The President’s Address to state authorities and administrations with setting goals for the current year

Good day, dear Heads of state authorities and administrations! At the beginning of the year, it became the norm to set tasks for the Government, to give recommendations to the Supreme Council and the judicial community. What is the difference between the Presidential message to state authorities and the setting of tasks? The message has general contours, but does not contain specific tasks. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, I give preference to the setting of tasks for each ministry, department, and official. There are more than 170 tasks. They are quite specific and doable.

As indicated in the Development Strategy of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, our statehood is based on three basic principles: political stability, economic self-sufficiency, and social justice. Our state idea is based on these principles. I will repeat it. This is strengthening the independence of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic with a focus on gaining international recognition and implementing the results of the 2006 referendum. The second point is the continuation of the formation of the Pridnestrovian people community, which includes representatives of various nationalities, ethnic groups and based on the preservation and development of languages, cultures, customs and traditions. The third point is the construction of a socially oriented state with a market form of the economy. These three points cover almost all relations in Pridnestrovie. This is our goal, our state idea. If we analyze the tasks, we can see that all of them are included in the concept of the state idea and correspond to the principles of development of our republic.

Before moving on to setting goals for state authorities and administrations, I want to remind you that 2020 is the year of two great anniversaries. It is about the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory and the 30th anniversary of the statehood of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. I ask you to make every effort to ensure that these events are noted at a high organizational level. No one should be forgotten. I am talking about veterans of the Great Patriotic War, about those who founded the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, who defended it during the war years and after. In addition, the current year will be significant in terms of electoral processes. Elections will be held in the Supreme and local Soviets, in representative bodies of power and administration. Elections are a significant stage for any state, it is the will of the people, the formation of democratic institutions. I consider that the role of the Supreme Council, representative authorities, and local self-government is very important. This is an important mechanism of democratic institutions of any state, including the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Therefore, tasks will be set for the organization of elections.

2020 is the Year of Health. This is not only healthcare, not only resuscitation in a situation where it is very bad. This is a healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy nutrition, good ecology, spiritual health and, of course, healthcare directly.

Now let's move on to setting goals. They are divided into three large blocks, according to the principles outlined in the Strategy: political stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice.

Political stability

Foreign policy challenges - to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other related institutions

1. To promote the stable functioning of all levels of the negotiation process on the Moldova- Pridnestrovie settlement, including the prevention of attempts to destroy the 5 + 2 format. We are all watching the negotiation process. Everything is very difficult. There are attempts to actually destroy the 5 + 2 format. It takes a high level of professionalism to see this and counteract these attempts. In addition, we must work with all guarantors and mediators of the negotiation process and take as allies anyone who is against the destruction of the “5 + 2” format.

2. To continue to apply political and diplomatic measures to prevent and minimize the negative elements of pressure from Moldova.

3. To facilitate the expansion of existing and establishment of new socio-cultural, socio-humanitarian and trade-economic contacts with the regions of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Europe and other countries.

4. To help strengthen Russian- Pridnestrovian cooperation through civil society institutions and public organizations with an emphasis on protecting the rights of compatriots and citizens of Russia in Pridnestrovie.

5. To continue work on strengthening the representation of Pridnestrovie on authoritative international platforms by informing about Pridnestrovie, the right of the republic to self-determination and independence, the prerequisites for the formation and development of Pridnestrovian statehood.

6. To promote the implementation of measures to increase the attractiveness of Pridnestrovie for foreign citizens on tourist trips to the republic.

7. To continue work in the field of protecting the rights and interests of Pridnestrovian citizens living in the Russian Federation by means of the Official Representation of the PMR in the Russian Federation.

8. To ensure the mutual opening in 2020 of the Trade Representations of Pridnestrovie and Artsakh.

9. To organize a set of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Pridnestrovie by means of official PMR representative offices in the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia.

10. To continue systematic work to expand the number of grounds for obtaining Russian citizenship by residents of Pridnestrovie in a simplified manner.

11. To provide diplomatic measures for the conditions for the use abroad of documents issued in Pridnestrovie (through clarifications, the use of legal precedents, expert scientific research in the field of human rights). It is very important.

Tasks in the field of defense - the PMR Ministry of Defense

1. To take measures to strengthen military discipline, improve combat and ideological training.

2. Regularly conduct exercises and training camps.

3. To continue and expand the practice of organizing military service for military personnel according to the “working day” system.

4. To provide support to military servicemen who are students who simultaneously study and serve.

5. To equip the military units of the Ministry of Defense with modern training facilities, sports equipment for halls and facilities for sports.

6. Introduce scientifically based training methods into the process of combat training, apply new effective forms, methods and training aids, improve combat training methods, as well as Intensive Combined Arms Training Programs with a “survival” course.

