The Message of the PMR President to State Authorities and Administration

Dear Colleagues. It has become a tradition: every year, starting in 2017, the President sets tasks for the state authorities and administration for the current period. The main tasks have been set for eight years with creation of the Development Strategy of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. There is a need to set goals for the current year.

The past 2020, of course, made adjustments to the work of the President, the Government, and the life of the entire Pridnestrovie. This was due to a number of factors. The first factor in the world is the coronavirus pandemic. Frankly, I am satisfied with the work of the officials involved in the fight against the pandemic. I am grateful to all doctors, employees of the internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, citizens, volunteers, patrons, officials - everyone who contributed to building a mechanism to counter the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and, of course, treatment of patients. First of all, these are doctors, of course. They are on the front lines, saving people.

The second factor is foreign policy. The year was very difficult. Elections of deputies of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic have passed. There were electoral processes in Moldova. Now everything is stabilized, and I hope for normal active work on the outer perimeter, including with the participation of the Supreme Council.

The third point is drought. It also influenced the internal mechanisms, the economy of the republic, foreign exchange balances, and so on. Our agricultural producers and the economy as a whole have suffered. Nevertheless, thanks to the developed measures of the Supreme Council and the Government, the implemented mechanisms, were able to provide effective assistance to everyone who suffered losses due to drought on the territory of our state. In addition, the Russian Federation provided assistance to those agricultural producers who actually suffered losses due to drought on the territory of our republic.

No matter how difficult it was, we moved forward, did not stop. We have implemented the Capital Investment Fund program. We have built the work of the system of state power and administration bodies. We did not stand still - this is the most important thing. There was no stagnation. Maybe it would be beneficial and convenient to blame everything on an external factor, on the pandemic, on electoral processes, and so on, and only talk about this. We did not follow the path of the weak. We took the path of being rational and strong, not blaming the failures on some problematic circumstances, but implementing what was outlined in early 2020. The tasks that were then assigned to the state authorities and administration were almost fully fulfilled. If something is not fulfilled or is partially fulfilled, then there are objective reasons for this. No matter how difficult it is, we are following the path of implementing the Development Strategy of our state. Let me remind you that the main principles of the development of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic are political stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice. An ideology has been formed and clearly expressed, consisting of three basic elements. The first is to strengthen the independence of the PMR with a focus on gaining international recognition and implementing the results of the 2006 referendum. The second is the continuation of the formation of the “Pridnestrovian people” community, which includes representatives of various nationalities, ethnic groups and is based on the preservation and development of languages, cultures, customs and traditions. The third is building a socially oriented state with a market economy. So, it would seem, a little, but about everything. Therefore, all the tasks that will be announced today will absolutely coincide and develop precisely these principles and our idea, the idea of ​​our state - ultimately about building a socially oriented state with a market form of economy, where the traditions of the people, languages, people of different nationalities and go to independence, independence of our republic.

Before proceeding to the formulation of tasks for the bodies of state power and administration, I would like to focus on a number of important points that cover the organization of the work of all branches of Government. The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the strengthening of the vertical of management in all ministries and departments, in all branches of Government, formation of normal relations between the chief and the subordinate. It is very important. The second point is the strict observance of the performing discipline. We are talking about the interaction between the state authorities and management, timely responses and timely decisions. Naturally, we are also talking about the legal consideration of all applications of citizens that come to the name of officials. I point to this constantly and demand from myself and from my subordinates. Nothing will change in this regard. On this basis, I would ask the Prosecutor's Office of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic to check the work of officials along the entire vertical of power: how officials and heads of certain divisions personally consider applications of citizens and participate in decision-making. It is very important. Contacts between people and leaders must be constant. The coronavirus pandemic should in no way disrupt this contact. The third thing I would like to draw your attention to is the normal interaction between all branches of Government. Yes, of course, the truth is born in an argument. I have spoken about this many times. At the same time, I want to see normal interaction for one thing - to achieve a result.

In addition, 2021 has been declared the Year of Youth in the republic. I think the main goal is to hold a number of bright events that will really support our youth. Today we will hear more about this from the Minister of Education, ask questions and come to a common denominator in terms of setting goals.

One more thing: this year there are two outstanding events in terms of electoral processes. The first is the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. There are citizens who have a Russian passport in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, they have always been active participants in the electoral processes of the Russian Federation, they also elected the State Duma deputies, who then defended the interests of the people of Pridnestrovie in the State Duma of Russia. Therefore, naturally, the CEC will interact with all bodies of state power and administration. It is necessary to prepare the elections of the deputies of the State Duma of Russia on the territory of Pridnestrovie. In addition, in December this year, elections for the President of our state will be held in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, which is probably the main event from the point of view of electoral processes, given that the republic is presidential. Therefore, I ask that the elections be held in a democratic, open and competitive manner, so that a worthy person will lead Pridnestrovie in the future.

Let's move on to the tasks of state authorities and administration.

In the foreign policy (to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

1. To promote the stable functioning of all levels of the negotiation process on the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian settlement, including preventing attempts to destroy the "5 + 2" format. Here's what I would like to add to this. The question and tasks are perfectly clear and understandable. Unfortunately, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the "5 + 2" format did not meet last year, the working groups were poorly represented in terms of interaction to address specific issues. The questions remained on the agenda, in the "Berlin +" protocols and other protocols. All the questions are clear and understandable. Citizens from both the left and right banks are waiting for implementation, as they directly affect the lives of ordinary people. Just yesterday I had a meeting with Mr Neukirch (Head of the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova), during which we came to a common understanding that neither the coronavirus nor any electoral processes should freeze or stop the negotiation process. It needs to be developed. Therefore, the task for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to make every effort to unfreeze the work of the format and negotiations.

In addition, Vitaly Viktorovich, I would like to draw your attention to the work of the JCC. Facilitate the work of the Joint Control Commission to stabilize and prevent any attempts to question Russia's peacekeeping mission on the banks of the Dniester. The peacekeeping mission of Russia on the banks of the Dniester is the guarantor and foundation of the negotiation process. The negotiation process will be under attack based on existing practice without peacekeeping.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to apply political and diplomatic measures to prevent and minimize negative elements of pressure from the Republic of Moldova.

