Discussion of the draft program of the Capital Investment Fund 2021 continues

The President held a regular meeting on the formation of the Capital Investment Fund 2021 program. The working meeting continued the discussion started the day before. They talked about objects today, inclusion of which in the state program is initiated by ministries and departments. Vadim Krasnoselsky, opening the meeting, recalled that circumstances force to significantly reduce the size of the fund compared to previous years. Therefore, formation of the list of objects must be approached with special scrupulousness.

The largest number of facilities proposed for inclusion in the program was presented by the Health Ministry. This corresponds to the concept voiced by the President: medical institutions are in priority, in addition, work is already underway at most of them. The main directions are the polyclinic link, the construction of tuberculosis hospital and rural medical institutions. After a detailed discussion of each proposal, the meeting participants agreed that in 2021, using the funds of the Capital Investment Fund, they will complete repair and construction work in the buildings of the obstetric and gynecological hospital of the Republican Children’s Hospital and the branch of the Tiraspol polyclinic No. 3, reconstruct the capital polyclinic No. 1, put in order the facade and the entrance group of the Dubossary polyclinic. They will complete the repair of several locations of the Bendery hospital and pediatric hospital of the Bendery center for mother and child, will allocate funds for the reconstruction and equipment of the catering unit. An expensive but extremely important project is the construction of a tuberculosis hospital. Its construction was started by the Russians through the "Eurasian Integration", but the project was not implemented. Pridnestrovie will continue implementation at its own expense. It is assumed that this will be a whole complex, thanks to the opening of which it will be possible to treat not only adults, but also children, and in addition, provide possibility of compulsory treatment in an isolated hospital. The construction of a chlorination station has also been thought out. It will not be possible to put the facility into operation in one year, but work will begin in 2021. The capital investment program also includes medical and obstetrical stations and feldsher-midwife stations in villages and settlements of Blizhny Khutor, Lenin, Kremenchug, Pervomaisk, Priozernoe, Nezavertaylovka, Tashlyk, Voronkovo.

As for the facilities through other departments, funds will be allocated for the repair of the infrastructure of a number of facilities of the Ministry of Defense, the building of the Prosecutor's Office and the Bendery Tax Service and State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate. Half a million rubles will be allocated to provide closed-type social institutions with fire alarm systems. Roofs will be repaired in the Parkan secondary boarding school, the administrative building of Rybnitsa court and the art museum. Without fail, funds from the targeted state fund will be allocated to bring the university infrastructure into proper condition. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the Capital Investment Fund should not be the only source of funding for the improvement of PSU. Reserves will be sought in other areas as well. By October 15, the university administration will present to the President the full list of the proposed work with estimates and visualization of projects.

Concluding the next stage of discussing the draft program of the Capital Investment Fund, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that it is necessary to improve and develop the country in extremely difficult circumstances. The President emphasized that every ruble counts, therefore all decisions must be made after careful calculations, and their implementation must be strictly controlled. The President focused on such aspect as trust in performers. He urged to give preference to suppliers and contractors that have established themselves well and have earned a reputation as conscientious partners.

The working discussion on the formation of the state target program for the phased infrastructural renewal of the republic will continue. On Monday the topic of purchasing medical equipment will be discussed.