7. To re-equip or provide military units of the Ministry of Defense with new means of communication.

 8. To provide uniforms for personnel participating in military parades on May 9 and September 2, 2020. Be sure to purchase uniforms, shoes and property necessary for the service.

9. To transfer the paperwork of the Ministry of Defense of our republic to the electronic document management system.

10. To organize sanatorium-resort recreation and treatment of veterans of military service, as well as recreation and rehabilitation of children of military personnel and civilian personnel.

11. To carry out the construction on the territory of military camps (training grounds, training centers) of structures for training on the development of combat operations in urban conditions, as well as the retrofitting of existing building elements for use in training personnel.

12. To build a 4-storey barracks for 400 people, continue construction and repair work of the park area and storage facilities with equipment, as well as a 2-storey barracks in military units, the numbers of which will be indicated to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

13. To master the Capital Investment Fund for 2020 on the repair and construction of 7 objects of the Ministry of Defense. Exercise tight control over spending money.

Tasks in the field of state security - to the PMR Ministry of State Security

1. Activate counterintelligence measures aimed at identifying, preventing and suppressing the activities of special services of foreign states and organizations aimed at causing damage to the security of Pridnestrovie.

2. To improve the complex of measures aimed at obtaining proactive information about the plans and plans of the enemy of Pridnestrovie statehood, both outside and within the state.

3. To conduct control and verification measures in the executive bodies of state power of the PMR and organizations aimed at identifying deficiencies and violations of the requirements of legislative acts in the field of state secrets protection.

4. To organize a set of measures to prevent and block foreign interference in the Pridnestrovian electoral processes as part of the planned elections to the Supreme Council and local authorities in the current year. This is a very important point. We stand for democracy. We will have open and fair elections. But the intervention of any foreign states, of any nature, is unacceptable

5. As part of the activities of the Operational Headquarters in the fight against terrorism, to concentrate the main efforts aimed at improving the joint actions of the forces and means of the Operational Headquarters, including during the training of operational groups in cities and regions on the implementation of the plan of priority measures and tactical special exercises.

6. To carry out measures to improve the protection of the state border of Pridnestrovie, to increase the level of material and technical support of border authorities, as well as the level of professional and ethical culture of behavior of military personnel providing border control at checkpoints. It is necessary to approach individually each soldier, starting from appearance, behavior and language. The frontier service is the face of the state. When entering a republic, any citizen of a foreign country encounters border guards and customs officials. This applies to both the first and the second unit.

7. To implement the state information and scientific and technical policy in the field of ensuring information security of the PMR, including using existing and introducing new engineering, technical and cryptographic means, checking the compliance of electronic signature means and means of the certification center of applicants with the relevant requirements for ensuring security protection class.

Tasks in the field of law enforcement - to the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs

1. To finalize the relevant regulatory acts and ensure the practical application in official activities of the measures defined by the Concept of Public Order and Security of the PMR for the period up to 2026.

2. To ensure the implementation in everyday official activities of special (educational) programs for the population on the formation of stereotypes of safe behavior on the streets and roads developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Pridnestrovie in 2019. I want to focus on this point especially, because it directly relates to the life of citizens. Just last year, a worldwide conference on road safety was held, at which data on road deaths were announced and ways to prevent and reduce its level were identified. About one and a half million people die every year on the roads. This is a whole war. I am absolutely convinced that these one and a half million citizens believed that this would not affect them, that it was all out there, that it was statistics, movies. But actually it is a reality, and very tragic. Ways to prevent this phenomenon have been identified. In the first place is propaganda work in preschool and school educational institutions. The general task of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to organize additional hours of campaign work. So that starting from kindergarten, from the school bench, in secondary and higher educational institutions, constant agitation is carried out on the observance of traffic rules. This will save lives. In 2020, it is necessary to provide additional conditions so that police officers together with teachers can carry out these functions. In second place is the prevention of mortality on the roads (and this is a global situation) - toughening legislation regarding the application of reactionary measures to those who maliciously violate the rules of the road. We are talking about drunk drivers, about constant violations of the rules of antenatal traffic. In principle, our legislation in this regard is stable and rather tough. It is important to fully apply it.

3. To finalize the project and implement the Road Safety Strategy in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic until 2026.

4. To carry out a set of measures for the further development of the Safe City video fixation system in the settlements of the republic in order to ensure road safety, as well as to prevent, suppress and disclose violations.

5. Conduct a comprehensive survey of the state of the entire road-street network of the republic.

6. To carry out measures to increase the level of satisfaction with the activities of the PMR internal affairs bodies based on the study of citizens' opinions (opinion polls, etc.).

7. To continue work on the law-in-draft of the PMR “On Internal Affairs Bodies”.

8. To take measures to reduce a number of unjustified detentions by quickly collecting data confirming or denying the involvement of persons in the commission of crimes.

9. To take measures provided for by the current legislation to ensure legality in the receipt, consideration and adoption of decisions on appeals of citizens and organizations.