3. To contribute to the expansion of existing and establishment of new socio-cultural, socio-humanitarian and trade and economic contacts with the regions of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Europe.

4. To promote the strengthening of Russian-Pridnestrovian interaction through civil society institutions and public organizations with an emphasis on protecting the rights of compatriots and Russian citizens in Pridnestrovie.

5. Continue to work to strengthen the representation of the PMR on authoritative international platforms by informing about Pridnestrovie, the republic's right to self-determination and independence, the prerequisites for the formation and development of Pridnestrovian statehood.

5. Through the Official Representation of the PMR in the capital of the Russian Federation, continue work in the field of protecting the rights and interests of the PMR citizens living in the Russian Federation.

6. Continue systematic work to expand the number of grounds for obtaining Russian citizenship by residents of Pridnestrovie in a simplified manner, obtaining Russian maternity capital, medical insurance by Russian citizens living in the PMR, and obtaining the status of a “Russian-Pridnestrovian university” for the Pridnestrovian State University.

These issues have long been on the agenda and, naturally, those deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who are elected from Pridnestrovie should contribute to their advancement for further resolution. In addition, of course, it is necessary to use all possible contacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, senators of the Russian Federation and other officials to achieve a result in terms of solving the tasks set.

In the defense (to the Ministry of Defense)

1. Take appropriate measures to strengthen military discipline, improve the combat and ideological training of servicemen, including through regular military and training sessions. In principle, this task is constant, it has never changed. All is clear.

2. To continue and expand the practice of organizing conscript service for military personnel according to the "working day" system. Nothing has changed here either, except that due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to temporarily suspend the “working day” mechanism, and the servicemen have been at the barracks practically since March. A decision was made in the course of the recent meeting of the Operational Headquarters, to allow the dismissal of servicemen under responsibility of the commanders - as it was before. In the future, this system needs to be developed so that every young person can repay a debt to the state, but at the same time he is close to home. This is very important from the point of view of our regional position. The fact that this directly affects discipline is a matter of course.

3. Within the framework of available opportunities, provide support to conscripts who are students and can continue their studies by correspondence at the Pridnestrovian State University. I would like to draw your attention to the following: in no case should there be any initiative of these or those commanders or chiefs who would put sand in the wheels to young people regarding their studies at the university. This will be severely punished.

4. Monitor and fully utilize funds for repair and construction work through the Capital Investment Fund, which involves the repair of barracks and other facilities of the Ministry of Defense.


In the state security (MGB)

1. To intensify and continue counterintelligence measures aimed at identifying, preventing and suppressing the activities of special services of foreign states and organizations aimed at causing damage to the security of the republic.

2. To improve the complex of measures aimed at obtaining proactive information about the intentions and plans of opponents of the Pridnestrovian statehood, both outside and inside the republic.

3. Carry out control and verification measures in the executive bodies of the PMR state power and organizations aimed at identifying shortcomings and violations of the requirements of legislative acts in the sphere of protecting state secrets.

4. Within the framework of the activities of the Operational Headquarters for Combating Terrorism, take measures to improve the joint actions of the forces and assets of the Operational Headquarters, including during training of operational groups in cities and regions to implement the plan of priority measures and tactical-special exercises.

5. To carry out measures to improve the protection of the PMR state border in terms of:

- improving the material and technical equipment of border checkpoints;

- provision of uniforms, footwear and property necessary for carrying out the border service;

- increasing the level of professional and ethical culture of behavior of servicemen who ensure border control.

6. Carry out the implementation of the state information and scientific and technical policy in the field of ensuring information security of the PMR, including using existing and introduction of new engineering and technical and cryptographic means, checking the compliance of the electronic signature means and the means of the certification center of applicants with the security requirements of the relevant protection class.


In the law enforcement (Ministry of Internal Affairs)

1. Conduct measures to increase the level of satisfaction with the activities of the PMR internal affairs bodies based on the study of citizens' opinions (sociological polls and media monitoring).

2. Take measures to reduce the number of unjustified detentions by promptly collecting data confirming or refuting the involvement of persons in the commission of crimes.

3. To take the measures provided for by the current legislation of the PMR to ensure the legality of admission, consideration and decision-making on applications from citizens and organizations.

4. Monitor the spending of the Capital Investment Fund for 2021 in terms of identifying possible abuse, as well as control the conduct of tender procedures. This is a very important question, Ruslan Petrovich. In principle, you did this in 2020, there were results. Therefore, I ask you to continue these events in 2021.

5. Carry out measures to prevent the spread of new viral infection on the territory of the PMR. I want to note the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this area and organization of the process, including the treatment of people. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has shown efficiency - both organizational and functional. This work should be continued in 2021.

6. Carry out measures to implement the Concept of public order and public safety in the PMR for 2020-2026.

7. To carry out, together with interested executive bodies of state power of Pridnestrovie, measures to implement the Strategy of Road Safety in the PMR for 2020-2026.

8. To carry out activities in the field of civil defense, prevention and elimination of emergencies, fire safety and safety of people at water bodies.

9. Carry out further work on the repair and bringing into proper condition of the objects of territorial internal affairs bodies, which are within the competence of local authorities, development of a plan for the current and overhaul of the office premises of strong points in all territorial internal affairs bodies. State administrations of cities and districts should provide support in improving the material and technical base of the internal affairs bodies.

I would like to draw attention of the heads of administrations: in many ways, people judge the head of the administration and the President by their contact with the local militia men, by the state of support points. I set the task earlier: the Minister of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the heads of administrations should carry out a set of work to improve the material and technical base of the local militia.

10. Strengthen efforts to identify and suppress illegal drug trafficking via the Internet. There are indicators in this area. But we all understand that the 21st century is the century of new technologies and, unfortunately, criminals use them. There are many facts, attempts to distribute drugs through the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to have not only operational positions, but also knowledge of certain technical capabilities of the Internet. This is a new direction.

In the justice (Ministry of Justice)

1. Ensure adoption of measures aimed at improving the conditions of detention of persons serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty, improving the quality of medical care for convicts, including participation in the implementation of state targeted programs to combat HIV infection, tuberculosis, increasing the efficiency and strengthening the mechanism for applying conditional - early release of convicts, optimization of achieving the goals of punishment. Together with the PMR Prosecutor's Office, develop an algorithm and mechanism for improving the situation of convicts.

