies, completely revived Dynamo and the Army Sports Club. That is, we are talking about mass sports. The institute “Ready for work and defense” was revived. Mass events are held at secondary schools. Starting September, the “Leather Ball” tournament will be held in all cities and the district, in which students from all schools, both boys and girls, will take part. The first season is autumn, the end is spring. We are reviving the good traditions that were once lost. The money that is invested in sports today says a lot. There can be no healthy state without healthy people.

Violetta Ganina, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

You have already said how our cities are ennobled, and we see it. But as far as villages are concerned, the situation does not change dramatically. Tell me, how do you see the development of our villages, and when will it be possible to do the same stories about how villages are changing, how they are being transformed?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

To begin with, we have one third of the population living in rural areas - this is a lot of able-bodied people. In order to preserve rural life and the countryside, as such, what needs to be done, what needs to be given to people in the countryside? This, of course, is the provision of electricity, this is gasification and water supply, this is a school, kindergartens and leisure centers. A lot of work is being done in these six infrastructural areas. Somewhere programs have already been created, somewhere they are being created, somewhere they have entered the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy. I will dwell on each of these six points. The first is gasification. Even Igor Nikolaevich Smirnov, as President, began the implementation of this large program - the gasification of the countryside. The second direction is electrification. I was set a task this year to complete the electrification of all villages, the lighting of central streets, the roadway. The third issue - water supply - is also important. Since the moment of their origin, many villages did not have water supply, it was not clear where they used water, in the old way, they used wells. Since 2017, they began to slowly advance in solving this problem. To date, we have laid about 40 km of water supply pipes in rural areas, built treatment facilities, water towers - we spent about 16 million Pridnestrovian rubles. Next year we intend to continue work in this direction, we will pledge funds for budget financing, as an option - for the capital investment fund, in order to satisfy the needs of our villages for water supply as much as possible. The next moment is schools and preschool educational institutions. Through the capital investment fund, repair touched these institutions. New medical and obstetric centres and outpatient clinics are being built in rural areas. Fourth - these are leisure centers, houses of culture, where residents of the countryside are engaged in creativity and sports. Through the capital investment fund, we will approach the repair of these institutions. We are already repairing them in the regions of the republic, there will be a development of this direction. In addition, this year we are installing about 45 new sports grounds, next year - another 70, mainly in rural areas. Immediately everything can be done to improve the countryside, we must strive. It’s the staging that will ensure us success. We will move, we will implement. I think that beyond the village is the future. People tend to live on earth, plant something, grow something, just relax, in the end. The development of rural tourism will also be aimed at implementing this comprehensive program.

Alla Ivanchenko, News of Pridnestrovie:

Vadim Nikolaevich, are you planning meeting with the Prime Minister of Moldova, Maya Sandu? If so, what issues do you intend to discuss?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I never refuse to meet. As for the nearest plans - no. There must be an appropriate protocol. But, in principle, I will never refuse dialogue. If Maya Sandu has a desire to meet with me as the PMR President, this meeting will definitely take place. And what questions? Yes, all the same: economic issues, cultural and humanitarian relations, banking, telecommunications, transportation, and so on.

Zinaida Kitskan, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

Political and economic questions were raised. My Question is “deplorable”, because everyone cries - ragweed. The question goes from year to year. Something is being done in this direction. Who do you think should solve this problem?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

When we began to carefully study this problem, it turned out that it was so impossible to destroy ragweed. If cut down, it grows again. The root system must be poisoned with a herbicide, and poisoned with a herbicide is to destroy the land on which it grows. It is a technology to combat this evil. Just this week, I signed an order to the Ministry of Agriculture and the specialized research laboratory of the Pridnestrovian State University to develop a technical project - how to deal with this plant. Let scientists and specialists work. In this regard, I am not an expert and you are not an expert. You can mow it down, but you can’t solve the problem fundamentally in the literal sense of the word. It would be better not to take pictures, but chop it. In order to scientifically approach this, let the experts work out the issue, and then we will take practical measures.