10. To control the expenditure of the capital investment fund for 2020. In the complex, throughout the republic, it is necessary to carry out measures to identify possible abuses.

11. To master the Capital Investment Fund for 2020 regarding repair and construction of 12 objects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

I want to note that significant events are coming, mass events will be organized, a significant concentration of citizens is expected. Your task is to organize and ensure the protection of public order and security during mass events of any nature in Pridnestrovie.

Tasks in the field of justice - to the PMR Ministry of Justice   

1. To ensure the adoption of measures aimed at improving the conditions of persons serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty, improving the quality of medical care for prisoners, including participation in the implementation of state targeted programs to combat HIV infection, tuberculosis, increasing efficiency and strengthening the mechanism for conditionally - early release of convicts, optimization of the achievement of the goals of punishment. As for persons in prisons. I want to recall that the essence of the punishment in the form of imprisonment is directly in the very restriction of freedom. But to deprive the condemned of everything that is around is unacceptable. In 2019, we took the path of increasing the number of parcels to convicted. I consider that it is necessary to continue moving in this direction and to develop an even more democratic, loyal system, to change the attitude towards those people who are detained in prisons. Of course, you must consider the corresponding modes. I ask the heads of the PMR Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice to jointly develop an algorithm and a mechanism for improving the life of people held in prisons.

2. To continue to improve personnel work, namely, to tighten the requirements for moral and volitional qualities of candidates for service and employees of the penal system, to increase the level of professional training of personnel.

3. To ensure the construction of the inpatient tuberculosis building in the penal system. This is an important point. It's no secret that places of deprivation of liberty are areas of increased risk associated with the disease and the spread of tuberculosis. Therefore, there is need for the construction of this tuberculosis hospital.

4. To carry out organizational measures aimed at expanding the list of public services provided through the State Information System “Portal of Public Services of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”.

5. To complete the preparation of legislations related to the enforcement of the fourth part of the Civil Code of our republic.

6. To continue to improve the electronic automated information system, which allows bailiffs to quickly receive electronic information about debtors and their property, as well as the electronic database “Databank in enforcement proceedings”, which helps reduce time for enforcement measures on the actual execution of court decisions.

7. To establish interaction between the State Oversight Service of the Ministry of Justice with local government bodies and the Ministry of Economic Development in the implementation of state construction supervision (control), including during the construction of facilities at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund.

8. To create conditions for training and advanced training of personnel of the Ministry of Justice and subordinate structures.

9. To conduct regular monitoring of existing legislation to identify gaps and conflicts in it. Take measures to eliminate them.

10. To develop a draft new law aimed at improving legislation on enforcement proceedings, as well as the development of effective mechanisms to protect the rights of claimants.

I would like to focus on one more aspect. We are talking about the state unitary enterprise Ostrog. I ask the PMR Government and the Ministry of Economic Development to analyze the economic activity and economic indicators of this unit and, if necessary, organize its management with the participation of the management company.

Tasks in the field of investigation - to the PMR Investigative Committee   

1. To take measures to reduce a number of unjustified detentions in the manner prescribed by Art. 104 of the PMR Code of Criminal Procedure, by quickly collecting data confirming or denying the involvement of persons in the commission of crimes.

2. To reduce a number of criminal cases returned in accordance with Article 191 of the PMR Code of Criminal Procedure for additional investigation by carefully collecting and evaluating evidence, working closely with supervising prosecutors. Close cooperation between the prosecutor and the investigator, as well as maintaining the principle of checks and balances, is very important here.

3. In order to prevent the further extension of the procedural terms (terms of investigation and detention), carry out criminal proceedings within a reasonable time. There should be common sense in everything.

4. To increase the efficiency of criminal investigations of economic crimes in order to recover material damage caused to the state and citizens at the preliminary investigation stage. As for economic affairs. Here, of course, it is necessary to study and study, both for investigation officers and investigators. I suggest that the leaders of the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs jointly organize training courses for specialists on the basis of the Tiraspol Law Institute, whose activities are aimed at preventing economic offenses and crimes, prepare the teaching staff and conduct appropriate studies. I, as President, from the reports of the PMR Prosecutor, see that there are cases when an investigation officer (out of ignorance or another reason) transfers civil law relations to the field of criminal law. Here is a fine line. In order to eliminate the facts of abuse, personnel should be adequately trained in this direction. It makes sense to send for training and prosecutors who are responsible for the direction of supervision related to economic offenses and crimes.

5. To take measures provided by the current legislation to ensure legality in the receipt, consideration and adoption of decisions on appeals of citizens and organizations.

