The Full Version of the Press Conference of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I am glad to welcome you to this hall today and answer your questions. The press conference is the first time in the context of COVID, in my opinion. There are some restrictions associated with quarantine. Many more journalists were announced for today's meeting, but we were able to satisfy only half of the requests. This is understandable, this is natural. We will talk more about the coronavirus. We will answer your questions. Nevertheless, there is a problem, and certain restrictions must be observed, certain quarantine regulations must be followed. I am ready to answer your questions on the eve of big holiday, anniversary, the 30th anniversary of our republic. In principle, we hold our conferences every year. But this year is unique.

Almost a third of a century, there is an independent state, there is people with their victories, problems, experiences - in principle, like everywhere else. We have a peculiarity, an individuality. We are a state recognized by the people, but not yet recognized by the so-called world community. Of course, this leaves an imprint on our life, everyday presence, stay and existence in our state. Everything goes on as usual, and I think that what we have achieved, what we have yet to achieve, in the process of answering, I will reveal.

Lydia Salkutsan, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

Pridnestrovie celebrates its 30th anniversary. These years were different - both good and difficult, despite all the difficulties, our state is developing and living. Diplomats from different countries, representatives of international missions come to us, despite the fact that we have not yet been recognized. Vadim Nikolaevich, what can we be proud of today?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

Let’s do this: a little later, I will move on to what we can be proud of, I will answer your specific question. I would like to recall the history of the creation of our state before that - with what it was connected, how it happened in general. Let me remind you that some time before the legal collapse of the Soviet state, Moldova was seized by nationalist movements, chauvinism in its essence; for some reason, suddenly people began to relate to each other on the basis of nationality, so-called language problems appeared. This is the end of the 80s. Then - June 1990, significant events in the history of the former Soviet state - significant in a bad sense of the word. It was from June 1990, when the former Soviet republics suddenly began to declare their sovereignty, from that moment, in fact, the destruction of the Soviet state began. Almost all union republics followed this path, declaring their sovereignty, independence, etc. Moldova followed the same path. You all know perfectly well the date of June 23, 1990, when the parliament of the Moldavian SSR adopted two well-known declarations, declaring the supremacy of the laws of Moldova over the laws of the USSR, of its independence, and recognizing the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact as null and void, recognized the nullity and illegality of the creation of the Moldavian SSR. It was then that the deputies, officials, the Supreme Soviet, as a legislative body, destroyed a certain unified state represented by the Moldavian SSR into two subjects - the former Bessarabia (it began to be called Moldova) and the former MASSR (it later became known as the PMSSR). The question arose from that moment. After all, practically and legally, Moldova refused us. It was June 90th. Before the deputies of local authorities, before the people there was a choice: "Where?" Of course, the people wanted to remain (this was natural) within the Soviet Union, within a single state. The values ​​that Moldova declared at that time, which passed through the prism of nationalism, did not suit the Pridnestrovian people. Then, on September 2, 1990 (before that, referendums were held, deputies of all levels took part in it), the first Pridnestrovian deputies proclaimed the creation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. In fact, it was a response to the decisions made on June 23, 1990, a response to the humiliation of the rights and freedoms of citizens, a victory, in my opinion, of peacefulness and common sense. Even before the complete collapse of the Soviet Union, we lived within the USSR as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. We did not secede from the MSSR, we did not secede from, shall we say, the Soviet Union. Moldova destroyed statehood with its own hands.

Pay attention to another significant document (in my opinion, it was adopted by the Moldovan parliament on August 27, 1991) - on the final independence of Moldova. If you read carefully (I advise you to do this, dear colleagues - journalists and officials), not a word has been said about Pridnestrovie. They faintly remember some residents who are ethnically close to the right bank, and that's it. The borders of the former Moldavian SSR are not indicated there. If you read similar declarations of independence of all other states, the borders are clearly indicated there.

January 1, 1990. There is no such thing - in the Moldovan declaration of independence. But it clearly indicates that Bukovina belongs to the southern part of the Odessa region. The old Romanian names of these regions are spelled out. That is, in their declaration of the final independence of Moldova, the deputies of the Moldovan parliament explicitly stated their claims to the territory of Ukraine and the rejection of Pridnestrovie. It is a fact. Please, read it. These are the main documents of the independence of the neighboring state. By the way, they don't like to remember this now. Answer the question "Why?". Although, in principle, everyone perfectly understands why. However, those leaders - former or current communists, I don't know - they were influenced by nationalism. But the national wing demanded, for some reason demanded by force, to restore territorial integrity and force the Pridnestrovians to kneel. It was under the influence of the national wing that Moldova started the war. March 1, 1992. Before that, there were other armed conflicts. Then - June 19 - the invasion of Bendery. In essence, probably back then, in 1992, realizing the fatality of their legal mistakes adopted by the parliament, they decided with their blood - our blood - to wash away their legal nihilism and their illiteracy. That they did it, you all know very well. This is the final gap between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, a mass of civilian casualties, for which no one has yet borne any responsibility. This is also worth understanding. You probably remember the recent attacks of the so-called defenders of the territorial integrity of Moldova, which took place in Chisinau, where they threatened to throw the decapitated separatists on the steps of parliament (I am quoting this literally). Well, let them try, and we'll see. This is called "shaking the air", the air does not return a blow, that is the nuance. It is clear that their psyche is broken, and it is hard for them. Nevertheless, I want to say something else about it. They are not winners, they are victims - victims of deception, above all. For what territorial integrity they fought, if their leaders violated this territorial integrity and destroyed it. Let them carefully read their documents, what they received there, and answer what they fought for, where they were thrown in the end. For slaughter? To kill people, peaceful people, first of all? God will judge them. These people somewhere are illiterate, or maybe they don't just want to know the truth. True, you know, it is not always convenient. Even after that (I come to the answer to your specific question) Pridnestrovie tried to find a common formula for living together. You remember very well. By the way, before the 1992 war, we just offered autonomy: give us a language, just Russian, Ukrainian, save it. Not. Absolutely not.  

After the war, in 1993, we accepted the OSCE formula and agreed to a federation. After that, there were various proposals by Primakov. Then - the memorandum of Dmitry Nikolayevich Kozak, who spoke about the asymmetric federation, but this was also rejected. Then there was the 2006 economic blockade. Next - the referendum of our people, which was voted by an overwhelming majority for the independence of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and further integration with the Russian Federation.

Pay attention: 1992, on the terms of the federation - 1993, and only in 2006 did the people finally speak out. Why is that? Because we were really looking for a formula for living together until that time. We were into opposition, unwillingness, unwillingness of the neighboring state, its leaders to speak with us on equal terms, to respect our rights and freedoms and to give us the elementary things for which people live on earth - language, preserved traditions, and so on. Nevertheless, no matter how difficult it is, the negotiation process. But we'll talk about this later.

What have we come to and what do we have? The first is the independent Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, created by the people. Second: we have a created community that is developing under the name “Pridnestrovian people”. It has absorbed various nationalities, ethnic groups and creeds. Third: we are building a socially oriented state with market economy. This is probably our achievement.