Andrey Belous, News of Pridnestrovie:

Vadim Nikolaevich, representatives of Moldova in the JCC threatened to block the route that goes to the Bendery customs. This is due to the fact that there the infrastructure has changed, and it is changing to simplify the conditions of movement, to attract tourism potential. How likely is this outcome, in your opinion?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Once again I want to focus on the inconsistency of actions of Moldovan officials. There really was a good idea - to increase the throughput of the most intense post in the Chisinau direction, increasing it to four lanes. It was proposed to add two more lanes, organize a tourist lane. I was hoping for a positive response, because a good offer. And how did the Moldavian side behave? They said to the JCC that if the lanes expand, they will block the gate to Chisinau. There are simply no words. There is strange positions at border posts. It is strange to hear from Moldovan politicians the question of the liquidation of our posts, although they put their posts at Ukrainian territory. Igor Nikolaevich Dodon says that posts need to be removed, and he himself supported his Moldovan posts on the territory of Ukraine. What is a border in general? Pridnestrovie is an independent state. Border is an attribute of statehood and security. I will give examples of the European Union. For example the state of Croatia, which has its own border. They are members of the European Union, are members of NATO. There is a border between Croatia and the rest of the world - both customs and border, a specific border with inspections, with a multi-kilometer line. Not to mention its own Croatian currency. Many European countries have their own currency on a par with the euro. Why is that? Because they worry about their safety. They suppress illegal migration, the possibility of any criminals entering their territory, like us. We stop the possibility of terrorists, illegal migrants and those people who do not want to live by the law get into us. I repeat: the border is both an attribute of statehood and an element of ensuring the security of our state. We will strengthen our borders, technically strengthen. Unfortunately, we will not implement the project on the expansion of lanes in the Chisinau direction, for fear of blocking traffic to Chisinau. You can not create inconvenience to people. By the way, I’ll surely ask Igor Nikolayevich what kind of position this is so strange. On the contrary, let’s expand the bands, let’s take part together, and ensure the free movement of citizens, including Moldova, across the territory of Pridnestrovie. Why such statements? Once again I say that regardless of the behavior of our neighbors, we will make Pridnestrovie attractive. For this, cultural centers, parks and so on are being built. Pridnestrovie is getting better. Communicating with people who come here, I hear that there is a significant difference between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. Plus of Pridnestrovie is the quality of roads, quality of services, quality of hotels and so on. You have to work to be better. We must live in such a way as to be prosperous and happy.

Irina Rusnak, TSV:

Continuing the theme of movement, there is a question regarding neutral license plate numbers. A year ago, agreements were reached; it seemed that the problem of moving our car owners abroad was solved. Could you clarify what is happening on this issue now?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

What is abroad for you? Other countries, Ukraine, Russia, for example, according to our legislation, are also abroad, unfortunately. Moldova is also abroad, the entire European space is also abroad. When we resolved the issue of neutral license plates, the problem was that Ukraine clearly said that if we had not solved this problem by May 2019, Ukraine would stop passing vehicles with Pridnestrovian license plates to its territory. Our people would not be able to travel either to Ukraine or to Russia, and corresponding problems would appear in Moldova. A neutral license plate gives this opportunity. The neutral license plate made it possible to move towards Ukraine and retained the right of vehicles with Pridnestrovian signs to even move around the territory of Ukraine. Someone cannot get to Romania, where Moldovan, Russian or Ukrainian driver's licenses are required. For me, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova were more relevant than Romania. Those who need to travel to foreign countries can receive a neutral license plate. Those who move in neighboring states - to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova - do not need to receive this neutral license plates. Everyone chooses what is best for him. I think it was a good deal. It gave an opportunity and eliminated the danger.

Yulia Gorlova, News of Pridnestrovie:

Continuing the theme of beautification of Pridnestrovie: we have adopted a tourism development program, we see how the Bendery Fortress has changed, how many guests are in it, how many cultural events are held. Will this experience be transferred to other tourist sites?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I would not want to talk only about the Bendery fortress, although the Bendery fortress is an indicator of the need for this forward movement. As the practice of holding mass events has shown, different events attract a different number of people - from five to seventeen thousand. It's a lot. The city works with public services so that these events are interesting for people, so that there are many locations, opportunities to prove themselves at these festivals. Most importantly, events are in demand. As a result of this year - in November-December - we will draw conclusions and direct the heads of all administrations to hold their events next year as well. Let not three dozen, as in Bendery, let 15-20, let 10, but they must be carried out. They are necessary for people. People must have an outlet. Not only work within four walls, but go out, relax, chat with people. What is needed for that? Development of infrastructure, park infrastructure. Each chapter knows its task. Catherine Park is being built in Tiraspol. This is a grandiose project. Next year it will be fully implemented. There is also a Victory Park. In Kamenka there is a park named after Wittgenstein, to whom, I think, we will return his historical glory. A central park is being built in Slobodzeya, this year it will be commissioned. The same projects exist in Dubossary, and in Grigoriopol, and in Rybnitsa - in all cities and regions of our republic. Of course, it will be interesting for the tourist. If you look at any festival held in Bendery Fortress, you can see that there are a lot of vehicles with Moldovan registration. What is this talking about? The fact that people come here. There are a lot of buses, people are coming from Europe, they are coming from Ukraine and Moldova. They see Pridnestrovie with their own eyes, touch our history, the history of Pridnestrovie. This is also the path to recognition. Heads of administrations know the task, and next year will be the year of all kinds of festivals in all cities and regions of our republic. I encounter the opinion of some Internet users that this is supposedly a "feast during the plague". As Professor Preobrazhensky said, and I rephrase it as a “plague" is in some people's heads. On the contrary, we are raising Pridnestrovie, raising the standard of living. Witnesses to this are thousands of visitors to events, not those who write on the Internet.

Dmitry Matveev, The Dniestrovskaya Pravda newspaper:

Vadim Nikolaevich, I would like to return to economic issues and hear what, in your opinion, the complex of tasks facing the Pridnestrovian economy, industry, enterprises. We know that in 2018 the results were quite good, what are they in 2019? And further. Given that Ukraine has a fairly serious theoretical potential for cooperation with Pridnestrovie, has the tone of relations changed with the advent of the new President of Ukraine?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

As for Ukraine, we want to see Ukraine as a good neighbor. We strive to develop economic interaction, cultural, humanitarian. We have a multinational state, the Transnistrian people have been created. About a third are ethnic Ukrainians, about one hundred thousand people are citizens of Ukraine. Naturally, we have the appropriate public organizations, we interact with them, through them - and with Ukraine.

As for what has changed. So far nothing has changed - either one way or the other. Why? Because only the Rada has been formed, only the government will be formed. When these institutions work, then it will be possible to talk about something. There will be contacts, there will be interaction. As for the Pridnestrovian economy. Yes, there is success, there is growth, but there are challenges. There are challenges of a different nature - global economic crises that everyone is talking about. I recall the crisis of 1997-98. Ten years later, the 2008 crisis. And again, everyone says that there should be a crisis. We must be economically prepared for this and strengthen our economy. These are challenges for individual enterprises. Good examples are the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, a cement plant, in respect of which individual states have taken unilateral actions to limit the business and entrepreneurship of economic entities. Next is our energy, gas pipe. We have to be ready. The Government, the Supreme Council, the President should have an appropriate plan of action in case of a particular development. God forbid, everything will be fine. Let these documents, these plans remain in the archives or lie for future generations, but it is necessary to prepare. The basic component is planning, planning based on the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy.

The next important question is investing in the economy of Pridnestrovie. Many asked the question of why we constantly receive diplomats and ambassadors on the territory of Pridnestrovie. Any investor who comes to us asks for an opinion about us from his ambassador: Polish - from the Polish ambassador, Austrian - from Austrian, Italian - from Italian. We must show ourselves to these diplomats so that they create a favorable opinion about us. For this, contacts are needed. What jobs without investment? Investments are production, this is the workplace. We work with Russian investors, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Romanian, Italian, European, American. There is a good slogan "Business without any policy." We will continue to promote it. Behind the business are taxes, salaries, pensions of our Pridnestrovian citizens. You have to be pragmatists. We need to develop, move forward, not at all doubting our statehood, without questioning our independence. Therefore, of course, “Business without any policy” So it should be.

Natalya Pilshchikova, TSV:

Vadim Nikolaevich, when you answered the question about the People’s Program, you said what you couldn’t do. We will leave aside the issue of Russian citizenship, raising salaries and pensions to the desired level. Half of the current presidential term has passed, another half ahead. What are the most important tasks you plan to solve during this time?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I will say briefly. The task is the full implementation of the Development Strategy of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Until gaining international recognition. It's my goal.