6. To provide measures for the planned professional development of the staff of the Investigative Committee.

Tasks in the field of prosecutorial supervision and control - the PMR Prosecutor's Office

1. To carry out verification activities in Government bodies and administrations with a view to observing the norms of the PMR Law “On Appeals of Citizens, Legal Entities, and Public Associations”. I strongly advise that if a citizen’s appeal is addressed to an official - the President, the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Supreme Council, and so on, everyone is obliged to personally consider these appeals. It is fundamentally. I will talk about the work of the Presidential Administration. Over the past year, as President, I considered about four thousand applications and appeals of citizens and organizations. Naturally, the apparatus works, experts, I send materials. But I read the application without fail and study the answer. I advise you to do this too. Thus, you can own the situation. It is not always possible to take a person for an appointment, but to consider his statement is clearly necessary. In addition, the PMR Prosecutor needs to continue to verify how officials receive citizens. I know that such checks were carried out, I read your ideas - I fully agree with them.

2. To carry out verification activities of public authorities and administrations regarding the use of state and municipal housing stock to identify vacant and improperly used living quarters of the state and municipal housing stock.

3. To carry out verification measures to ensure compliance by legal entities with the requirements of the current legislation of the PMR regarding the use and protection of water bodies and aquatic biological resources.

4. To carry out work to generalize the practice of consideration by the Pridnestrovian courts of civil cases in claims for compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused by unlawful actions of the bodies of inquiry, preliminary investigation, the prosecutor's office and the court. If a citizen was illegally detained and acquitted, then he has every right to moral and material compensation. This should be a disciplining factor in the work of bodies of inquiry, investigation and courts. "Do not take quarrels out of the hut" - this is not the case. If there is a fact that comes to light, we will compensate citizens for moral and material damage for the illegal actions of civil servants.

5. To use the right of legislative initiative to ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Tasks in the field of customs - to the PMR State Customs Committee  

1. In order to create the most favorable conditions for the implementation of foreign economic activity for economic agents of the republic, as well as further liberalization in the field of foreign economic activity of Pridnestrovie, to continue implementation of full electronic declaration of exported goods. As I demanded at the beginning of 2017, customs changed its philosophy, switched from performing exclusively fiscal functions to working as an advisory body. It is necessary to minimize the contact between the customs officer and the economic agent. For this, it is necessary to make maximum use of existing electronic working methods.

2. Continue to optimize customs administration procedures and increase the efficiency of the system of checkpoints across the state border of the PMR.

3. To increase the effectiveness of the control of the legality of movement across the customs border of Pridnestrovie of goods and items prohibited and restricted for circulation on the territory of Pridnestrovie. To strengthen counteraction to the turnover of synthetic narcotic drugs distributed through Internet resources. This is a common task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, state security bodies and the State Customs Committee.

4. To improve the quality of administrative proceedings in cases of administrative offenses, including by expanding the possibilities of forming the evidence base for cases of administrative offenses using information systems of customs authorities and other executive bodies of our state. I remind you that administrative offenses often have the same composition as criminal offenses. If there is no intent when committing an offense, then there can be no punishment. It is fundamentally.

5. To expand and improve online system of online counseling of citizens and participants in foreign economic activity.

Tasks in the field of communications, informatization and the media - the State Communications Service and the State Media Service

1. To provide guarantees for citizens in obtaining information by receiving television programs in a given quality by adopting and implementing a state program to ensure the completion of the full transition to digital television broadcasting in Pridnestrovie.

2. To develop amendments and addenda to the PMR Law “On Telecommunications”, which will be aimed at further systematic development and modernization of modern information and telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring the availability of telecommunication services for citizens and organizations throughout the republic.

3. To increase the transparency of the executive bodies of state power in the framework of the implementation of the corresponding Concept by conducting comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of openness.

4. In the framework of implementation of the main directions of the state information policy through the state republican mass media, carry out work on coverage:

- Directions of the state program for the support and development of entrepreneurship, including informing the public about the activities carried out under the project "Functioning of a business school", announcing and widespread coverage of the project "Buy Pridnestrovian!";

- State work in relation to the employment of citizens of the republic, as well as issues of involving young people in labor and economic activity through the preparation of articles (publications), reports and stories, video and audio clips about enterprises creating favorable working conditions, providing social security and professional growth for employees; successful stories of the development of individual entrepreneurship. (I will give a few figures for the end of 2019. If we started 2017 with an unemployment rate of 5-6%, then today the unemployment rate is 1.9%. This is, in principle, a good indicator. Nevertheless, we should not to stop at what has been achieved, we must create new jobs. The most important thing is to show that anyone can take place in our republic: labor dynasties, individual entrepreneurship, successful enterprises - all this);

- a positive component of all professions, including informing the population about the country's demand for workers, the announcement and subsequent coverage of job fairs, which has become a tradition in our republic, the preparation of articles (publications), reports and stories, video and audio clips about successful examples of self-realization in the workplace, work dynasties;

- traditional family values ​​and strengthening the institution of the family;

- information about Pridnestrovie as an investment and tourist attractive country. With the help of mass media of any nature, we must attract attention and gain the trust of investors and foreign citizens, which will allow us to increase the tourist attractiveness of the republic at times. In 2019, tourism has intensified significantly. I hope for the same movement this year;

- support and development of sports, healthy lifestyles as part of the Year of Health Action Plan.