There is one more feature that distinguishes Pridnestrovie from the point of view of creation from other states - Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Moldova, Belarus and others. The fact is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyone got full-fledged bodies with executive, legislative and judicial branches of power. The states were represented by their Supreme Councils, parliaments, seimas, councils, dumas, and so on. All decisions, including in Moldova, are made by the Supreme Councils of the former union republics. That is, in fact, the fate of the people was decided by a group of people elected by the people. This is the principle of parliamentarism, a parliamentary republic. We didn't have that - for obvious reasons. This was just being created in our country, and the fate of Pridnestrovie was decided by the people in referendums.

Our main distinguishing feature is that our republic was created through a popular referendum. The people really created it. There are parliaments, and here are the people. In all states, if you pay attention, from the point of view of law and the Constitution, all referendums are of a consultative nature, not decisive. We have a decisive one. This is our history, the history of creation. This is also one of the achievements. We have preserved the state created by the people. Perhaps this is the essence of what the people created, the people should live. And we are all the people, including me. We must create and work to make Pridnestrovie comfortable, interesting and economically developed.

Alexander Lagutin, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

Vadim Nikolaevich, you recalled the history of the Pridnestrovian state. This is already thirty years - thirty years of struggle for independence, for sovereignty. We know we have grounds for recognition. Historians speak about it, jurists speak about it. There was a meeting of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of Russia in 2017, there was a special resolution. For some reason we cannot reach the international community yet. Who do you think is stopping us in this?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President 

How to name who - by name, by position? You know, the recognition of these or those subjects is the world conjuncture. If we talk about new territories, then I want to touch on history a little. All answers to any question are focused in the history. When did we have territorial transformations here? Here in Pridnestrovie. In the beginning there was the Russian Empire. It was an act, eventually of Empress Catherine II, also a certain geopolitical milestone, a land inhabited by people was created (Tiraspol and other settlements). We are talking about two hundred years of history. Of course, we can continue talk, but we will capture at least two hundred years. Then the next transformation - is the First World War and the October upheaval, revolution. This is the next transformation, that is, a geopolitical catastrophe. The next transformation is the beginning of World War II, the entry of Bessarabia into Soviet Russia, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Then the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. After its completion - the results, the creation of the Moldavian SSR, although it was created a little earlier, returned to the legal framework, and so on. The next geopolitical catastrophe, which also reshaped the territory, is the collapse of the Soviet Union. In principle, the answer is already covered here. The formation of states and their recognition depend on some external factor, unfortunately. That's how it turns out somehow.

Unfortunately, outside players hear little of the people. They only respond to challenges. If it were different - listened to the people, then there probably would be no world wars, revolutions. I absolutely do not want any conflicts, cataclysms, confrontations. I am a peaceful person. I really want the recognition of Pridnestrovie, which will definitely take place, not as a result of another geopolitical catastrophe and bloodshed, but to happen peacefully, in an evolutionary way. In order to come to this, to a new reality in the end, having learned that Moldova has abandoned us de jure and de facto, that a Pridnestrovian state has been created with all branches of power, with its own people and economy. We must come to this, agree and put an end to it. I am deeply convinced that this is the most correct way to resolve this issue - the recognition of our statehood. When will this take place and who is stopping it? Probably, geopolitical players are in the way. But I think that they will still have to hear the people. We are the center of Europe. Here conflicts are not permissible, there is no need for them. Think for yourself: here is Pridnestrovie being recognized. Does this make the world worse? Not. Will there be a war from this? Not. On the contrary, there will be peace and tranquility. This is the only formula. If someone thinks about the global security of Europe as a continent, they think about peace, not war. It seems to me that the most correct way out is the recognition of Pridnestrovie. It is unlikely that I will answer who exactly interferes. In general, some kind of barrier interferes, through which it is difficult to cross and see that a new reality already exists - created Pridnestrovie, and put an end to this.

Natalia Pilshchikova, TSV

How do you assess our relations with neighbors, with Moscow, with Western partners at the moment? Where is the development and prospects?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I assess our relationship differently. Let me remind you that Pridnestrovie is an equal participant in the negotiation process in the "5 + 2" format and not only. The "5 + 2" format consists of many participants - Russia, Ukraine, the OSCE as an organization, the European Union, the United States. Certain relations are formed with each of the states. I'll start, for example, with the Russian Federation. This is our main partner, our benchmark in many ways. Some journalists reduce relations between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation only to economic issues. This is only one of the vectors of interaction. The first and foremost is interaction in terms of the negotiation process. The Russian Federation is the guarantor of the "5 + 2" format and the entire negotiation process. The second is interaction in the sphere of peacekeeping. These are Russian peacekeepers, Russian armed forces, who are guarding peace and quiet on our land. In this direction, there is interaction between the President, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Armed Forces. The third is interaction in the sphere of education, culture, history, which we have in common. Only the fourth sphere of ​​interaction is economics. There is something to talk about it: export, import, gas, trade. With a focus on the Russian Federation, we are building our relations with Ukraine. For me - as a person, citizen, father, politician - it is alarming to see tendencies in relations between Ukraine and Russia. This is tragic for me. I do not welcome this format of interaction between Russia and Ukraine and I speak about it directly. When two Slavic peoples are in tension, this is, to put it mildly, not good. We all have family ties on both sides. Pridnestrovie is an indicator in this sense. Here Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans and people of other nationalities live together very peacefully. They ask me a question in Moscow: how did it happen that everyone lives in peace? Everything is very simple. We simply do not stick out one nation over another, do not put someone in dependence on another nationality. Therefore, Russia is a partner, Ukraine is also a partner. We will definitely build our cultural, historical and economic relations. Relations with Moldova are tense and difficult. The negotiation process: a lot is still unclear, many agreements are not being implemented by the Moldovan side today, but, nevertheless, there are points of contact. This is the economy - they largely depend on us, and we depend on them. In many ways, it is possible to improve relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, but some politicians who do not want to build normal, good-neighborly relations get in the way. Probably, one thing is getting in the way - unwillingness to see Pridnestrovie as an equal partner; this, apparently, is the secret. Of course, there is the European space, there is the United States of America and other states, we are also building our relations with them - in many respects economic. Our exports go to 90 countries of the world - practically throughout the European Union. By the way, I was once asked a question about the European Union. I am not against the European Union. Some people feel comfortable living in the European Union. Why blame someone for this? Let them live, for God's sake. We have a different vector, a different vision, different views, a different choice of the people. Our choice must be respected. In principle, this is normal. The European Union has one big plus, in my opinion. If we look at history again, then both the First World War and the Second World War were formed on the European continent. In my opinion, the creation of the European Union, just such a political and economic model of this organization, makes it possible to deny the possibility of a Third World War on the European continent. It is very important. In fact, this is the guarantee of the absence of conflicts in the European space. Maybe. Although, it's not simple. To each his own. I repeat once again: if someone likes there are referendums, please let the people speak up. The people must be listened to and heard. We traditionally build our relations with all states. We do not want enmity, we do not want any aggression, escalation of tension, we are for peace. We are a peace-loving state.