Natalya Pilshchikova, TSV:

Does the state have a plan with salaries and pensions?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Of course. This is working with the economy, developing the economy, investing in the economy. Behind this, salaries and pensions will increase. The only way.

Natalia Poltorak, the newspaper "Trade Union News":

Vadim Nikolaevich, you have already talked about the number of new jobs, dual education. Unfortunately, under such favorable conditions, there is still an outflow of youth. According to trade unions, a clear state propaganda of the prestige and attractiveness of the working specialty is necessary. The Tiraspol Council of Trade Unions conducts many activities to achieve this goal. The participation of state media is also required. What else is planned by the state in order to stop the outflow of youth, the outflow of personnel abroad?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

In reality, propaganda alone is not enough. You can agitate as much as you want, from this a hungry person will not become full. Even if you tell a hungry man that he ate a good and tasty meal, he would still be hungry. Propaganda, of course, is important, but a case is needed. What, in principle, does a young man need in life? First of all, the prospect. The prospect of job growth, jobs, decent wages and housing. I have already covered many areas of what is being done in this aspect.

As for trade unions, I will only be glad if the trade unions assist in the development and promotion of life in Pridnestrovie, including workers' specialties. Affordable housing will continue. The guarantee of a job for each state-graduate is provided. Decent wages are a promising issue, depending on our economy. We will go in this direction. Of course, propaganda is needed - first of all, propaganda of dual education, popularization of a working person. It was not enough to create jobs; it turned out to be more difficult. This is a real problem. The capital investment fund has earned, hundreds of construction projects have appeared, the need has ripened for working hands, which are now lacking. This is the main problem. Although employers offer a very decent salary. I began to observe a tendency for builders to return from the Russian Federation. In Russia, you need to rent a house, spend money on food, be away from your family, and here, minus the natural expenses in the Russian Federation, the same wages as in Russia. We must provide a perspective, ensure that the capital investment program will work. This is a great program, we must work on it.

In September I plan to be in the Russian Federation and I want to meet compatriots there, listen to them, find out what they need in order to return. Just listen. Do not agitate, do not call, do not tell, but just listen. Maybe some of the heard will form the basis of future decisions made in the republic.

If we talk about migration, I will give some numbers. We can judge migration only by those citizens who were discharged and left for permanent residence in another state, or who arrived and registered for permanent residence. 2017-2018: outflow of 208 people. Is it a lot or a little? I think this is acceptable. If we take the level of 2016, in only one year two thousand people left for permanent residence. Of course, they leave to work, leave to study, this is normal migration, people leave, they come. I can even name the states from which there is an outflow in our direction. People come to us from Moldova and Ukraine. People are looking for where better. If we go in the direction that we have chosen, along the path of independence, to improve the lives of our citizens, improve the infrastructure of our state, I am sure that Pridnestrovie will be very attractive to people, and we will have a migration boom here in Pridnestrovie. So it will be.

A small example. In communication with European colleagues, we often talk about the unrecognition of our state by the world community. Just recently, I met with the leaders of the national communities of Pridnestrovie. One of the representatives of national communities, a woman, said that she had met with her colleagues and asked what to pass on to the President at the meeting. They asked her to convey to the President thanks for the fact that we live in peace and security, that you can freely walk along the streets of cities and districts of our state, that children learn freely. In communication with foreign colleagues, I ask the question: what is the value of recognized states in which there is a civil war, where is banditry and crime, where are corrupt officials, where a person feels unprotected from the government by law. What is the value of such recognition? Or vice versa, when a person lives in an unrecognized state, but there is no war, there is no banditry and crime, there are no corrupt officials in the vast majority. There are, of course, individual cases, but the business itself says that there are no such “roofers” from the nineties, gangster raids. Our children freely go to schools, kindergartens, sports sections, and visit cultural centers. You can walk around the city at any time of the day and not be afraid that you will be beaten by hooligans. I suggest that my European colleagues ask anyone who passes by, which is more valuable, to live in a recognized state and send their son to war or to be safe here, in an unrecognized state. Of course, there will be an answer here, in the unrecognized. Recognition may not depend on us, but the structure of life depends on us, and we must do everything for this to make a person comfortable here. And when our people and citizens coming to the republic will feel the comfort of living here, there will be a positive migration dynamics. People want to feel safe, we give that safety.