5. To prepare a series of publications and programs dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 30th anniversary of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Tasks in the field of administration - To the Government of Pridnestrovie

1. To continue work on optimizing the provision of public services, reducing administrative barriers, and translating public services into electronic form.

2. To continue work on improving the control and supervision activities, including through the development of regulations for the implementation of state control (supervision) in the areas under control.

Tasks in the field of archival and documentation - the State Service for Documentation and Archives Management

1. Creation of the Pridnestrovian Insurance Fund - an electronic database.

2. Transition to the system of state accounting of the Archival Fund of Pridnestrovie according to the system operating in the Russian Federation.

3. Technical re-equipment of the Central State Archive of Audiovisual and Electronic Documents of Pridnestrovie and the state archives of Pridnestrovie.

4. Development of informatization (digitalization) of the archival business of the republic: improving the site, the information retrieval system of documents of the Pridnestrovian Archival Fund.

5. Improving the research and educational work of the state archives, including the creation of the Pridnestrovian Memorial. In principle, we are talking about digitalization of archives. Archive is an important area of ​​activity of the state. The archive stabilizes the story and makes it possible to touch it. Not to mention that this is just an elementary manifestation of a citizen’s attitude to the state. Paper is great, but you need to digitalize all the archives. This is difficult work, but it must be started.

Tasks in the field of organization of the electoral process - Central Election Commission

1. Organize the preparation and conduct of elections of deputies of the Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie and local Councils of People’s Deputies, chairmen of Councils - heads of administrations of villages and towns on a single voting day on November 29 of this year, ensuring maximum openness and transparency of the electoral process.

2. Together with state authorities, local self-government and the mass media, provide broad information to voters about the election campaign, voting and election results in accordance with the requirements of the Pridnestrovian electoral law.

3. Implement a set of measures for the legal education of young people and future voters, including through the inclusion of young citizens in members of election commissions.

A very important aspect is the interaction of state authorities and government in order to ensure electoral processes. If necessary, gather relevant meetings and attract the necessary specialists in this part.

Economic self-sufficiency

Tasks in the field of economy, finance, industry - the PMR Government, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance

1. To ensure the implementation of the state budget, as well as the formation of the fiscal policy, taking into account the transition to a development budget.

2. To continue cooperation with the Russian Federation in the areas of expanding exports to the Russian market, including through signing agreements with Russian regions, eliminating restrictions and resolving problematic issues in the implementation of Pridnestrovian exports. If we are talking about Russia, it is necessary to have more contacts with the regions. This is an important area, for obvious reasons it is easier to implement than work with the center.

3. To ensure the preservation of the preferential regime of foreign trade of Pridnestrovian enterprises in the European Union market.

4. To continue work aimed at reducing barriers in foreign economic activity, activities to minimize risks associated with the full functioning of the joint Moldovan-Ukrainian control at the checkpoint “Pervomaisk-Kuchurgan”, including within the framework of the work of the negotiation groups of Moldova and Pridnestrovie on economic issues.

5. To continue to implement the mechanism of preferential lending to economic agents of the republic in compliance with the principle of priority support for industries and agriculture, as well as the implementation of previously adopted roadmaps to improve the business environment, support for exports, create new jobs and provide employment for the population of the republic.

6. To continue to attract investment in the economy of the republic, support the implementation of investment priority projects in accordance with the PMR Law “On state support of investment activities”.

7. To ensure the effective implementation of new legislation on public procurement in order to optimize state budget expenditures.

8. To continue implementation and strengthen control over the implementation of reconstruction and modernization of social and communal infrastructure with the involvement of public control. This is obligatory. It is generally a question of implementing a capital investment fund program. As shown in 2019, the involvement of public control, non-profit organizations and other public collectives and organizations made sense. Public control allows us to see what is happening on the ground. Work must be continued in 2020.

9. To strengthen control over the timely implementation of programs for the development of the road industry on public roads, for the repair and reconstruction of sidewalks of settlements, as well as for the improvement of territories of educational organizations and socio-cultural institutions.

10. Particular attention should be paid to providing rural settlements and rural territories with electricity, water, heat, gas, and sanitation.

11. To continue the repair of networks and systems of electricity, water, heat, gas, wastewater. It's about urban areas. With tight controls.

12. To ensure the implementation of the activities of the Tourism Support and Development Program for 2019-2026, primarily aimed at developing a legal framework on tourism that will meet the current context and objectives of the integrated development of tourism.