As for Moldova. A regular, the seventh meeting with the President of Moldova Dodon Igor Nikolaevich took place recently. We discussed the issues on the agenda. But no matter how you update the agenda, it still contains the same issues - starting with the Berlin Protocol, or even earlier. Earlier these issues were raised, I have repeatedly discussed them with Igor Nikolaevich in personal meetings. These are issues of telecommunications, issues of termination of politically motivated criminal cases, issues of free movement, issues of cargo transportation. There were new questions from June 2019: issues of banking and interbank communication, working here with us of Mastercard and Visa, and much more. I see Igor Nikolaevich's desire to really solve certain problems, but, unfortunately, we somehow go around in circles around certain issues. Unfortunately, there is no real solution or a breakthrough to this solution. I would very much like to. At the same time, the Pridnestrovian side fulfilled all its obligations in full. Moldova, on the other hand, did not fulfill even the signed protocols of 2017 in full or in any way. This is not good. In order for someone to have the desire to move on to new agreements or a new package, it is necessary to fulfill all that was achieved earlier - not only under President Krasnoselsky, but under other presidents too. In my opinion, this is correct, logical and fair. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, it is necessary to continue the negotiation process - in the "1 + 1" format, in the format of working groups, in the "5 + 2" format and so on. Although, there are other opinions and a desire to disrupt the negotiation process, but we will not allow this. All the participants in the "5 + 2" format are not supporters of the termination of negotiations. Now, of course, the pandemic has made adjustments. It is clear there are objective reasons. And yet I hope that in one form or another, perhaps already taking into account technologies, in the form of videoconference, a meeting of the "5 + 2" format will take place this year. In addition, I am sure that we will have meetings with the President of the Republic of Moldova and other officials.

Nikita Kondratov, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

Vadim Nikolaevich, in January 2019, the Official Representative Office of Pridnestrovie was opened in Moscow. You set tasks - helping compatriots living in Russia, as well as establishing contacts with the Russian Federation, this applies to both humanitarian and cultural ties. How do you assess the work of the Representative Office now?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

The tasks of opening the Representative Office were laid down in the Development Strategy of Pridnestrovie, and in essence it is also one of the forms of interaction, let's say, its implementation, between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation. In addition to contacts with the Russian Federation through the Representation, these are also economic, political and cultural contacts. Representation plays an important role in relations with compatriots. In just a year, more than a thousand compatriots turned to our Representation, they were provided with one or another practical help. I believe that the opening of the Representative Office was a very important event, and it is important to continue its work, which, in principle, is what we are doing. There are results, the results are not bad. I have been there many times. Naturally, when visiting Moscow, I constantly go to the Representative Office, meet with our compatriots, and listen to their problems. There are problems everywhere, and they must be solved. People apply for personal issues, health, citizenship, employment. Sometimes people just have nowhere to live. We are also trying to provide some help. This is a good platform, a good platform for communication with our compatriots, those who for one reason or another have departed - I hope temporarily - from the territory of our state. Many, by the way, who were in the Representation, got acquainted with modern Pridnestrovie and returned home, are already working in Pridnestrovie. There are such facts. I think that the development that already exists has good prospects.

Anna Turchenko, News of Pridnestrovie news agency

Vadim Nikolaevich, how will your recent meeting with Igor Don affect the dynamics of the negotiation process?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I have already briefly covered this topic. Dialogue is always good, always positive. The recent, seventh in a row, meeting for the first time was attended by the first persons who are responsible for certain areas - the banking sector, economy, telecommunications - both from Moldova and from Pridnestrovie. We looked into each other's eyes, asked questions, and they and we answered the corresponding questions. I think this is a very good sign. This is a signal of readiness to hear and, perhaps, to decide. I have already said that, unfortunately, the questions are still open. I hope they will be solved soon. The people are waiting, the people are tired. Still, the goal is to resolve issues for people so that the adopted norms are implemented into legislation and become the norm. Of course, there are such examples, but they are few.

Anna Turchenko, News of Pridnestrovie news agency

Continuing the topic of international relations, such a question. Everyone knows that you are a supporter of exclusively good-neighborly relations in general with any states. In the present situation, when the political situation is constantly changing, tell me how you manage to maintain these very good-neighborly relations?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

In general, if you pay attention, the world is complex around us. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus ... You see what events are taking place there. Moldova is constantly storming. In general, the former Soviet space is, in my opinion, somewhere in light, somewhere in heavy, somewhere in a protracted storm. It is difficult, of course, to survive, to be stable. The path of stability, in my opinion, is in two directions - internal stability and external stability. Let me remind you about three principles of state development: these are political stability, economic self-sufficiency and, as a result, social justice. What is political stability? This is the stability of an external factor. How to achieve stability of the external factor? B aggression? Not. Only by means of peace. This is the answer to your question. This is our goal and we are moving towards it. Internal stability is economic self-sufficiency. In addition, internal stability and economic self-sufficiency is in the stability and normal mutual work of all branches of government - the President, the legislative, executive and courts. This is internal stability, which will directly affect economic self-sufficiency. When we have political stability and economic self-sufficiency, then the principle of social justice will fully work. What are we building? Capitalism? No, i guess. Socialism? Also no. We are building a socially oriented state with market economy. Pay attention: this principle is not laid down even in the Constitution of Pridnestrovie. It was first voiced and approved by a presidential decree when approving the Development Strategy of our state.

We came to the conclusion that we must build a socially oriented state with a market economy. The state, as a business partner, must create conditions. The business must earn cash and pay taxes. We should spend everything we earn on people. Any object that is created in our state is for people. Only this way. Peacefulness is based on stability - internal and external. We must strive for this. Strive only by means of peace.

Irina Lyakhova, IA "Sputnik Moldova"

Pridnestrovie has set quarantine posts in connection with the pandemic. Then they reduced their number, agreed that they would continue to reduce. But I see the situation now, it is not developing in the best way in Pridnestrovie: today there are 93 people infected with COVID-19. Will you somehow react in the form of these posts to the situation? Will you reduce the number of quarantine posts between the two banks of the Dniester?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

Let's remember how the epidemiological situation developed - not in Pridnestrovie, but in Europe. The European Union is seemingly indestructible, and strong. But as soon as the pandemic captured the states of the European continent, everyone fled to their national apartments. What followed? This is the overlap of borders, and attempts to pull out elementary protection from each other, the same medicines, this is the lack of assistance to a neighbor. Somehow the mechanisms of common residence of the European continent, the European Union did not work. Naturally, as President, I did not think that this would not affect us. On the contrary, I was sure that it would overwhelm us too, and we would fight this pandemic. Even then, in January-February-March, I said that there are two models of the fight against coronavirus: Asian and European. The Asian model is characterized by tough offensiveness, while the European model assumes the absence of such offensiveness and strict adherence to quarantine. You can already see the results. If this problem was solved in Asia, then on the European continent the problem exists and will continue to multiply.

When the pandemic arose, knowing absolutely for sure that there would not be a line of people willing to help us, I said: dear Pridnestrovians, everything is in our hands, we should not rely on someone's help, we must act. The first reaction to the pandemic was an order from the President at the end of January this year to close borders for citizens of those non-CIS countries where the first outbreaks of coronavirus were detected. Then, on the second of March, we created the Operations Headquarters. By the middle of the month, they announced a state of emergency and set up quarantine posts.