You all know very well my opinion that a person who has committed a crime and against whom a conviction is imposed is deprived of freedom, but not the elementary conditions of life. Therefore, to the maximum extent, it is necessary to bring people in places of confinement closer to everyday ones, so that people feel in a normal environment, and are not deprived of basic household goods. This must be understood.

An important issue, which also concerns the Ministry of Justice and Judicial Proceedings, is the consideration of cases on parole. In no case should the institution of pardon replace parole. What is the difference between parole and pardon? The fact is that the court decides on parole. And the judge, when making this or that decision, fully gets acquainted with the case materials, with the characteristics of a person who is in the place of deprivation of liberty, and can already on a full, objective basis answer the question: should he be released on parole or not. Unfortunately, upon commission consideration, the entire pardon commission is deprived of such opportunities due to absolutely objective reasons. It is impossible for 5-10 minutes of considering the fate of a prisoner to draw conclusions on his characteristics, to consider in detail the materials that are submitted to the pardon commission. I emphasize: I am talking about pardon not being a substitute for parole in any way. It is better to consider the issue within the framework of the parole mechanism than to send materials to the pardon commission. This is absolutely objective and legal. I spoke about this more than once at the collegiums. This direction must be strengthened. Of course, I am also talking about the quality of the preparation of the material that is submitted to the court for parole. It is very bad when representatives of the courts tell me that they could have made a decision in favor of the convict, but the Ministry of Justice did not properly prepare the materials. I hope that in 2021 the situation will get better in this part.

2. To continue to improve personnel work, namely: to tighten the requirements for the moral and volitional qualities of candidates for service and employees of the penal system, to increase the level of professional training of personnel.

3. Create conditions for training and advanced training of personnel of the ministry and subordinate structures. We are talking about post-university training using the bases of PSU and the Tiraspol Law Institute.

4. Conduct regular monitoring of the current legislation of the PMR to identify gaps and collisions in it, take measures to eliminate them. Measures are the preparation of appropriate legislative initiatives.

5. Create conditions for transferring into electronic form and preserving information of registration files, notarial documents, archival funds of the Republican archive of the registry office, as well as technical inventory documents.

6. Complete the reorganization of the public administration system in the sphere of technical accounting and technical inventory of real estate objects on the territory of the PMR, assigning the functions of technical registration of real estate objects to the organization, the founder of which is the state.

7. Complete the formation of uniform system of functioning of the registry office in the form of departments of the registry office of the district and city state administrations of the PMR.

8. Strengthen state supervision in the field of observance of labor rights and ensuring the safety of working conditions for workers in the context of restrictive measures (quarantine) to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. The point is that, unfortunately, the pandemic presupposed quarantine actions. Naturally, with the introduction of any quarantine, the right of citizens to work should not be violated.

9. To further apply the mechanism of early conditional release of convicts from places of imprisonment.

10. To plan work on the creation and maintenance of the functioning of the Standard electronic base of the PMR legislation that will be freely available on the Internet. The work is underway in principle. There are some developments. But it needs to be completed so that the system is user-friendly.


In the investigation (Investigative Committee)

1. Continue work to reduce the number of unjustified detentions in the manner prescribed by Article 104 of the PMR Criminal Procedure Code. The point is that, if this article is applied, then this must be absolutely justified and necessary, and not for the sake of a tick or the convenience of the investigator.

2. Continue work to reduce the number of criminal cases returned by the prosecutor for additional investigation in the manner prescribed by Article 191 of the PMR Criminal Procedure Code, in close cooperation with the prosecutor. Ensure proper control at the stage of making a procedural decision on sending the case to the prosecutor for approving the indictment, as well as decisions on the termination and suspension of the criminal case.

3. Conduct professional development of the employees of the investigative bodies of the republic. Similar to the Ministry of Justice: there is a good base of the Pridnestrovian State University, the base of the Tiraspol Law Institute, and these bases should be used. Nobody disputes the fact that it is necessary to constantly, on a systematic basis, raise the level of professionalism of the employees of the Investigative Committee, especially when it comes to economic affairs.


In the prosecutorial supervision and control (Prosecutor's Office)

1. Carry out verification activities in government and administrative bodies for compliance with the norms of the PMR Law "On appeals of citizens, legal entities, as well as public associations". We are talking about heads of administrations, ministers and heads of all government bodies. It is important that each official has personal contact with citizens through their statements. In addition, pay attention to how these statements are received by the state authorities and administration. In the 2021 century, it is necessary to use the Internet, mail, and personal statements of citizens and, of course, the timing. Meeting deadlines is very important.

2. In order to increase the efficiency of the work of law enforcement agencies in identifying and suppressing crimes in the field of economic activity:

- to strengthen the coordination of the activities of law enforcement agencies in cases and materials on tax crimes;

- to assess the completeness and effectiveness of interaction between law enforcement and tax authorities in the investigation of tax crimes;

- to check the legality of the conduct of operational-search activities within the framework of the operational-search activities carried out by the Department of the Economic Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR. The point is that economic case is different from any criminal or other manifestation. Practice is not enough. And the worst thing is that sometimes, due to the lack of interaction between the operational officer and the investigating authorities, there may be elements of illegal detention. Based on this, I will ask the Prosecutor of the Republic literally in January-February to hold a coordination meeting, possibly with the participation of the President, to which all interested parties will be invited - the heads of state tax inspections of cities and regions, the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Economic Crime Department, etc. What's going on and what don't I like? I will talk about this later when setting tasks for the Ministry of Finance. What do we sometimes see? Take any entrepreneur of our republic: the enterprise is working, it does not hide anything, it has no "black" accounting. The tax inspectorate conducts inspections of this economic entity and does not reveal any violations. Then suddenly, according to some available information, the Economic Crime Department checks this organization and reveals major violations of the current legislation in terms of paying taxes for millions of rubles. Naturally, this official, director of the company, accountant, founder suffer because of their actions. They are subject to restrictive, procedural measures, and very large penalties are imposed. There are no questions to the Department for fighting against Economic crimes. The information received is used. Then the question is to our tax inspections. What are you doing then, dear professional colleagues? Is it really difficult to see violations at a stage when they have not yet gained momentum and turned into an exorbitant amount in terms of concealing income and other tax violations? You can't just work as extras. Naturally, it is necessary to identify and, most importantly, provide advice to our business entities in order to help the entrepreneur eliminate shortcomings at an earlier stage, so that later this does not result in a disaster for a commercial organization. This is important to understand. It is necessary to change the philosophy of tax inspectors, to engage in both checks and consultations, which, one hundred percent, will affect the internal climate in terms of relations between entrepreneurs and the state. Therefore, Anatoly Anatolyevich, you are given the task in all cases where the Economic Crime Department revealed tax crimes, not offenses: to draw a conclusion about why tax inspectors in cities and regions did not see them. It is very interesting. You will convene a coordination meeting after this check, at which we will talk about this in detail.