13. To continue work on improving and implementing information technologies in the work of tax authorities in order to improve the quality and efficiency of interaction between tax authorities and taxpayers - individuals and legal entities - when calculating and paying taxes and other obligatory payments to budgets of various levels and the state extra-budgetary fund, reducing paperwork and the time of the provision of public services.

14. To continue the implementation of the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project in the cities and regions of the republic.

15. To carry out the repair of roads and sidewalks using local building materials, using modern technology.

16. To master the funds allocated for the repair of sidewalks, sites at the objects of education, culture, sports, health care. Apply not asphalting, but new technologies: it is either tile or concreting. The Government should create a standard prescribing that each outlet that sells Pridnestrovian products should have the appropriate information: “Made in Pridnestrovie”, or “Buy Pridnestrovian!”  Or “Pridnestrovian quality” - whatever you like, call it the main thing that citizens saw Pridnestrovian goods on the shelves of our stores. What's the point? Take products, for example, Kamenka cannery. "Gold apple". It is written in English. Elderly woman, passing by, completely does not understand that these are Pridnestrovian products. She thinks this is an imported product. She searches for native, does not find it and buys Ukrainian, which is closer, so to speak, in mentality. Our products must be distinguished. It is high time that we already deal with these issues and oblige all taxpayers working in the field of trade to allocate local products.

Tasks in the agricultural sector - to the PMR Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources  

1. To continue to implement the concept of agricultural development, including providing support to producers of milk, meat, vegetables and fruits in order to ensure food security and import. I am convinced that the contents of the consumer basket can be fully grown in Pridnestrovie. It is necessary to move in this direction, and every year should be a step forward on this path. Those involved in the production of domestic agricultural products should be given assistance and support.

2. To continue in 2020 the implementation of the Plan of Measures for the Inventory of Land Resources of Pridnestrovie, the introduction of global satellite navigation systems technologies used in the field of surveying, as well as automation of the state land cadastre. The land cadastre has become just a byword. This direction is under tight control. Concrete results are needed. Unsubscribing is not allowed.

3. To continue implementation of measures aimed at the conservation, rational use and restoration of aquatic biological resources and natural systems.

4. To continue to work with the authorities of the Russian Federation to provide support regarding the development of the land reclamation complex of the republic, obtaining credit resources for the development of agricultural producers.

5. To carry out work to strengthen the dam between Tiraspol and Sukleya. This year, these works must be carried out without fail. This is a section from the ferry in Tiraspol to Sukleya. This is a very weak, vulnerable area. In the event of a maximum rise in water, we put at risk of flooding part of the city of Tiraspol and Sukleya.

What else would I like to draw attention to: it is necessary to conduct an audit of agricultural land that is on a long-term lease from agricultural enterprises. We need to check for the prudence of the use of this land. The growth of ragweed and other weed plants is unacceptable. If such facts are revealed, it is necessary to take effective measures in accordance with the law with the subsequent transfer of these lands to the redistribution fund.

Social justice

Tasks in the field of social protection, pensions and youth support - to the PMR Government, the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor

1. To continue and improve targeted support for social groups.

2. To continue to implement the measures of the state target program “Equal Opportunities” for 2019-2022.

3. To continue targeted support for pensioners with income below the subsistence level.

4. To provide support to youth and young families in terms of housing acquisition.

5. To promote the modernization of the infrastructure of correctional institutions.

6. To carry out activities to popularize family values ​​in society and strengthen the institution of the family (production of printed materials, conducting optional classes in educational institutions on the topic of family and parenting, organization of round tables on the topic of strengthening the family and promoting family values). It is very important. During the summer holidays, which emphasize family values, all the heads of administrations need to hold thematic festivals.

7. To ensure the timely payment of pensions and benefits, Russian supplements to the pension (as they become available).

8. To master the Capital Investment Fund regarding construction and completion of repairs at facilities for people with disabilities. This year we must complete work at facilities that are significant for people with disabilities. I focus on the sports complex in the city of Tiraspol and the rehabilitation institution in Dubossary.

Tasks in the healthcare sector - PMR Ministry of Health

Health is the most talked topic. I see positive changes. The tasks that will be set today are called upon to intensify movement in this direction.

1. To approve and start the implementation of the Pridnestrovian Healthcare Development Concept for 2020-2027, taking into account the need to strengthen the primary medical link and create a rational infrastructure of medical institutions.

The concept should not be adopted "in a dark room" in the office. This should happen in public. Therefore, I recommended that the draft Concept be discussed in cities and districts with local city councils and specialists, prepared for discussion at the presidential venue with the participation of chief physicians and public organizations. We will definitely accept it. But work on the document must be public.

2. To review the system of remuneration of medical personnel from July 1, 2020 in order to increase employee motivation and improve the quality of medical care.