What is a quarantine post? We have today the main posts - 16, peacekeeping posts that control the main cargo flows, passenger traffic, the movement of citizens. There are a lot of so-called "goat paths" that were not controlled by anyone. Some citizens used them: someone because it is more convenient, and someone - to, let's say, move something illegally. In order to exclude illegal and dangerous from the point of view of the spread of coronavirus movement in the pandemic, it was decided to set quarantine posts. At the same time, the main highways were preserved and were under control. The arriving citizens were tested, checked, recorded and written out the corresponding accompanying documents. Moldova turned it all into politics, accusing Pridnestrovie of the fact that these posts are political. Although I said that these are exclusively pandemic posts. Then we changed the border guards to militia officers, put on them the appropriate quarantine bandages. We gradually came to the conclusion that there was no need for such a number of posts, and only a part of them remained. As soon as the general epidemiological situation is stabilized, as soon as the incidence rates are minimized and equal between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, we will remove the remaining quarantine posts. But as you can see, the number of infected is increasing - both in Moldova, Ukraine, and in other states. According to WHO, the peak of the pandemic is now around the world, with the exception of Asian countries. A surge in morbidity has occurred in our country as well, as a result of the fact that the people "relaxed" a little. After a hard quarantine, we got sick one, two, three, maximum, ten people a day. People, apparently, decided that everything is already fine and that it is possible not to comply with quarantine restrictions, that everything will pass. I have repeatedly voiced a conceptual thought at meetings of the Operational Headquarters: the level of indulgence and the level of starting a business and our entire social life, including training, should be directly proportional to strict compliance with quarantine restrictions. We in Pridnestrovie, like the rest of the world, have entered a new phase of life - life with COVID-19 infection. We must learn to live with her: wash our hands, wear gloves, put on masks, not visit something somewhere, be careful, and so on.

Pridnestrovie responded to this challenge - the pandemic - in a timely manner. Not completely closing the borders, but restricting the arrival of foreigners from far abroad. Then the Operational Headquarters was created, mechanisms for dealing with the pandemic were developed. When we were already overwhelmed by this wave, there were sick people, an acute question arose before us: how to save doctors? The people must not only be protected, but also treated. Who will do it? Doctors. We had practically nothing - there were few disinfectants, little personal protection. It was then that the principle of self-sufficiency worked. We turned out to have the necessary material at the Tirotex factory, there are sewing associations - both state and private, and we were able to sew masks, make personal protective equipment, and made disinfectants ourselves. Until the moment when we began to acquire protection of the appropriate quality centrally, we were able to go through the first stage and protect doctors. I would like to note that ambulance doctors used our domestic protective equipment, and practically no one got sick. As an indicator - the Tiraspol ambulance service. In Bendery, unfortunately, they fell ill, went into quarantine, but not in large numbers. They did not get sick, because they observed the quarantine requirements and correctly used personal protective equipment.

Another solution is strict quarantine in Pridnestrovie. They stopped studying at schools, kindergartens, closed business institutions, markets, etc. It helped 100%. The incidence has been reduced. And now the second wave has actually begun. What is our way out? What should we do? Someone began to launch information on the network that from September 15, allegedly all restrictions on business, markets, visits, etc. will be returned. This is a categorical lie. Maybe this will happen. How should I know? I don't want to get ahead of myself two weeks. But today there are no such solutions. Today, I repeat, there is one solution - to quarantine enterprises where infection outbreak of coronavirus has been identified. Literally half an hour before the press conference, I asked to be given figures on quarantine, which was introduced for those enterprises where outbreaks of coronavirus infection were allowed. I will list them. JSC "Tirotex" - 190 people went into quarantine. Kindergarten No. 5 - 12 children and 3 employees. Kindergarten No. 46 - the group is closed (6 children and 3 employees). Tiraspoltransgaz - 19 people were sent to quarantine. Intercentrlux in Dubossary - 215 people were quarantined. Floare - a decision was made today - 340 employees were sent to quarantine. This is the measure we are taking in the fight against coronavirus infection. Not the closure, as it was in March and April, of the entire Pridnestrovie under quarantine, namely, point closure when foci of infection arise. If this does not work, then we will think about other stages.

The educational process begins from September 1. We launched kindergartens a little earlier, but there are already sick people in kindergartens. Children go to school on the 1st of September. A very difficult decision, frankly. Of course, the Government and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service have developed appropriate standards for organizing studies. I really didn’t want to replace our traditional full-time education with correspondence or distance learning. Therefore, it was decided to leave a number of disciplines in full-time education. These are the main subjects - mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian and foreign languages. The rest will be studied at a distance. There will be a combined approach to the educational process. This is the best option for today. Thus, we reduce the number of workload and hours for which students and teachers will be in educational institutions, we transfer schools to work either in two shifts, or leave them in one, if this is a small school, we make more changes, we take other forms of influence specifically on sanitary the state of educational institutions. In order to be able, if necessary, to fully provide distance learning, the state is currently purchasing two thousand computers. These are serious costs. Fiber optic runs to all schools to provide learning environments, not just "command". Of course, there will be roughnesses. They will criticize me as President, the Government, and the deputies. But I want to emphasize once again: we have never faced a pandemic. Therefore, all decisions are made "on the wheel", they are all new, require processing, testing and, of course, financial costs. We can do this. Do not even doubt it.

As for the quarantine. If an enterprise complies with quarantine, does not allow morbidity, it will work. If they behave negligently, they will be closed. Everything is in their hands. Late yesterday evening, for example, the chief sanitary doctor of the republic reported that the Floare factory in Benderн did not comply with quarantine. Nothing has been done to limit the spread of the coronavirus infection. Here's the result: they all went into quarantine for two weeks. Production stopped. Who is to blame for this? I think that in this situation, everyone bears personal responsibility. If you want to work, observe it. If you don't want to work, then break it. If you get sick, we will treat 100%, and the company will be out of work.

Speaking about the consequences of coronavirus, I will say that the state missed a lot of cash receipts, there was a drop in GDP, a drop in other economic indicators, and it bears serious spending on purchasing what is needed. The state spent about 140 million rubles to combat the pandemic and its consequences (compensation, etc.). Approximately 70 million is the purchase of protection, medicines, equipment, and the deployment of hospitals. Approximately 25 million is assistance to individual entrepreneurs. More than 40 million is a surcharge for medical workers and other workers who took part in the work of covid hospitals. We need about 150 million rubles for the second half of the year (taking into account the purchase of computers, fiber optics, appropriate lamps, protection, medicines, laboratory equipment). This is a serious amount. Totally, this is about 300 million rubles a year. We do not print, no one gives it to us. We can only depend on our planning and our budget. Therefore, we had to reduce our development funds. Unfortunately, we also reduced the Capital Investment Fund and did not launch a program for purchasing affordable housing for public sector employees. Nevertheless, we have achieved a lot. Regardless of the coronavirus, budget spending, thanks to the coordinated work of the government and the Supreme Council, we managed to stabilize. Although there was a lot of controversy, it was all for the first time - we passed an exam called "COVID-19". We passed it. There is a flash now. I assure you: we will overcome it. We will overcome this wave and stabilize the situation thanks to tough offensiveness. I want to warn everyone. Do not play with this infection, do not fall for provocateurs' conversations that there are no infections, there is no coronavirus, that all this was invented by some "Masonic lodges". There is an infection. Unfortunately, there are sick and dead people too. If anyone doubts, contact me, I will arrange, at least, an excursion, or I will give the opportunity to prove myself in the hospital, in the "red" zone, helping to treat our sick citizens.

