Organization of the educational process – decision of the Operational Headquarters

The forthcoming reorganization of the educational process to full-time mode was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President. It will be phased. It is proposed to return graduating students (9 and 11) grades and students of the last years of secondary and higher professional educational institutions to school classes and lecture halls from the 1st of February. It is important that the number of lessons per day does not exceed five. In this regard, subjects that to a lesser extent require direct contact between teachers and students will continue to be taught remotely. The study will be combined for the graduates of universities, colleges and technical schools. Full-time teaching is expected primarily in subjects submitted for final exams. In addition, hands-on training requires direct interaction.

As for pupils of grades 5-8 and 10, as well as students of intermediate courses: their return to their desks is expected not earlier than mid-February. The decision will be made based on the epidemiological situation existing at that time.

Additional education institutions will gradually resume their work. Sports facilities, art schools, sections, circles at various Children's and Youth Theater, recreation centers and secondary schools will be able to start working after obtaining permission from the Operational Headquarters. The decision will be made for each facility individually if there is a positive conclusion of the special commission. It will depend on the form of training and the compliance of the created conditions with quarantine requirements.