3. To upgrade the equipment of medical institutions, including through the capital investment fund.

4. To carry out activities aimed at the prevention of diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyle.

5. To continue implementation of the program for the treatment of patients outside Pridnestrovie, including those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Yes, we are a poor country. But a person’s life cannot be measured in rubles. As for cardiovascular disease, it is very difficult to switch to new equipment at once, using an angiograph with the help of appropriate specialists, although this should be sought. We took the path of concluding contractual relations with the respective clinics of Moldova. I am grateful to the initiators for this step. As a result, last year we managed to save about 180 lives of our citizens. Our task is to deliver the patient on time. For its implementation, ambulances were purchased. I also remind you that all surgical interventions in this case - shunting and so on - are carried out at the expense of the budget of our republic. For information: shunt procedures surgery costs from 30 to 50 thousand lei each. All this is paid for by the Pridnestrovian state. But we are not talking about money now, we are talking about people, about their lives.

6. To develop and approve clinical guidelines.

7. To continue implementation of the retraining program. We are talking about postgraduate training at the Faculty of Medicine of PSU.

8. To master the Capital Investment Fund in the construction and repair of 22 health facilities.

Tasks in the field of education, science, culture, youth policy and sports - to the Ministry of Education, the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage, the State Service for Sports

1. To ensure further harmonization of the educational standards of Pridnestrovie and Russia.

2. To increase the level of technical equipment of educational institutions of the republic.

3. To increase the effectiveness of the activities of the Supreme Advisory Council on Science and Technology under the President of our republic.

4. To carry out work on the creation of the Center for Management of Scientific Activities under the PMR Government, which will be empowered to monitor the activities of research laboratories and analyze the effectiveness of the fulfillment of government orders.

5. To take measures to increase the income of scientists with a degree. At this point I want to focus the attention of the PMR Government, PSU and the Supreme Council. I see the need to increase material incentives for specialists with a Ph.D. degree. It is right. Now, too, there are surcharges, but I believe that they are small. If a scientific degree is obtained academically and awarded by the relevant state body, then, of course, we should consider the possibility of increasing the level of material incentives by two to three times. This is a small amount for the republic, but good support from scientists, significant for the development of science as a whole.

6. To continue to consolidate the resources of business, the state and the education sector in the implementation of a practice-oriented (dual) training system for the economy of the republic.

7. To ensure the active involvement of youth in volunteerism through the implementation of the Republican youth educational project "School of Volunteer".

8. To prepare and conduct the Pridnestrovian Youth Forum “Tiras 2020”.

9. To hold the First Pedagogical Forum.

10. To continue work on the international positioning of Pridnestrovie, the organization of exchange, touring and other activities carried out by cultural organizations and aimed at maintaining a single cultural space, as well as continue to establish professional ties with creative universities of the Russian Federation.

11. To create a new national system of physical education and sports education of the population.

12. To develop a set of measures on the external direction of the development of international cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports, building up and strengthening cooperation in order to improve the image of sports.

13. To continue the implementation of sports projects “President for a healthy lifestyle”, “Leather ball”.

14. To carry out installation and maintenance of sports grounds and children's camps.

15. To utilize the funds of the Capital Investment Fund for 2020 regarding the construction and repair of 22 kindergartens, 25 schools, 6 houses of culture. This is a very impressive amount. If today we have already repaired 65 schools, add 25 - this will already be two-thirds. If 52 kindergartens have been repaired today, add another 22 - that's more than a half. Our goal is to completely complete the repair of all kindergartens, preschool and school educational institutions, and cultural centers. I think, implementing the capital investment fund program, in two or three years we will get a 100% result.

16. To conduct a series of educational events (lectures) in the PMR educational organizations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 30th anniversary of the republic (including within the framework of the projects “We Pridnestrovians”, “Young Patriot of Pridnestrovie”, “Heirs of Victories”)

17. To take measures to provide educational literature for special (corrective) educational organizations.

Tasks in the field of environmental activity - the State Service for Ecological Control and Environmental Protection

1. Implementation of measures aimed at conducting state environmental control (supervision) to protect and preserve aquatic biological resources, subsoil resources, hunting and forest resources.

Unfortunately, in 2019, and to a greater extent in 2017-2018, there were facts of controversial deforestation. I say “controversial” because everyone tried to pull the rule of law, which supposedly allowed it to be done. There is a decree of the President in this regard. Any deforestation should be carried out in strict coordination with local authorities in the field. That is, local councils must sign a permit to cut down green spaces that are in their area of ​​responsibility. Thus, we will be able to further minimize the abuses that have taken place. We do not have much forest, therefore it is unacceptable to sell the forest practically for nothing to neighboring states.

2. Development of draft normative legal acts governing the implementation of a risk-based approach to the implementation of the functions of control (supervision) over the observance of Pridnestrovian environmental legislation by business entities, in order to ensure inspections of precisely those entities that cause significant harm to the environment and exemption from scheduled inspections of entities without hazardous industries and waste. That is, it is not necessary to turn ecology into an element of blackmail and coercion. Let conscientious work. Those who have harmful production should be constantly monitored and supervised. Everything is very simple.