Just before our conference, I spoke with the Minister of Health and gave instructions on the final calculation of our reserves. How many second-level hospitals we can deploy, for how many people?

The principle remains the same: we should treat all patients only in hospitals. We will follow this principle to the last. Home treatment endangers human life and health, this, firstly, and secondly, minimizes the quarantine factor, which is the reason for the further spread of coronavirus infection. No matter how difficult it is for us, no matter what costs we incur when thinking about human life, we follow the path of treatment only in hospitals. This principle will be maintained. Therefore, I hope for the responsibility of all citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Our destiny is in our hands. We must rely exclusively on ourselves and rely only on ourselves. Let's say thanks to those who will help. The Russian Federation gave polymerase chain reaction tests. Thanks. The World Health Organization has given individual protection equipment. Thanks. But in the basic component, we solved the problem on our own - either through our budget financing, or through the help of those who did not stand aside. This is the Sheriff company, the Interdnestrcom company, the Hi-tech company and many others, I will not list. All of them are marked, we have not forgotten about them. So we will continue to live, and then we'll see.

Natalia Pilshchikova, TSV:

Vadim Nikolaevich, it became clear from your answer that you assess the strategy of our actions since the beginning of the pandemic as correct. We also see it all. Our experts say that the second wave has come, although they seemed to have waited a little later. What will happen next? What will be the requirements - not instantly, but strategically? This also applies to medical and economic aspects.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

Here I would separate actions to combat the coronavirus and actions from an economic perspective. As for the economy, I will express my opinion: at first, the whole world was shocked. It was shock therapy. All were quiet and all gathered, as they say. They closed the markets and so on. Of course, everyone suffered greatly from this. We are an export-oriented state, and the markets stopped accepting our products and stopped sending certain components to our address for the manufacture of products. But as we began to live in the pandemic, the whole world began to live in the pandemic. I am convinced that all markets will recover, no matter how difficult, no matter what wave, the markets will recover. People need to eat, dress, and so on. Still, I have a forecast for economic recovery even in the pandemic. The shock that everyone received is over. Of course, they coped with it in different ways, but they got used to it and came to the realization that life does not stop there, that it is necessary to somehow build relationships. Therefore, I am making very cautious forecasts for the stabilization of economic relations between Pridnestrovie and the rest of the world, which, naturally, will stabilize our indicators. I hope so.

As for the strategy of our actions to combat the coronavirus, in principle, I have already outlined it. This is the offensive position of the state in the form of compliance with quarantine measures and quarantine requirements. This, of course, is the closure of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, where foci of the disease will be identified. This is a revision of the corridor for the departure of our citizens to Moldova. We are already working on this. We will reduce the mass of permits that we previously gave to travel to a neighboring state. As the figures show, the day before yesterday, out of the total number of identified patients, there were five who returned from Turkey, from rest, before that there were three patients who returned from Turkey, before that from Ukraine, before that from Moldova, before that from the Russian Federation ... I would advise citizens not to travel without special need. Be careful, be more conscious. If you are not worried about yourself, worry about your loved one. Think that the state will treat you. By the way, we have a principled position on the treatment of coronavirus patients and diagnostics. We do everything for free. All diagnostics, all treatment and everything else connected with it. Unfortunately, people probably get tired, want to change the picture and leave the borders of Pridnestrovie. I would not recommend it. So far we do not make a decision on a complete ban on leaving, but we'll see. If the situation worsens, we will take other, tougher measures, do not even doubt it. I can say this openly in order to exclude all possible speculations. So far, no decisions on complete quarantine have been made, but if the situation worsens, of course we will take. We will be obliged to do this. But it all depends on ourselves, on compliance with quarantine requirements, mask regime and everything else.

Tatiana Batueva, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

We have already said that Pridnestrovie spends colossal money on the fight against coronavirus. You named this figure. The Capital Investment Fund was reduced and priorities differently distributed. How will we proceed further? What will happen to the Capital Investment Fund, what will we spend the money on, will we build further in these conditions, in the context of the pandemic?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

The capital investment fund, like many state programs, is a development fund. No matter how difficult it is, no matter what conditions this or that state is, it is impossible to think about the future without development funds.

Based on the consolidated position of the President, the Government and the Supreme Council, the Capital Investment Fund program was launched in 2018. It worked successfully in 2018, 2019, it would also work successfully in 2020 and 2021, if it were not for this crisis, which is associated with coronavirus infection. I will focus on some numbers. I don’t like to give figures at our conferences, but they are necessary on this issue. Totally, during the current period of time, we managed to repair 53 preschool educational institutions for the amount of 45 million rubles, which is 34% of the total number of all kindergartens. It is a lot or a little. First, it is according to the necessity. There were kindergartens that simply collapsed, the roof collapsed, windows, etc. We have repaired something that simply could not be delayed in this part. We did what was necessary to the maximum. 70 schools were repaired for an amount of 81 million during this period. Moreover, the renovation is not just "whitewashed and painted", it is the roof, windows, internal contents: the kitchen, the gym, the assembly hall. Technical schools and colleges - 10. Special correctional educational institutions: repaired or built 12 new facilities. I will focuse on this in more detail.

I have always been against the isolation of those people who, according to their physical characteristics, cannot, as it seemed, be part of society, that is, people with disabilities. 2018 was declared the Year of Equal Opportunities, that is, we declared that, regardless of their social status, their physical capabilities, all people are equal. This was the main principle, the main concept of this issue. I am glad that Alexander Martynov, Alexander Korshunov took up this idea, and then we announced investments, the construction of new facilities for people with special needs. At the end of the year, we continued this movement forward. We have built or overhauled 12 of these 13 correctional institutions. Almost everything.

Let me give you an example, just yesterday we opened the second stage of sports facility for people with disabilities in Bendery. Previously, they worked in the basement, many simply could not get there again due to their physical ability. Now it is a very convenient, comfortable, light, functional sports center, where you can apply yourself, first of all, go in for sports and be a part of society. We will open a large sports center for people with disabilities in Tiraspol in the first days after the Republic Day. I invite everyone to visit this facility. It is unique. These are gyms, libraries, a canteen and offices for people who have poor vision and hearing, for people with disabilities with musculoskeletal disorders. This is a big move forward. People with disabilities say that there are no such complexes in Moldova and Ukraine. Maybe there are in Russia, but they don't know about it. There is in Pridnestrovie. We have been building it for over two years, have invested a lot of money - millions of rubles. The result is worthy. Nice to see and not ashamed in front of these people. It used to be a shame. I admit honestly: when I visited visually impaired people, it was bitter and embarrassing to see what conditions they are in. We somehow forgot about these people who need help in the first place. In the same year we will hand over the second stage of the school, which is located in Tiraspol in Pravda Street. It was the initiative of the PMR Government, together with the state administrator, to make a specialized educational institution for children who suffer from musculoskeletal problems. We are opening a large center in Dubossary for children who suffer from cerebral palsy. A little, in my opinion, up to 100-120 children can be received by this center, but it is necessary. When I meet these children, they are like suns, absolutely truthful, honest, open and frank. I look at parents who did not take them to some kind of shelter, orphanage. They study with them every day, dedicated themselves to them. Think about it. I'll tell you, not everyone will understand and master this. And what, forget them too? The financial resources that we have allocated for three years (and this is 74 million rubles) have been directed to these objects, for these people, these children. These are all funds of the Capital Investment Fund. Even in the context of the pandemic, we fundamentally kept these facilities in the 2020 program in order to complete and launch. We left money for the implementation of this idea in order to put an end to these objects becoming accessible and convenient for living and socializing people who need help.

