Operational Headquarters under the President: optimal consolidated solutions developing

It was decided in the course of today's meeting of the Operational Headquarters, to begin the second stage of easing the quarantine restrictions imposed in Pridnestrovie on May 12 in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Free-standing trade organizations selling non-food products will be opened for visitors after the May holidays. A prerequisite for the work of stores is constant use of protective equipment (masks and gloves) by maintenance personnel, systematic treatment of premises, furniture, tools and equipment with disinfectants, the presence of antiseptics in the public domain, the entrance of customers is controlled (they must be in protective masks, the number of at the same time people in the room - based on the area and quarantine standards). In case of violations, the facility may be officially suspended for up to seven days.

Another news: from next Tuesday, Pridnestrovians will be able to travel around the republic by personal transport without notice and permission. The main condition is that only close relatives, family members or citizens living together can be in the car.

The mitigation of restrictive measures seems to be possible due to the absence of negative dynamics in the incidence rate of COVID-19. Further steps depend on the development of the situation.