3. In the chains of rational use of land and in connection with incoming applications, conduct an audit of the compliance of state authorities with the requirements of the current legislation when providing agricultural land and the implementation of state control (supervision) over the use of this category of land.

4. Together with the PMR Investigative Committee, develop a mechanism for resolving the contradictions arising between the position of the PMR Prosecutor and the Chairman of the PMR Investigative Committee when resolving the prosecutor's request to eliminate violations of the law committed during the preliminary investigation. This is not a new topic. We are constantly faced with such small conflict situations. Therefore, I recommend that you, Anatoly Anatolyevich together with Vyacheslav Ivanovich Brynzar develop a legal mechanism that will resolve these disputes.

5. Continue the application of non-custodial measures of restraint, which is especially important in the pandemic. The point is that it is the prosecutor, within the framework of his procedural control, to discipline the bodies of inquiry and investigation. So that just like that, for the sake of a tick, Article 104 was not applied. If you can avoid it, you need to avoid it.

In the sphere of customs (State Customs Committee)

1. In order to create the most favorable conditions for conducting foreign economic activity for economic agents of the republic, as well as in order to further pursue the policy of liberalization in this area, carry out:

- full-fledged transition to electronic declaration of goods imported in accordance with the customs procedure "Release for domestic consumption" (import);

- registration of individual entrepreneurs with customs authorities and the transfer of their payment of customs payments to non-cash form of payments.

2. Continue to optimize customs administration procedures and increase the efficiency of the functioning of subdivisions of the PMR customs authorities by carrying out the following measures:

- development of video monitoring system at the border through the introduction of personal video recorders that allow remote control of customs operations by inspectors of the guard service;

- development of the Unified Automated Information System of the State Customs Committee, which provides automation of various areas of customs activities.

         3. To increase the efficiency of control over the legality of movement of goods and items, prohibited or restricted for circulation on the territory of the republic, across the PMR customs border. To strengthen together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of State Security the opposition to drug trafficking through crossing points.

4. Promote import substitution in order to support the competitiveness of domestic producers by further optimizing customs duties in the export-import tariff for 2022. The corresponding work should be carried out in 2021.


In the sphere of communications, informatization and mass media (to the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media)

Dear colleagues, before setting the next task, I will bring to your attention the Presidential Decree. On December 30, the Decree was signed on the creation of a new ministry - the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, which combined the State Media Service, the State Communications Service, and a new component appeared - “digital development”. We live in the 21st century. The transition to digital should be implemented by this ministry. Naturally, affairs, as they say, cannot be done without the minister. I will announce the essence of the Decree of January 22, 2021 No. 12 "On the appointment of the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic": in accordance with the legislation, appoint Sergei Borisovich Babenko as Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the PMR. This decree comes into force on the day of its signing.

Sergey Borisovich Babenko headed the corresponding service - digital development - in the State Customs Committee, an experienced, professional person who understands his job. It is necessary to fulfill the tasks that will be set at this meeting in the sphere of communications, informatization and the media, that is, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media:

1. Develop and approve the Regulation, structure and maximum staffing of the ministry.

2. To organize interaction with the bodies of state power and management of the PMR.

3. To carry out the development of technical means and software used by the state information system "Interdepartmental electronic document management" to increase the number of participants in interaction, as well as the coverage of organizations subordinate to government authorities.

4. To continue work on transferring public services into electronic form, digitalizing all related processes and creating databases containing the results of previously provided public services to reduce the number of documents requested from citizens and legal entities.

5. To continue implementation of the main directions of the state information policy through the republican media, focusing in 2021 on the creation of materials about the achievements in the development of the republic in recent times, about youth, public volunteer associations, blue-collar professions, small and individual entrepreneurship, enterprises of the republic, families and family values, tourism, culture and sports in the PMR.


Within the framework of administrative reform (to the PMR Government)

1. Continue work to optimize the provision of public services, reduce administrative barriers (bureaucracy), and improve control and supervisory activities in subordinate areas.

2. To give guidance all the heads of the executive bodies of state power to consider personally appeals from citizens and organizations coming to them, strictly observing the established deadlines for considering and sending a response to the applicant.


In the sphere of management of documents and archives (State Service for Management of Documents and Archives)

1. Carrying out measures in 2021 to create a state archive of electronic documents, which will ensure long-term and permanent storage of documents, as well as the implementation of the full cycle of existence of electronic document circulation.

2. To continue the formation of the Insurance Fund of Pridnestrovie.

3. To direct the research work of the state archives in 2021-2024 for implementation of the international project "No statute of limitations", for the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the Great Victory, identification of documents about the atrocities of the German-Romanian invaders on the territory of Pridnestrovie, preparation of the publication.

4. To carry out the integration of interdepartmental archives of villages and settlements into the system of bodies of the PMR archival industry.

5. Expand the system of using documents from the PMR Archive Fund and the sphere of services of state archives.


Within the framework of the electoral process (Central Election Commission):

1. Organize the preparation and conduct of the elections of the President of the PMR, elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in the PMR, ensuring the safety of life and health of all participants in the electoral process and observing all measures for the non-proliferation of coronavirus infection provided for by the legislation in force for the period of the election campaign, as well as ensuring maximum openness and the publicity of the electoral process.

2. Continue work on legal education of young and future voters, expanding forms of youth participation in the work of election commissions at all levels, to motivate young people and build confidence in participation in events held by election organizers.