Natalia Poltorak, "The Trade Union News" newspaper:

Vadim Nikolaevich, September 2 is the birthday of the republic. What do you wish Pridnestrovie and yourself?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Is this the last question? I wanted to end this. I always wish peace to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and myself - also peace. The world is the foundation upon which everything is built: economics, politics, relationships, happiness, and love. If there is no peace, then no foundation, and everything will collapse. Therefore, I wish peace to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Anna Turchenko, News of Pridnestrovie:

Continuing the topic of investments: from June 2018, new investment legislation has been in force. What are the results of the change in the rules of work for investors, how did this affect business activity?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

I'll start again with non-recognition. It would seem that there is a relationship between non-recognition and investment. They are interconnected. In the conditions of non-recognition, it is necessary to offer something so interesting that people come here and work, despite our non-recognition. Therefore, a new investment law was developed, which gave the investor unprecedented benefits. An investment agency has been created. At the moment, I can highlight the 12 most promising projects. The amount of investment is 24 million euros. The agency works, renders services - advisory and not only. I repeat once again that investments are not just monetary investments in the economy, they are taxes, jobs, pensions, salaries. If you break the chain link, then the whole chain falls. Tear this investment link out of our economy - everything will collapse. Therefore, we will conduct a constant dialogue in the 5 + 2 format, we will work with each diplomat individually or with all together. We should not introduce ourselves as beggars, but as a self-respecting state, interesting for investments, accommodation, tourism, business development. This is a big program, and everyone is involved in this program - the President, the Supreme Council and the Government, and all the officials in whose competence this is. This is the basis of our economy, and without this it is impossible.

Dina Koroleva, TSV:

You already said during the press conference that you are ready to meet with the President of Moldova Dodon, voiced some questions and suggestions. Is there any specific date already, and are there any other questions?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

There is no specific date. This September was discussed. Questions are voiced. This will be the package that is under discussion in the “5 + 2” format, questions that were not worked out by the Moldovan side, there is the prospect of considering new issues, in particular, banking. The agenda is big. There will be a date - let’s inform, and we will publish the agenda. In principle, it will not surprise anyone - these are questions of an economic, cultural, humanitarian nature.

Natalia Poltorak, "The Trade Union News" newspaper:

In recent years, schools lack teachers of the Russian language and literature, mathematics, history, physics, foreign languages, etc. There is a shortage of pedagogical specialties at the university, or graduates do not want to work by profession. What is the state doing to change this situation? How will the prestige of the teaching profession be raised? What is being done to secure young professionals in schools?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

To begin with, we have a budgetary and commercial form of education. I have always been a supporter of the fact that if a young man receives education at the expense of the budget, he is obliged to work for the state a certain period of time. I want to give an example of the Tiraspol Law Institute. Upon admission to this educational institution, an agreement is concluded between the cadet and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to which the graduate is obliged to work in the internal affairs bodies for 5 years. After the introduction of the new rules, all graduates serve 5 years, and then they make a further decision: if you do not want to serve, reimburse the cost of training. In principle, this applies to everyone else. From September 1, it is expected to conclude a tripartite agreement between a student of the budget department, an educational institution and government agency. The government guarantees a workplace, the educational institution guarantees the educational process, the student agrees to study and work after graduation. Thus, we will improve the situation in those areas that are indicated. Of  course, state support - housing subsidies, the possibility of postgraduate education, etc. I have great respect for teachers. I studied myself. I don’t remember bad teachers. There are no bad ones and cannot be. They devote themselves to us, and then we commit ourselves to someone. This is cyclical. Therefore, to react negatively to teachers means to negatively relate to ourselves. We must develop software products aimed at popularizing the teaching profession and create conditions for securing a specific graduate for the workplace.