Houses of culture were repaired - for 24 million rubles, sports facilities - for 30 million. I will not talk about it. They have already been opened. The infrastructure was also repaired: we are talking about water supply, sewerage, gas supply, electrification of Pridnestrovie. The total cost of water supply for this period of time - this is repair and construction of new networks - amounted to 135 million rubles. 26 million of these are for rural areas. We have installed electricity grids for 12 million, of which 6 million in rural areas. We spent approximately 10 million rubles for additional gas supply. 66 million was spent for construction of park areas. This is also the Capital Investment Fund. Remember, 2-3 years ago, while approving the Development Strategy of our state, we said that every vacant lot, every dump should become a convenient place for rest. Many looked at it as propaganda. Today it is already a reality. Former landfills have become recreation areas, former vacant lots have become beautiful parks in many cities, in many districts. I will not list them, I want to focus on one, which we will open soon, literally on the first of September. This is the Catherine Park. Today we opened the colonnade, the entry group to Tiraspol from Bendery. What was the idea? Why was this style chosen? Anyone should be proud of their history and develop it. Bendery has its own history. This is a fortress, a change of eras, generations - it is clearly presented. Rashkovo, Kamenka - have their own history. Tiraspol has its own history, but we only talked about it. They talked about the fortress, but no one saw it, except that some were just looking at the model in the museum. They talked about the creation of the city by Catherine and Suvorov, about the soldiers of the Catherine era, about the history of Tiraspol in the context of the Russian Empire ... They just said, it was all in theory. They could not see or feel. The idea of ​​creating a complex called "Ekaterininsky Park" was born, which in essence will become a tourist attraction for residents of Pridnestrovie and for foreign citizens, our guests.

As for the guests. There were times when everyone tried to please foreigners so that foreigners would come and be surprised. I don’t want that. I want Pridnestrovians to be surprised. To make it interesting for us to live here. I assure you, when we like it, everyone else will.

Today I will outline the meaning of those objects and structures of the Catherine Park. Pay attention: the square, the monument to Suvorov and the monument to Catherine, which we will open on September 1, the triumphal arch ... The action is embodied in this combination: then Field Marshal Suvorov on horseback through the triumphal arch goes to Catherine the Great with a report on the formation of the Middle Fortress and the city of Tiraspol. Here's the action. This is our history. Wide, beautiful, magnificent. There are two grenadiers of the musketeer company in the arch who founded and defended the city of Tiraspol. What do you see on the right and left sides? These are yellow stripes in the paving slabs. These are miles of development and formation of the city of Tiraspol. Versts of time end with verst posts. On the right side is the history of the Russian Empire in the history of Pridnestrovie, and on the left is the history of the Soviet Union and Pridnestrovie. Two eras. History of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and modern Pridnestrovie. What unites them? People. The multinational Pridnestrovian people who live in this territory. This tile, which everyone criticized, these national patterns are, in essence, a symbol of the Pridnestrovian people, which is united by history, who, regardless of all the vicissitudes, lived and lives here. This ornament combines traditions, cultures, customs of representatives of all nationalities living in the territory of Pridnestrovie. How was this to be explained six months or a year ago? There was no need to explain to anyone. It was necessary to do, show and come to this. Fortress. They talked a lot about the fortress. It is understandable in Bendery. Tiraspol fortress. The idea of ​​creating a model of the fortress came up. I am convinced that this will be one of the central places to visit. There are no such models of fortresses anywhere in the post-Soviet space and, probably, you will not find such a form anywhere in the world. Everyone can come and see with their own eyes how the city of Tiraspol began - from which barracks, which structures, which first temple was built here.

Naturally, any park should be made convenient for visiting. These are park green areas, benches, lanterns. This is a sports complex that has already been commissioned, this is a rollerdrome. I hope we will launch the "Miracle City" - a large gaming center - for the Day of the City of Tiraspol. And everything else. This is the fountain square, these are the fountains themselves. This is convenience, beauty.

What are people born for? It seems to me that God laid it down, not to make someone bad or some kind of dirty trick. In no case. People are born for beauty. In order to make at least someone good, happier at least someone, to make life better and more beautiful. This is the main idea. Sometimes, of course, people, living their lives, become embittered. There are different circumstances. You can't blame anyone. Then people forget what they were born for. We must return to this. Nobody except us will make life better and more interesting in Pridnestrovie.

Let’s return to the Capital Investment Fund. How without it? We left objects in the program that needed completion in 2020. These are socially oriented objects. These are healthcare facilities, 34 of which we have already repaired. Next year, we will also form the program of the Capital Investment Fund, albeit in a truncated version. We will form it in principle. What will remain on the agenda? These are, of course, medical facilities - medical and obstetric stations, hospitals, polyclinics. These are schools, kindergartens as needed and other facilities. We will discuss all this with the Supreme Council and the Government. There will be expenditures on infrastructure, water disposal, power grids, heating networks. How without it? There will be collapse without this, dead end. We must develop. Live in development. Movement is life. It cannot be otherwise.

Anna Turchenko, News of Pridnestrovie news agency

Experts are talking about the onset of the second wave of coronavirus in many European countries. Quarantine restrictions remain and special norms and regulations for work in these conditions for educational institutions have been developed in Pridnestrovie. Can we be sure that these measures will be able to protect children from becoming ill with a new virus, which is very dangerous, will there be a repeat of the spring scenario, when all kindergartens and schools were closed for quarantine?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I can say right away, dear Pridnestrovians, that we will not save everyone from contracting coronavirus infection. Unfortunately. There are already facts of the disease in kindergartens. This must be borne in mind and the further development of such a scenario must be assumed. To reduce the risk of morbidity, appropriate decisions are made, including in terms of limiting the number of lessons, excluding any parent meetings and teachers' councils in schools. Everything is remote. Even celebratory assembly will be held only for the first and eleventh grades, subject to the corresponding restrictions. Then we'll see. Of course, if there is an outbreak at school, we will first quarantine one class. If this outbreak spreads, even minimally, the entire school will be quarantined. Everyone should be ready for this. There are no other options.

I don’t undertake to predict what will happen in spring. One thing I can say: this year the coronavirus will remain. In what expression and quantity - we'll see.