3. Together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the PMR to expand the areas of application of digital technologies in the work of election commissions.

The next block of tasks covers such a principle of development of our state as economic self-sufficiency.


In the sphere of economics, finance, industry (Government, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance)

1. To assist the development of the real sector of the economy by regulating the tax burden, tariffs for energy carriers, and the mechanism of subsidizing interest rates.

2. To continue using the instruments of tariff policy and the inter-tariff difference, allowing for the uninterrupted operation of the housing and communal services system, taking into account the stability of tariffs for the population. Let me remind you that no increase in tariffs for the population is planned for 2021. This must be controlled by the Government.

3. Strengthen control over the rise in prices for food and essential goods. Control is necessary. It is clear that we have market relations and, naturally, any manufacturer or person who provides services for the sale of consumer goods and food products has the right to apply one or another trade markup within the framework of the law. Nevertheless, I will ask the Government to exercise strict control over pricing and pricing policy in our state with its mechanisms.

4. Coordinate the application of the Law "On Procurement in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic ".

5. Coordinate the execution of the programs of the Capital Investment Fund, the Road Fund, the Entrepreneurship Development Fund.

6. Prepare programs for the development of the republic, including the Capital Investment Fund and the Road Fund for 2022. This should be done already, in principle, starting from April this year.

7. Continue interaction with the Russian Federation to expand the areas of Pridnestrovian exports to the Russian market, including through the signing of agreements with Russian regions.

8. To ensure the preservation of the preferential regime of foreign trade of Pridnestrovian enterprises in the market of the European Union.

9. Continue work aimed at reducing barriers to foreign economic activity, activities to minimize risks associated with the full functioning of the joint Moldovan-Ukrainian control at the "Pervomaisk - Kuchurgan" checkpoint, including within the framework of the negotiation groups of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova on issues economy.


1. Continue work on attracting investments into the economy of the republic, support for implementation of priority investment projects in accordance with the Law "On State Support of Investment Activity".

2. Continue implementation and strengthen control over reconstruction and modernization of social and communal infrastructure with the involvement of public control. In 2020, due to the pandemic, we very little used a form of public control. Therefore, I ask the Head of the Public Chamber to strengthen the influence of public control in 2021, especially in the implementation of the program of the Capital Investment Fund in our republic.

3. Pay special attention to the provision of rural settlements with electricity, gas, heat, water supply and sewerage and continue work on high-quality maintenance and repair of existing networks in all settlements.

4. Ensure implementation of the activities of the Tourism Support and Development Program for 2019-2026. The pandemic, of course, curtailed our activities in terms of tourism, nevertheless, new facilities have appeared in our republic that will attract foreign tourists and tourists from our republic. Of course, no matter how influenced by the pandemic, we must carry out measures for the development of tourism - this year as well.

5. Start implementing the Affordable Housing program to purchase housing for young professionals. Continue to solve the problem of long-term construction under the presidential program. The law has been passed, there is funding - we need a result. The government needs to exercise due control so that there is no abuse in any way. With regard to long-term construction: new residential buildings should appear on their basis. I think this work will be continued this year. We will be able in 2021 to commission a number of objects for our citizens at an affordable price per square meter.

6. Continue implementation of the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project. It is very important. No matter how difficult it may be, we will continue to carry out and popularize our project “Buy Pridnestrovian!”. These are fairs that people are used to. People are waiting for them, it is very important that our manufacturer has the opportunity not only to sell, but also to advertise their products in our conditions. Our products, I assure you, are of very high quality. Please note that from the store shelves, first of all, products made in Pridnestrovie disappear, and then everything else. This says a lot.

7. Carry out work on the repair of roads and sidewalks in the settlements of the republic with the priority use of local building materials, using modern technologies. Of course, we must pave and buy bitumen and other materials outside our state. However, local materials should be used as much as possible. The heads of administrations and the Ministry of Economic Development should help and control this.

8. Implement the provisions of the Law "On the Republican Budget for 2021", taking into account the need for timely funding of social items and measures to combat the pandemic. Let me remind you that in 2020 the state allocated more than 300 million rubles to fight the pandemic. These are increased salaries for medical personnel (almost a third of the amount), and the purchase of the necessary equipment, and catering, and the purchase of tests and medicines. No matter how difficult it was, we managed to ensure both the systematization of work and the treatment of patients at the expense of the state. This is important to understand. This should be continued in 2021.

9. Prepare the draft budget for 2022 while maintaining the socially oriented vector of the republic's development.

10. Carry out tax administration with the use of tax advice to entrepreneurs. I have already spoken about this. It is necessary to develop, perhaps even to establish normatively, the very function of consulting entrepreneurs in our republic. I know it is there. But, probably, this is not enough, since there are facts that we identified in 2020.

11. Continue work to improve and introduce information technologies in the work of tax authorities in order to improve the quality and efficiency of interaction between tax authorities and taxpayers.

12. Carry out inspections by the state tax inspectorate in terms of detecting violations of tax legislation at early stages.

13. Implement the introduction of electronic statistical reporting. It is very important. The Government has decided in this direction. We must strive for the ideal.


In the sphere of agriculture (to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

1. Continue work on the implementation of the State Program for Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex of the PMR for 2019-2026, including providing support to producers of milk, meat, vegetables and fruits in order to ensure food security and import substitution. I am deeply convinced that Pridnestrovie is able to fulfill this task. We are able to provide our population with the maximum percentage of our food. We are talking about dairy products, meat, vegetables and fruits - a grocery basket. We have a wonderful land, good land users. We have regulatory bodies represented by the Ministry of Agriculture. There is everything to be self-sufficient.

2. Continue the implementation of the Action Plan for the inventory of land resources of the PMR, the introduction of technologies for global satellite navigation systems used in the sphere of topographic and geodetic surveys, as well as the automation of the state land cadastre. This is the spite of the day. The year before last I paid increased attention to this issue. Therefore, the Government, get ready for a report on the work done in this direction.

3. Continue implementation of measures aimed at the conservation, rational use and restoration of aquatic biological resources and natural systems.