Alexander Lagutin, First Pridnestrovian TV Channel:

Vadim Nikolaevich, last year you had an important meeting on the issue of medicine. This year, important personnel decisions were made in this area. Did something change after that? Are there more or less complaints?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Health care is an area that excites everyone. This, without exaggeration, is the most painful area that needs to be reformed, equipped, and financed. Let me remind you that at the meeting in March last year, it was not a question of material and technical equipment. Then they talked about the interaction of doctors with patients. We must provide protection to both patients and doctors. People suffer from various diseases, sometimes doctors feel a lot of psychological stress. The number of complaints has decreased. I can judge by the data of the Presidential Administration. All appeals addressed to me, I consider personally. To correct the situation, we took a number of steps. We took the path of material and technical equipment of our medical institutions. This year, health facilities are being built and repaired at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund. Next year, progressive movement in this regard will continue. We plan to rebuild or repair all medical institutions of the republic during 4 years. This is a lot. When a person goes to the hospital, and floor falls or leaks, what kind of attitude to healthcare can he have in general? Of course, the negative. In September, we will open a new reception department of the Clinical Hospital - this is a modern building with all the necessary equipment. Provided and staff. The second point is technical support. It’s not enough just to buy equipment. It is important to buy it at a reasonable price (I have always had questions for this). In addition, it is necessary to train personnel to work on this technique. Therefore, we are talking about advanced training for our health workers.

Another problematic aspect of healthcare is the shortage of nursing staff. We plan to increase the salary of employees at this level. Literally in June, it was decided that students who graduated from the third year of the medical faculty will receive a document on secondary medical education, which gives the right to work as a nurse or nurse. Practice shows that studying at the medical faculty is difficult. If 130 people enter, 25 graduates. Many students leave after 3, 4, or 5 courses. There are different circumstances. Having received a diploma of secondary vocational education, a student will be able to join the ranks of nursing staff, and then, if he wants to, return and finish his studies. In addition, the question is about raising salaries for teachers of the medical faculty to attract the most competent specialists to this work. We are also talking about the purchase of ambulances, about the recovery of our people outside the republic if they cannot receive treatment in Pridnestrovie. Several contracts have been concluded with Moldovan medical centers in which heart surgery is performed. It is about providing emergency medical care when, within half an hour a person in a pre-infarction state is delivered to the center, and is provided with help. They managed to save about 40 lives.

This is a set of measures. We are talking about normal relations between patients and doctors, and about capital investments and about material and technical support, and about staff training. All this will bear fruit. Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but it will definitely. And, of course, control is needed.

We made a number of point decisions. Today, if a minor dies or a woman in childbirth dies, the decision on the reasons is without fail made by the Investigative Committee. We also faced another problem. When considering certain criminal cases, it was impossible to conduct an examination, because the forensic medical examination was subordinate to the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately, the mutual responsibility factor in this area was not excluded. Therefore, a decision was made to transfer the forensic medical examination to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is one condition - the head of the center is appointed by decree of the President. This will be a disciplining factor, there will be more opportunities to achieve the truth on the materials of a particular case.

An Advisory Council has been created under the Ministry of Health. Now decisions are made not only by the minister. The council consists of chief physicians, teachers, and other specialists. The council has more than 20 people. Upon receipt of applications, questions by the Ministry of Health, an Advisory Council is convened and a solution is developed taking into account the views of the administration and relevant specialists.

Three directions are closely intertwined in the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy - political stability, economic self-sufficiency, and social justice. Whatever we do, we only work for people. Any largest facility is for people, the smallest platform is also for people, any change in the economy is for people. I want to target all officials to work for people, not for the sake of a word, slogan or banner. Work for the bottom line. Make the life of your neighbor better and happier, and then Pridnestrovie will be comfortable and attractive. Most importantly, we will preserve the Pridnestrovian people.

A good date is 29 years of statehood. We are entering a new era, the era of the 30th anniversary of our republic. I want to thank everyone who stood at the origins of our statehood. I want to wish the younger generation to believe in Pridnestrovie and love it, live and work in Pridnestrovie and, of course, the peace. The peace is a platform for development. And if we talk about the recognition of our state, I’m sure that it will not be through war, tragedy and blood, but through creation, openness and love.

I am sure that the questions still remain, and they will be answered. We must work in one team, follow a single course - the course towards independence. As for criticism, it is also needed, the opposition is also needed, but if an oppositionist writes somewhere that it is necessary to eliminate the statehood of Pridnestrovie, he is no longer an oppositionist, but an enemy of Pridnestrovian statehood. The oppositionist, who wants independence, but sees it in his own way, has no complaints against him, we need to work with him, talk, maybe we don’t see something. This is interesting.