Circumstances demanded another meeting of the presidential Operational Headquarters today

The Head of Operational Headquarters on coronavirus prevention Ruslan Mova and appointed today the Minister of Health Elena Kulichenko according to received from the President in the morning instructions, visited the capital’s medical facilities with the inspection. They checked compliance with restrictive and preventive requirements. The realities are as follows: the outpatient service, despite the requirement to minimize activity, is quite active. Access mode is rather a formality. For half a day, more than a thousand people visited Polyclinic in Balka microdistrict. Citizens come to an appointment with the local doctor, open or close the sick-list, and receive medical procedures. Reception is also in the children's clinic. There is less attendance, but citizens still come. There are questions to the republican clinical hospital. Requirements for the use of protective clothing by medical personnel at first glance are fulfilled, but, for example, in the treatment rooms there are no antiseptics and disposable towels, Ruslan Mova stated.

The President drew attention of the new Minister of Health to the need to ensure minimal attendance of healthcare institutions. The work of the medical network should be reprofiled to a greater extent. The government urgently needs to launch a full-fledged electronic sick leave certificate system or other remote mechanism to ensure that the employer receives relevant information.

In addition to organizing beds in facilities designated by the operational headquarters for accommodation of patients and citizens who are suspected of having coronavirus infection, each hospital is required to organize an infection department isolated from the main premises. This is the so-called vertical level of quarantine institutions.

Another item on the agenda is research on the presence of coronavirus. At the moment, samples are being delivered to a specialized medical center in Chisinau. Vadim Krasnoselsky set the task to study the possibility of laboratory research in the PMR.