4. Continue work - with assistance of the authorities of the Russian Federation or independently, through the appropriate state program - to provide support in terms of the development of land reclamation complex of the republic, obtaining credit resources for development of agricultural producers. The drought has shown that it is impossible without water. Naturally, without land reclamation, it is almost impossible to introduce the technologies we are talking about in terms of achieving self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, we talked a lot about this direction, worked a lot with the Russian Federation. You have to understand: Russia is also faced with global economic problems, so you need to rely on yourself and by creating the state program for land reclamation to direct certain financial resources to the development of the PMR amelioration complex. Much has been done. If we take the results of the last four years, then we have managed to increase the reclamation of our lands by more than 100%. This is not enough, very little. As the practice of 2020 has shown, where there was water and irrigation was possible, good results were shown in drought, and where there was no elementary irrigation, everything burned out - even those crops that are quite resistant to drought (I mean grain group). Therefore, irrigation is necessary even for the grain group. This is a serious task, a task not for a single day or a year.

Another important question, Alexander Vladimirovich Martynov and Ruslan Petrovich Mova, your task is to take tight control over the pricing policy in this area in the context of implementation of the land reclamation program. Unfortunately, there are questions.

5. Take the necessary measures to control land users and land tenants of all categories for their compliance with the requirements for control, timely elimination of focal point and prevention of the spread of ragweed weed. I already indicated last year: if ragweed grows in the fields of an agricultural producer, take measures in accordance with the current legislation up to the fact that these lands are confiscated and sent to the redistribution fund. If an agricultural producer allows the cultivation of ambrosia on his land leased from the state, why then engage in agriculture? You don't need to grow ragweed. It must be fought in an appropriate way. Therefore, please: the government - to carry out control measures in this area.


The next block of tasks is social justice.

In the sphere of social protection, pensions and youth support (to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor)

1. Continue and improve targeted support for social strata of the population, including pensioners with an income below the subsistence level.

2. Continue the implementation of measures of the state target program "Equal Opportunities" for 2019-2022.

3. Promote the modernization of the infrastructure of correctional institutions. I want to emphasize. 11 of the 12 existing facilities during the existence of the Capital Investment Fund program have been built or repaired. You know, I am sincerely happy that we managed to finish work on social facilities before difficult times, before the coronavirus pandemic. These are objects that support people with special needs. I will tell you about my attitude, which was completely shared by Alexander Vladimirovich Martynov. Since 2018, we have started implementing this program and started building, somewhere completely - from scratch, somewhere completing some unfinished objects. We have managed to commission large centers in almost every city and region: sports, rehabilitation centers for children and adults with disabilities. When a foreigner is taken to show the achievements of this or that state, they show beautiful sports complexes, beautiful industrial facilities. It seems to me that we need to take them to these institutions for people with disabilities and show how everything is arranged there. One must draw a conclusion about the state as a whole, based on how it is there. Therefore, I ask Aleksandr Vladimirovich not to stop at what has been achieved and, together with other government bodies, do everything possible to improve the situation of those who especially need it. First of all, these are persons with special needs who, due to their physical characteristics, cannot work and simply live. We must socialize these people as much as possible so that people with disabilities are by our side. Maximum and everywhere.

4. Carry out activities to popularize family values ​​and strengthen the institution of the family in society through the production of printed materials, conducting optional classes in educational institutions, round tables on this topic, etc. Family is a very important topic. It is clear from the classics - "the cell of society". In general, family is happiness. Do you understand? Happiness. And only through family can you make your loved ones happy. Unfortunately, the level of divorce that exists - not only in our country, but everywhere, it goes off scale. I do not want to give figures and compare, for example, with the Russian Empire, where there were 3% of all divorces out of 100% marriages, but still: the percentage is large, and the work must be done. Here the task is not only for the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor. This is, of course, the Ministry of Education. The lessons that we intended to conduct in terms of popularizing the family in the early stages, so that young people understand it, must be continued. It is clear that the pandemic has made its own adjustments, and we have minimized teacher-student contact. However, if possible, this work should be continued in 2021.

5. Ensure the timely payment of pensions and benefits, Russian pension supplements (as they are received).

6. Provide timely funding for pensions and social benefits.

7. Provide proper care for citizens in special correctional institutions, orphanages.

8. Assist in ensuring employment of the population by increasing the efficiency of employment centers.


In the sphere of healthcare (to the Ministry of Health)

1. Continue implementation of a set of measures aimed at treating patients with coronavirus infection.

2. Continue implementation of the program for treatment of patients with acute coronary syndrome. A very effective program, as practice has shown. I will say these figures: thanks to the implementation of this program, we save the lives of more than 200 people a year. The program is working, patients are sent to the city of Chisinau. Corresponding operations are carried out there, the budget pays for these operations, people are saved. It is a fact. These are not just numbers. More than 200 people are the fate of people, not only specifically saved people, but also the fate of their loved ones. Losing is, of course, a tragedy. Therefore, it is necessary to continue this work, despite the financial problems.

3. Assist in the reconstruction of medical institutions, including in rural areas, through the implementation and development of the Capital Investment Fund, the development of the planned funds.

4. Improve the quality of food in hospitals, including through the use of outsourcing. I will focus on this issue. We raised this problem at the meetings of the Operational Headquarters. Unfortunately, in the past, there have been many complaints from citizens about the quality of food in hospitals. You all know this very well. This was objective, and the funding allocated for food did not meet the needs of the sick person. We thought for a long time how to improve the situation. Only two options are possible. The first is increasing food limits. The second is the use of outsourcing, that is, when catering enterprises are engaged in catering, who should do this. Unfortunately, we blamed everything on the chief doctors, on the Minister of Health. The chief doctors turned into economic clerks who dealt with contracts for the purchase of carrots, beets, sour cream - everything that can be imagined to provide the patient with food. What happened in practice? Everything is fine, it seems there are limits. If they did not have time to conclude a contract for meat, and now a person is being prepared borscht without meat - already a complaint, if they forgot to conclude a contract for butter - the same. The contract on the supply of dairy products has broken down - the same thing. All this must be excluded. Based on this, the task remains the same: to completely transfer all healthcare facilities, all hospitals to outsourcing of nutrition, to ensure funding limits in order to maximize the level of nutrition in our hospitals. The results are already there: if earlier the patients who were in our republican hospital complained about the quality of food, today by outsourcing food is already being prepared by a municipal enterprise - the Shkolnik enterprise. The nutritional level has improved markedly. Everyone is happy. Everybody gets quality food. This is the result. Therefore, this direction should be continued and this program should be implemented in all cities and regions of our republic, and the heads of administrations, of course, should take control.

