Discussion of current issues on the agenda of the Operational Headquarters

The decision to introduce the practice of compulsory testing of young people who systematically cross the Pridnestrovian border in connection with studying in educational institutions not at their place of residence - on the territory of other states was made in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. 519 such students are registered at the moment. 355 of them cross the PMR border once a week, 164 people - every day. We are talking about both Pridnestrovians studying outside the republic and residents of other states receiving professional education in Pridnestrovie. All of them are now obliged to pass PCR testing once every two weeks at their own expense and submit a corresponding certificate when crossing the Pridnestrovian-Moldavian border. In the absence of an up-to-date document, their entry into Pridnestrovie will be restricted. This decision is associated with a serious risk of importing infection from neighboring countries, where the level of spread of coronavirus is very high.

Creating of conditions for participation in the elections for the PMR citizens temporarily outside the republic was discussed at the meeting. They will be given the opportunity to cross the border in both directions on November 29, from 7 am to 9 pm. The voting participants will be issued an appropriate coupon upon entry, which must be presented on the way back the same day.

Another topic of the working discussion is the resumption of the activities of the volunteer movement. This is long overdue necessity due to instability of the epidemiological situation and recommended to persons of the older age group the limitation of contacts. Pridnestrovians with an active civic position, wishing to provide all possible assistance to those in need, must act in an organized manner, it was noted at the meeting of the Operations Headquarters. The general management of the volunteers' activities is entrusted to the Emergency Management Department. Those wishing to join the ranks of volunteers must confirm the absence of health problems. Citizens who have the need for support can apply for it by calling the telephone number "102".

The issue of the deficiency of oxygen concentrators was raised during the discussion of the reports of the chief doctors on the state of affairs in the medical institutions of the republic. Early detection of the virus, prompt hospitalization of its carriers and timely provision of medical care allows minimizing the need for the use of mechanical ventilation devices. At the same time, elderly patients often need oxygen concentrators. The Head of republican clinical hospital outlined the need for dozens of medical equipment units for various branches of the Republican Clinical Hospital. The colleague was supported by the heads of other health care facilities. The President instructed to quickly calculate the general need for the republic and take urgent measures to provide hospitals with this type of equipment. There is information that the humanitarian aid expected through WHO includes at least thirty oxygen concentrators. The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been instructed to clarify the terms of receipt of humanitarian aid from the World Health Organization in Pridnestrovie and to clarify the availability and number of concentrators. The purchasing decision will be made based on this information.

The Operational Headquarters members talked about the practice of express testing using mobile laboratories. They have been in use since Thursday. The accuracy of the indicators is analyzed. The error in identifying carriers of coronavirus is 8%. This is a fairly high testing efficiency, similar to the PCR method. Delivery of the second batch of tests - 20000 units - is expected today. An application is being prepared for another 30000 express tests.

Vadim Krasnoselsky raised the issue of the need to conduct training courses for therapists of the polyclinic service. It's about the skills to work in the pandemic. The President considers it unacceptable in the context of the massive spread of coronavirus to provide treatment for seasonal colds without testing for COVID-19. This item should be the first in the algorithm of the therapist's actions, to which a patient with symptoms close to coronavirus contacted, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. The Ministry of Health was instructed to organize online training with the obligatory passing of the relevant credits.

Members of the Operational Headquarters discussed the situation with the workload of infectious diseases hospitals and their branches. At the moment, 78% of the functioning bed capacity is occupied. Dispensary "Tirotex", designed for 270 seats, is ready to accept patients. At the same time, the onset of cold weather requires the closure of the hospital at the base of the "Spartak" camp. Its premises, originally intended for the recreation of visitors in the summer, are not adequately heated. On behalf of the President, asymptomatic carriers of the virus will no longer be delivered there.  

The Coronavirus Level II Hospital, which is subordinate to the Veterans Hospital, is deployed in one of the buildings of the Republican House of Veterans (Pervomaisk). This forced measure is associated with the identification of the focus of the disease there. Infection was confirmed in eight of more than fifty wards of the institution. Considering that the majority of the Veterans' House is wheelchair users and citizens, bedridden, it is extremely difficult to transport them to other hospitals. The President instructed to provide the institution with everything necessary for the isolation of patients, their full treatment and care in the social institution.