Nikita Kondratov, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

You have already said that Pridnestrovie, like the whole world, is experiencing a crisis because of the pandemic. But if you look from the other side, then the crisis is new opportunities. If we recall the history, when the European Union began to reduce trade ties with Russia, domestic production began to develop in the Russian Federation. Are there any positive aspects from this crisis in Pridnestrovie? Is there any growth in our areas of production?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

Before the pandemic, I set the task of ensuring economic self-sufficiency before the PMR Government of the Supreme Council. The pandemic prompted everyone who doubted it. Any crisis phenomenon - spontaneous, like a drought and lack of rain in Pridnestrovie, the pandemic, like coronavirus infection, or economic state - the state that has a self-sufficiency factor, is able to survive and minimize losses. The pandemic has confirmed the need to strive for self-sufficiency - in all areas of our state. There is a perspective. For example, agriculture. In addition to the pandemic, agriculture was also hit hard. Old-timers do not remember such a drought since 1946. Let me remind you that in 46-47 of the last century there was a drought and famine. People were dying of hunger. We had no rain from July 2019 to August 2020. This is a catastrophe. Our trees are drying up, not to mention wheat. There is no "under-skin" water, it is gone. Plus frosts on the soil, which also negatively affected the harvested crop. For the first time since the existence of Pridnestrovie in 2019, the export of agricultural products exceeded the export of electricity. It says a lot. Of course, we do not receive as much taxes and income from the export of agricultural products, but this is a trend. A very positive trend. Yes, we are an industrial state. But we are an agro-industrial state. We have a very good agro-industrial complex, lands and the ability to turn these lands into income for the state. 2019 is an indicator of that. This year we have harvested only a third of the grain. Cereals, maize, stone fruit plantations suffered greatly. Those who took advantage of our irrigation proposal were saved. We, of course, have little irrigated land. Now we are talking about the fact that irrigation is also necessary for grain groups - for wheat, rapeseed, corn, and so on. So much for risky farming, drought. Agriculture is faced with the task of self-sufficiency, food supply capacity for our republic. This is the first principle. The second principle of agricultural development is, of course, the development of territories. It is impossible to separate these principles. As well as the third principle - rural tourism, but this is a separate topic for conversation.

It is impossible to imagine a self-sufficient rural area without developed infrastructure, convenient roads, gas, electricity, drainage, kindergarten, schools, houses of culture, sports facilities. A third of the population lives in rural areas On the territory of our republic. We need to create jobs, we need to follow the Development Strategy of Pridnestrovie, so that a person is happy to gain a foothold in the fertile Pridnestrovian land, working in the village and at the same time not thinking about where to educate the child, where to bring up, where to go in for sports. Of course, rural tourism, as well as urban tourism.

I am convinced that everything is within our power. I have already read the numbers - how many power grids have been installed, how many lights have been installed in the streets of our rural settlements, how much additional gas and water have been installed. How is the village without water? It's hard to imagine. I have a question. There was Soviet power - a powerful state, but why didn't they bring water to the villages? They spent in some, and then they themselves plundered, when the owner was gone, there was a transition period. Now we are, of course, rebuilding. There is no need to take the state by the throat and demand an immediate solution to all problems. Gradually everything is decided. The corresponding programs are working. As far as water disposal is concerned, the government has already sent me a program for the Capital Investment Fund. Much attention has been paid there to the development of the water supply and sewerage system in rural areas. There is no way without water.

We will also develop a network of feldsher obstetric stations in rural areas next year. Not everywhere, of course, where there is a need for it. This is a feldsher obstetric station - a comfortable, convenient module, where you can measure blood pressure, receive any small procedure, give an injection and wait for an ambulance.

Speaking of industrial self-sufficiency, this is our entire industrial potential. This is a small, medium, large business. This is also a network of preferential loans for development. We can talk about the food industry - an interesting direction in the field of agro-industrial production. We must, in any case, strive for exceptional self-sufficiency. If we take a time period of three years, there is a good indicator in animal husbandry, in stone fruit plantations, in viticulture. Regarding the issue of irrigation, this is a joint work of the state and the entrepreneur. The state must build stations and bring the highway to objects - fields. All the rest are agricultural producers. When they receive loans, they must develop their internal network at their own expense. Everyone takes this form.

I would like to note the fact that recently we have dozens of refrigeration complexes. If earlier apples and vegetables were harvested and sold immediately, as they say "from the wheels," now there is an opportunity to store them in appropriate refrigerators and sell them when they become more expensive, sending them for export, including to the Russian Federation. I went around these objects. All of them were built using concessional lending. The interest rate - 3-4% - is very beneficial for the agricultural producer. If there were no such concessional lending, there would not be this result. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, it is necessary to increase the volume of concessional lending.

Irina Davydenko, Press Service of the PMR Supreme Council   

How do you assess the work of the Supreme Council, including in the current difficult conditions (drought, economic crisis, pandemic) and are you satisfied with the interaction with the work of deputies of the Supreme Council?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I am satisfied with the work of the Supreme Council, the chairman and deputies. I see a well-coordinated work. I see opinions that sometimes run counter to the opinion of the Government and the President. These are working moments. We have no conceptual, strategic disagreements. We are one mechanism. Truth is born in a dispute. I listened to everyone, and thanks to different opinions, weighed and correct decisions were made.

This year is elective. The number of deputies has decreased. This is objective - from 43 to 33. I think the people will speak out. They will come to the polls and choose the worthy ones.

Tatiana Batueva, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

I would like to talk more about our doctors. This year, a number of categories received state supplements. Including those who work in COVID hospitals received co-payments. This is significant support. How are we going to develop medicine further, what can doctors expect?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

As for development of medicine, this is the concept of health care itself, which is based on many positions. The first position is the material and technical base. This includes everything: hospitals, clinics, medical and obstetrical station, ambulance services - all logistical. We live in the 21st century, and the internal component of healthcare itself must correspond to this. We must make a comfortable place not so much for the patient as for doctors. A bed is not just an armored bed and a mattress. This is a functional place, convenient for being in medical facility.

The second point, of course, is personnel. We have a medical faculty that trains the appropriate personnel at PSU. There are secondary specialized educational institutions. They must teach our children based on the needs of medicine. This is the main concept. We must assign graduates to medical institutions.

With regards to increasing the pay, we have already taken a few steps forward. Certain categories of doctors have already received allowances, and those who worked in coronavirus hospitals at the first, second and third levels also received them. We will continue to do so in the future. Next year, we have previously discussed this with the PMR Government and the Supreme Council, we still count on improving the salaries of all medical workers.

Another important point is the provision of housing. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have curtailed the program of providing affordable housing for public sector employees, but the presidential program to eliminate unfinished construction continues. Let me remind you that last year we commissioned 6 residential buildings, more than 400 apartments. 3 residential buildings in Komsomolskaya street of the capital, 2 buildings in Benderskaya street in Tiraspol, 1 building in Bendery. This year we will open one house each in Slobodzeya, Bendery, Grigoriopol. Next year we have plans to complete construction in Tiraspol, Bendery and Rybnitsa. There are 5-6 objects. The most important principle is that this housing is inexpensive, so that a two-room apartment will cost at the rate of 6-7 thousand USD. Everyone is provided with a preferential loan in PMR rubles without recalculations at the dollar exchange rate - in such a way that they can pay off the loan from their salary at 800-1200 rubles a month. You can also pay immediately. Totally, we plan to build 15-17 houses by the end of next year.

