The Flood in Pridnestrovie: the Operational Headquarters activity

Flooding of land occurred in a number of Pridnestrovian villages due to the overflow of the Dniester River. What was done in the past four days and what to expect in the future was discussed today in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters to prevent the threat of floods.

In the Kamenka district, as a result of the water entering the floodplain, 30 land plots of the inhabitants of the village of Rashkov were flooded. The villages of Gidirim, Bolshoi Molokish, Belochi, Stroentsy and Vykhvatintsy of the Rybnitsa District were partially flooded. Coastal households of residents of the villages of Jerzhovo and Saracea were affected.

Water flooded 10 land plots in the Grigoriopol district in the village of Tashlyk.

Last Sunday, the observation post of the emergency rescue unit discovered and quickly eliminated the threat of a flood breakthrough in the village of Teia.

Land plots along the Svetly stream in the village of Sukleya, several plots in the Slobodzeya district and one road in the village of Kitskany fell into the flood zone.

The village of Mereneshty was partially flooded in the weekend. By Monday morning, 38 of the 92 households in the flood zone were in the water. Employees of the emergency rescue unit prepared a tent camp for 26 people with flooded houses with the possibility of further expansion, but the residents (58 people) refused to evacuate. Yesterday, villagers in the flood zone were provided with 21 food packages. Today it is planned to give 60 sets more.

Two of the four Pridnestrovian children's camps were closed. Water reached the Dniester Dawns health camp on June 26. Children and staff - 98 people totally - were evacuated to the Victoria Camp in advance.

There was flooding of the Spartak camp in the Kitskany forest. 103 pupils and 28 employees of the Parkany boarding school had to return back to the boarding school.

In the Dubossary district and in Bendery, the water level in the Dniester River did not exceed critical values.

In general, the hydrological situation in the republic has improved. This is due to the fact that starting from June 26, in the upper Dniester in the territory of Ukraine, heavy rains stopped. But this is a temporary - at the weekend, according to forecasts, the bad weather promises to return to Ukraine. It is highly likely that the water level in the Dniester will begin to rise again. In this regard, emergency rescue units organized around the clock work of 20 monitoring posts for water level and dams in the most dangerous areas throughout the river channel. In the event of a forced evacuation, the work was carried out to clarify the number of people living in flood zones. Pridnestrovian rescuers are ready to deploy field camps to accommodate the evacuated. In the required quantity, a stock of bags of sand and gravel mixture has been prepared. The President instructed the Emergency Management Department and the Heads of state administrations to provide the necessary assistance to citizens affected by the river overflow.