Discussion of current issues on the COVID agenda

The testing of population for the presence of new type of infection in the body is growing every day was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. If in July, an average of about two hundred samples were sent for laboratory research per day (while COVID-19 was found per day in 10 tested people and exactly the same number of recovered citizens were discharged from hospitals), then in October the average daily sampling of biomaterial was 625 units, the diagnosis was confirmed in an average of 93 people, 67 transdniestrians who successfully underwent treatment left hospitals. If we talk about the last days of October - early November, then the average daily incidence was already 125 people. The effectiveness of treatment in hospital isolation is evidenced by the fact that in Pridnestrovie the COVID mortality rate is relatively low and is on the decline against the background of the growing incidence. In early July this figure was 3,7%, by August – 3,5%, in September the mortality rate among carriers of coronavirus was 3,5%, statistics from October to early November: out of 1000 patients from complications associated with the new virus, 24 people die. With regard to detectability: in July, the disease was detected in 5% of those tested, in October - in 15% of those who passed the PCR analysis. This suggests that not only the detection rate is increasing due to the large coverage of citizens by testing, but the spread of infection is also increasing. To contain it, the measures proposed by the President were taken to minimize contacts among the residents of the republic.

The extension of the vacation period until November 15 is associated with an increase in the number of infected children. 136 out of the 1495 citizens undergoing treatment in coronavirus hospitals are minors. Only in the four days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters, cases of coronavirus have been identified among pupils in 16 classes of various schools, which requires their transfer to distance learning in the republic. The holidays extended to two weeks will allow, in addition to containing the spread of the virus among children, to complete the process of connecting a number of educational institutions to a fiber-optic network and equipping them with computer equipment. Work in this direction is underway, the delivery of the first batch of equipment (500 computers) is expected in the near future.

The medical staff of infectious diseases hospitals must improve their qualifications, despite the growing workload, it was noted at the meeting today. According to the instructions given earlier by the President, thematic trainings are being prepared, which will be conducted by the Head physician of the general Pridnestrovian COVID hospital (Slobodzeya) Igor Tostanovsky. Doctors will not only have to attend a course of lectures, but also pass the corresponding exams.

Members of the Operational Headquarters spoke about anti-coronavirus medicines. The most expensive of them will be subject to strict reporting.

They also discussed current issues related to the expansion of the hospital network today. The number of beds for coronavirus-infected residents of the north of the republic will be increased at the expense of the Rybnitsa polyclinic. MMZ will allocate 300 thousand rubles for preparation for receiving patients. It will take about a week to carry out the necessary work. This branch of the Rybnitsa hospital can accommodate 110 people. More than eight dozen beds for asymptomatic patients and those with mild illness are being organized at the site of the plant's dispensary for metallurgists. Two buildings will be ready to receive patients within a few days. Some problems with the full functioning of the heating system are to be solved in the Tirotex dispensary. The company in charge of which it is located undertook the preparation of the premises for their use as hospital wards for the isolated finding and treatment of infected citizens. Visiting conference will take place today at this facility.

The next meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President is scheduled for next Thursday.