Returning to medicine. After the Republic Day, I will gather all interested persons - the Government, the Supreme Council, chief doctors - and we will finally consider the draft Concept for the development of healthcare in the PMR from the point of view of strategic planning.

Vadim Gachkov, the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel

Is the issue of possibility of introducing medical insurance with a full package of free medical care for the PMR citizens being considered?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

This issue will be included to the agenda of health care reform. Today I would not rush to make this decision. We have examples from Moldova, the Russian Federation and other countries where these reforms have passed and health insurance has been introduced. Practice has shown: it was in the fight against the pandemic that this insurance did not always work. We do not have health insurance, but we work in the pandemic and successfully treat our citizens. Let me remind you that medical insurance is an additional tax burden on people. That is, introducing medical insurance, we must fix this tax in relation to citizens. We are already obliged, and here the insurance law itself will oblige us to treat any disease in Pridnestrovie. In the conditions of the financial crisis, in the conditions of the budget, this is impossible today. We are obliged to comply with the Constitution, all laws, according to which many forms of medical care are already free. I will give as an example some of them, exclusive and very expensive. We provided 128 disabled people with prostheses for about 12 million rubles at the expense of the budget during 2017-2019. This work was suspended for obvious reasons, but this norm will be continued in subsequent years in 2020. Another example is the treatment of our citizens with heart diseases (acute coronary syndrome). All citizens suffering from this syndrome, according to our agreement with Chisinau, are sent there to paid clinics, receive appropriate treatment, which costs approximately 30 thousand lei. Last year, we saved about 150 citizens from death thanks to this program. This year, somewhere in the same amount. At the expense of the budget. Therefore, the main principle - availability of medicine and its free - for citizens is observed to the extent possible.

Of course, we are trying to equip all our clinics with appropriate medicines and equipment. To be honest, it does not always work, because there are certain difficulties in this regard. Now the pandemic has happened. As I already said, all diagnostics, treatment, nutrition of coronavirus patients are exclusively funded by the budget. By the way, with regard to nutrition: we have tripled the allowance for this category of patients in order to maintain immunity, etc. So it is unlikely that something will change dramatically because we will suddenly introduce paid medicine. If I see significant positive changes, I will probably be a supporter. Not yet. I want to listen to all specialists, chief doctors, find out how they feel about this issue, and by listening to them, we will make appropriate decisions.

Alexander Karasev, newspaper "Pridnestrovie"

Vadim Nikolaevich, as President, are you satisfied with implementation of the Development Strategy of our state for 2019-2026?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

Thanks for the question. I will tell you frankly that I would probably like more. I always want more, but there is movement, I am satisfied with the movement forward, I am satisfied that I have managed to achieve and realize a lot. There are good plans, but you want more - in principle, like any normal person. I am a maximalist and I am convinced that everything that is included in the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy for 8 years is absolutely realizable. Only 2 years have passed. All 8 years will pass, and we will sum up the results.

Ekaterina Poshelyuk, Press Service of the PMR Ministry of Defense 

According to the opinion poll, the transformation of the army's image in the eyes of the public has been very noticeable over the past 3 years, and the transformations that have begun and are continuing now have made it possible to maximize the level of public confidence in the armed forces. In your opinion, what steps in this direction were the most successful, how do you see the army in the future as one of the main institutions of society?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President

I am familiar with these indicators, with the data of opinion polls. 90% of the population of our republic believe that the statement "A strong army is a strong state" is absolutely correct. But a strong army cannot be imagined without internal discipline, without normal material and technical supply, without ideology. Let's start gradually. What was paramount, we did - suppressed all kinds of bullying, imposing discipline in the armed forces. How did we proceed? We changed the philosophy of conscript service, replacing it with a working day, that is, every young man comes to the service in the morning, leaves in the evening. The pandemic, of course, has made its own adjustments here, but this is all absolutely solvable, not fatal. The system works. This, in fact, reduced hazing to a minimum. We went further - we allowed all students during the period of military service to continue their studies at PSU at the correspondence department, while this year of study is paid by the state - regardless of whether a soldier-student is studying on budget basis or on a commercial basis. This is also a big plus. The next moment is combat and physical training. The Army Sports Club was formed in 2017, as much as possible all military personnel are involved in sports - both in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the Ministry of Defense. I believe that the one who wears the uniform should be fit, resilient and, naturally, fulfill functional duties. We have significantly increased the amount of combat training in the armed forces. This also applies to tank forces, and artillery, and infantry, and communications, and special units. We must strive for such a variant of the development of our army, so that it is mobile, disciplined, comfortable and, naturally, functional while defending our state. We are people of the world, I have said this many times, but we will not allow anyone to kill people on our territory with impunity, I can tell you for sure.

Another important aspect is housing. Last year we rented out a house for the Ministry of Defense. It is necessary, of course, to talk about material incentives for servicemen and the further creation of comfortable conditions in military camps and barracks. This year we have allocated a certain amount from the Capital Investment Fund, construction of barracks is underway, which practically did not exist. We got the barracks, do you know in what form? Panel houses made of plywood, which still had stove heating. Well, where does that go? Is this the 21st century? Such a barracks on the territory of a military town in Tiraspol has been demolished, a capital structure is being built, where servicemen can normally perform service and feel comfort and convenience during service. All this is a complex of measures. But without internal discipline, without ideology, everything would be in vain. Therefore, I would put these factors at the forefront - discipline and ideology. Everything else is, in principle, a consequence.

Dear colleagues, dear Pridnestrovians. You know, some questions are repeated from conference to conference. This is normal. Years go by. We are already 30 years old, almost a third of a century. Think about these numbers. Those young people who were born here in Pridnestrovie are already 30 years old, they already have their own children, who were also born here in Pridnestrovie. A certain period of time will pass, and there will be grandchildren. And it pleases. That is, as I said earlier, epochs change, but the people remain. The present era - the era of the PMR, which is 30 years old - it continues the era of the Soviet Union, the era of the Russian Empire ... We respect the achievements, successes, victories of all our ancestors. We honor the history of both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, we honor our own history - the history of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, which has already taken place. Do not doubt that we will be recognized. But only open, democratic, successful, strong and self-sufficient are recognized. Losers are not recognized. And our striving forward, our strategy is based precisely on this concept, on the concept of development. All our successes, any of our construction are very nervously perceived by our enemies, because they understand perfectly well: the better we look, the better we cope with problems, and, independently, the less arguments they will have, the less they will be able to offer us ... Therefore, I aim both myself, and the Government, and the Supreme Council, and the entire people of Pridnestrovie at creation, at peace, at development. Absolutely everything is within our power. If we want something, we will come to it, and we want it. No matter how difficult it is, we must move forward, not listen to anyone, do everything with our own hands, rely only on ourselves.

It's difficult, of course. 30 years in conditions of unrecognition is a mockery of the people, which became hostage to the treacherous position of the former leaders of the Soviet Union and the Union republics. We must respect and understand the people living here. The politicians who betrayed the general principles led everything to war, they are not worth a little finger of any citizen of our state. I am grateful to the people for the creation of Pridnestrovie, for participation in the life of Pridnestrovie, for the desire to live and create further. On the eve of the holiday, I would like to wish everyone health, stability, further success, creativity and peace - peace to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.