Newborn citizens of Bendery and their mothers were congratulated by the PMR President’s wife Svetlana Krasnoselskaya on behalf of the President and all Pridnestrovians

The birthing centre in Bendery had been on the line of fire in 1992 for several days. Children were born in the walls of the medical facility even then, contrary to the horror that was happening around, Moldavian aggression that brought death and destruction. Representatives of the leadership of the country and the city come to the bright rooms of the birthing centre to personally greet the newborn Pridnestrovians every year on June 19, the day when victims of Bendery tragedy are remembered. Today, kids and their mothers were congratulated by Svetlana Krasnoselskaya, wife of the PMR President. The guest wished the newborns health and well-being, peace and stability to their parents, noting that the patients of the Bendery birthing centre were in safe and caring hands. Svetlana Krasnoselskaya knows firsthand the professionalism of the staff of this medical institution: three children of the Krasnoselskys were born here.

It was decided to give flowers and gifts from the President to mothers who have birthdays born not only on 19, but also on the eve of a significant day for Pridnestrovians - June 18 and 17, as in the past year. The day before yesterday, the birthing centre was quiet - none of the kids chose June 17 as their birthday, but five babies were born yesterday. Today, the mother of many children Marianna gave birth to a long-awaited daughter, before arrival of the guests. Two brothers - three and seven years old are waiting for newborn Angelina at home.

The owners of certificates for the purchase of household appliances will be parents and other children accepted today by doctors in the birthing centre of Bendery.