5. Renew medical equipment in health care institutions, including through the Capital Investment Fund. This work is being carried out. The only thing I want to note is that the Ministry of Health should request the equipment that is needed right here and now. Not just because it is necessary - for beauty. No. What is needed for the patient's convenience. The funds are allocated - and not small.

6. Carry out activities aimed at preventing diseases and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

7. Continue the implementation of the program for treatment of patients outside Pridnestrovie, including cardiovascular diseases.

8. Continue implementation of the professional development program for medical personnel. We are talking about the possibility of advanced training both in Pridnestrovie and outside the republic.

9. Conduct tender procedures taking into account the requirements of maximum transparency and openness, under control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

10. Exercise special control over the implementation of repairs and construction at health facilities and carry out development of funds within the approved Cost Estimate of the Capital Investment Fund for 2021.

And the last thing, it is necessary to further improve the relationship between doctor and patient. This is a multifaceted system and as you remember, I have always demanded this and I will demand a normal attitude towards people - a normal human attitude. Swagger, negligence towards people is unacceptable. I will say frankly (I judge this by a number of complaints that are received): a lot has been done in the healthcare system. It was possible to improve the climate, the relationship between doctor and patient. If earlier I received only some alarming statements from people who indicated a rude attitude towards the patient, today I receive dozens of letters of thanks from patients addressed to doctors. The situation has changed for the better, and I am very happy about that. A provider's relationship to a patient is not just direct relationship. This is a systemic task. First of all, it is necessary to improve the attitude of the state towards the health worker. It is important to create a functional workplace, material support. Then, naturally, there will be a transition from the attitude of the state to the health worker to the corresponding attitude of the health worker to the patient. This complex, of course, will greatly affect the overall climate in the healthcare system. Catering is one of the important elements.

In addition (I spoke with the Government on this topic): the amount of medicines that is supposed to be prescribed by a therapist should be provided by the state. That is, we must as much as possible get away from the lists of medicines that are constantly written to patients for purchase. The "skeleton" of the main list of medicines should be. Yes, minor, vitamin groups, more expensive analogs can take place, there are no questions. The main thing should be at the expense of the state. We must strictly abide by the Constitution. I think we will succeed. I am very grateful to the chief doctors, the Minister of Health, and each individual health worker for the improvement of the climate in the health care system. This needs to be strengthened in 2021 as well.


In the sphere of education, science, culture, youth policy and sports (the Ministry of Education, the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage, the State Service for Sports)

1. Regulate the educational process, taking into account possible needs for distance learning.

2. Improve distance learning techniques. We faced a new challenge and were forced to switch to distance learning in 2020. As I said, any distance learning is a disaster for education. If possible, you need to switch to the traditional contact "teacher - student". It is difficult without this to imagine a good, classical form of education, which has been preserved since Soviet times in Pridnestrovie. It was a necessary measure. Of course, we helped teachers, teachers and students to master this "distance" - a remote form of education. It will have to be continued - the coronavirus is still ongoing. Nevertheless, if possible, we will return to traditional education.

3. Assist in improving the quality of education in rural areas.

4. Organize implementation of professional development programs for teachers. It is more about the base of Pridnestrovie, although it is possible to improve qualifications outside the republic, depending on the profile of particular teacher.

5. Ensure further harmonization of educational standards of Pridnestrovie and Russia.

6. Continue to consolidate the resources of business, government and education in the implementation of a practice-oriented (dual) system of training for the economy of the republic.

7. Ensure the active involvement of youth in volunteering.

8. Take measures to provide educational literature for special (correctional) educational organizations.

9. Continue work on the international positioning of the PMR as a state that preserves the national traditions of its population and supports a single Russian-Orthodox cultural space, the historical continuity of the Russian Empire, the USSR, the PMR. Let me explain. The histories of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Pridnestrovie are very harmoniously combined in Pridnestrovie. Without generational conflict, without blaming generations for something, this is important to understand. It is in a competent, harmonious combination of the history of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Pridnestrovie that we can form that cultural immunity, that cultural code that will allow us to fight arrogance and rudeness, to educate respectable, cultured people. This is impossible without knowing your history, without your culture. This is important to understand. No matter how difficult it may be, whatever the foreign policy, whatever the pressure, the basis of the state is its language, culture, history. You can't do without this. It is thanks to this development that we do not have interethnic conflicts. This is unique situation. Everyone quarreled with each other - many nationalities. You can see this in the post-Soviet space. They fought and closed the "national apartments". Pridnestrovie is a multinational state. Representatives of 72 nationalities live here. There are no problems. Russians love Ukrainians. Ukrainians sympathize with the Russians. Moldovans love Russian speakers, Russian speakers love Moldovans. This is normal. It just needs to be strengthened and promoted further. With the formation of cultural immunity, I think we will be able to achieve a lot and set an example for many people outside our state.

1. Continue work on creating a national system of physical culture and sports education of the population.

2. Develop a set of measures for external direction of the development of international cooperation in the sphere of physical culture and sports, building up and strengthening cooperation in order to improve the image of sports.

3. Continue implementation of the sports projects "President for a Healthy Lifestyle" and "Leather Ball". We did not perform the "Leather Ball" in the past year. This was due to the pandemic. I am convinced that already in 2021 we will be able to hold our Leather Ball competition and the events that were previously cultivated within the framework of the President for a Healthy Lifestyle project. We need to prepare for this.


In the sphere of environmental protection and environmental protection (State Service for Environmental Control and Environmental Protection)

1. Exercise state environmental control (supervision) for protection and conservation of aquatic biological resources, subsurface resources, hunting and forest resources.

2. Develop drafts of normative legal acts regulating the introduction of a risk-oriented approach to implementation of functions of control (supervision) over the observance of environmental legislation by business entities, in order to ensure inspections of precisely those entities that cause significant harm to the environment or are dangerous in this regard and exemption from scheduled inspections of those economic entities that do not have harmful production and waste. A point approach is needed here.

3. Continue work in terms of establishing standards for the quality of air, water, soil and other important environmental characteristics corresponding to the safe level of the impact of these environments on human health.

4. Together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, introduce the categorization of objects of economic and other activities according to the significance of their impact on the environment and the application of differentiated measures of state regulation to them, including simplifying the calculation of payments for environmental pollution and environmental management.


Regional policy thereinafter.


In the sphere of local government (State administrations of cities and regions)

1. Continue to implement programs and projects for capital repairs of housing stock, social and cultural facilities, landscaping, as well as programs for development of the road industry on roads that are in municipal ownership (capital investments, major repairs, development of material and technical base, execution of orders voters, etc.).

2. Continue to implement existing and create new programs of social significance (provision of living quarters for orphans and children left without parental care; compensation for deposits necessary to treat and maintain a decent lifestyle; payment of material assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and disabled people, and to participants in hostilities to protect the PMR, etc.).

3. Carry out work on the development and support of infrastructure of settlements, on the maintenance and proper care of the recreational infrastructure (parks, squares, fountains) and the cleaning of common areas: bus stops, children's playgrounds and sports grounds, landscaping of cities, villages and towns.

4. In order to support the state policy on creating the tourist attractiveness of Pridnestrovie, to develop the tourist infrastructure in the cities and regions of the republic.

5. Develop the sphere of entertainment and recreation for citizens and guests of the republic, to raise the level of cultural work on the basis of urban and rural houses of culture, including by holding competitions, concerts, festivals, and other public events, activating the work of entertainment and recreation enterprises.

6. Supervise the repair and construction of facilities in subordinate territories and the development of funds within the approved cost estimate of the Capital Investment Fund for 2021.

What else I would like to note. Heads of administrations together with the State Service for Culture. It is clear that the pandemic has had an impact, and our theaters are deprived of the opportunity to present their work. There are parks in every city and district. I will ask you to develop a program for 2021 so that theatrical performances of our theater will take place according to the appropriate schedule in the open areas of the republic. Theatrical performances should also relate as much as possible to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, so that children and adults - all who study the classics of literature - can get acquainted with the works on the theatrical stage. Of course, the theme can be thought out specifically for the Tiraspol Catherine Park, for the fortress park of Alexander Nevsky in the city of Bendery, for other parks in our cities and regions. It is important that people have a job, our artists can apply themselves. I am convinced that this will be well received by the population of our cities and regions. We need to move from closed rooms to open areas and show what is in our republic. People are talented, wonderful. Sometimes, looking at the results in sports, culture, music, I'm surprised. 500000 people are probably two streets in Moscow. So many talents, so many achievements! This is Pridnestrovie. This should be shown to people. It is imperative to show people.


Judicial system (Supreme, Arbitration, Constitutional Courts)

1. Continue work to improve the selection criteria for candidates for positions of judges, consultants, court clerks, and to improve qualifications of the judiciary.

2. Continue work on the fulfillment of requirements of the Law "On ensuring access to information on the activities of courts" in order to promptly inform the courts of all interested parties about the results of consideration of specific cases. This is especially true in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Introduce software tools for analytical support of activities, create electronic files and an electronic archive of court cases, as well as introduce a video conferencing system in courts for conducting online court sessions, which will ensure citizens' access to justice, fast, high-quality and efficient work of courts.

4. Generalize the practice of consideration by the courts of general jurisdiction of materials of secret office work concerning the restriction of constitutional rights of citizens.

5. Use the practice of conditional early release more widely. I have already spoken about this.

6. Implement the necessary measures to create appropriate conditions for implementation of high-quality examinations carried out by state forensic institutions of the Ministry of Justice of the PMR, which, in accordance with the current legislation, are an independent structure of state forensic examination, not subordinate to the bodies of inquiry and investigation, free from any there was a departmental interest. Everything, of course, is relative. Nevertheless, this direction needs to be developed.

7. The Arbitration Court of the PMR should consider the issue of introducing simplified types of legal proceedings for certain categories of cases in order to optimize court procedures and save costs for the participation of state bodies in arbitration proceedings.


I would like to dwell on important guidelines in the activities of the Supreme Council in conclusion.

1. Develop, together with the Government, a mechanism for increasing wages of public sector employees in 2021, paying special attention to medical personnel in the primary health care system.

2. Develop, together with the government, a mechanism for a phased increase in labor pensions in 2021, as well as develop a legislative mechanism for one-time payments to non-working pensioners.

3. Provide from 2021 a gradual increase in the period for payment of the monthly childcare allowance.

4. Develop, together with the Government, a mechanism and adopt the PMR Budget Code.

5. Together with the Government, work on the 2022 budget in a timely manner.

6. Conduct legislative improvement of procurement procedure within the framework of the Law "On Procurement of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic" in order to ensure openness, transparency and efficiency of procurement procedures, as well as efficient use of state budget funds and extra-budgetary funding sources. Public procurement and tender procedures are a litmus test in the issue of corruption, presence of corruption in the state. It is clear that the standards themselves should be very transparent and effective control on the part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of State Security, the Accounts Chamber and the public as well. The task is important.

7. Continue implementation of the state program for providing living quarters for orphans and children left without parental care.

8. Continue implementation of the allocation of funds allocated for the payment of guaranteed restored savings of citizens.

9. Increase the amount of financing directed to the development of the road industry - according to the situation that will develop in the economy.

10. Create a state program for the formation of the land cadastre. I didn't get ahead of myself when I set this task to the Ministry of Agriculture. Officials often try to justify their inaction by the lack of funding. Therefore, I ask the Supreme Council and the Government to develop a state program for the creation of a land cadastre to obtain practical results.


Dear colleagues, dear leaders! The tasks are set, everything is clear and concise. You will receive these tasks documented and take them for execution. In any case, the Strategy for the Development of Pridnestrovie for 2019-2026 should be your reference book. Everything is written there. Today's Message is a necessary addition, the current clarification of the tasks set in the Strategy. Everything that is written in the development program of our state, in the Strategy, is feasible. We are gradually, step by step, moving towards the implementation of this program. There is still something to work on and something to do. I want to say one thing (always remember this): the result depends on the attitude of people towards you, towards each person, each official, from the President to an ordinary official. As people will assess, we deserve such an assessment.