3. In terms of establishing standards for air, water, soil and other important environmental characteristics corresponding to the safe level of the impact of these media on human health, to complete research work on the development of a consolidated volume of maximum permissible emissions with the formation of analytical tables based on the results of calculation of dispersion of harmful substances from sources of emissions from industrial enterprises of cities and regions of our republic and the development of a set of measures to improve the state of atmospheric air.

Ecology is an important element of the life of any state. Pridnestrovie, fortunately, differs from many territories of the post-Soviet space in this context for the better. We must continue to work. This work is for the benefit of children, grandchildren, our future.

Tasks in the field of regional policy - State administrations of cities and regions of the republic

1. Implementation of programs and projects for the overhaul of the housing stock, social and cultural facilities, landscaping, as well as programs for the development of the road industry on municipal roads (we are talking about capital investments, overhaul, development of material and technical base, execution of voters' orders, etc.).

2. Implementation of existing and creation of new programs of social significance (providing housing for orphans and children left without parental care; compensation for contributions necessary to treat and maintain a decent lifestyle; payment of material assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and people with disabilities, as well as to participants of military operations to defend our republic).

I would also like to focus on the issue of providing housing. 2019 was a successful year in terms of the introduction of new residential buildings. About 450 apartments of the housing stock were commissioned. This is a good contribution to the development of the housing sector of our republic, especially considering the fact that these apartments were received by public sector employees. We created the conditions for the purchase of housing through loans, and everyone could buy an apartment at our own expense. This work must be continued. It is necessary to finish all the unfinished cities and districts of our republic. Unfortunately, there are few of them, very few. It would be more - in this situation it would be better. This is the first. The second is the joint work of the Government of the PMR and the Supreme Council regarding the adoption of the law on support for young families. It is about creating a mechanism for the acquisition by young professionals and public sector workers of housing in the secondary market.

3. To carry out work on the development and support of the infrastructure of settlements, on the maintenance and proper care of recreational infrastructure (parks, squares, fountains) and cleaning of common areas: stop pavilions, children's playgrounds and sports grounds, landscaping of cities, villages and towns.

4. Work on the tourist attractiveness of the areas, develop tourism infrastructure.

5. To develop the sphere of entertainment and recreation. To increase the level of cultural and mass work in cities and regions, including through competitions, concerts, festivals, and other public events, activating the work of enterprises in the field of entertainment and recreation.

6. To exercise due control over the utilization of funds for the construction and repair of capital investment fund facilities for the current year in the jurisdictional territories.

7. In Tiraspol, by September 2, complete the construction and commission the Catherine Park (with full readiness of the entire infrastructure). Park zones, this is cosiness, this is an internal maintenance of any city, any area. I am glad that in our republic parks are being built not only of a central nature, but also on the periphery. This work should be continued so that every resident of the PMR, anyone who came to Pridnestrovie, could relax and enjoy their stay in our republic. This is a very important area.

Tasks in the judicial sphere - to the Supreme, Arbitration, Constitutional Courts

1. To take measures to significantly increase the selection criteria for candidates for judges, consultants, court clerks, and constantly work to improve their qualifications.

2. To take measures to reduce the burden on judges by understaffing the city, district courts.

3. To take urgent measures to comply with the requirements of the Law of PMR of March 26, 2013. “On ensuring access to information on the activities of the courts of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”, with the aim of promptly informing the courts of all interested parties about the results of the consideration of specific cases, as well as the active interaction of the courts with the media.

4. To take measures to create “mobile justice”, “electronic justice”, introduce software for analytical support of activities, scan all documents submitted to the courts, as well as create electronic files and an electronic file of court cases. This is painstaking and difficult work, but it needs to be started sometime. I think this year is the time.

5. To create the necessary conditions for the administration of justice, that is, to ensure the placement of courts in buildings that meet modern requirements, the provision of court buildings with the required safety and security equipment.

6. To implement measures to create appropriate conditions for the implementation of high-quality examinations that are carried out by the Ministry of Justice of our republic.

7. To develop a draft law on the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court.

8. To develop a draft law on the qualification collegiums of judges and courts of Pridnestrovie.

Milestones of the Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie

1. To accept amendments and additions to the Rules of Procedure of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in terms of improving the activities of the legislative authority.

2. To adopt a law on the implementation of the Tax Code before the end of the spring-summer session of the Supreme Council of the PMR, that is, in this session. It requires interaction with the Government of Pridnestrovie. Create a commission, work on specialized sites, but this work must be completed.

3. To ensure compliance with deadlines when considering legislations.

4. To develop and adopt a Resolution of the Supreme Council on an amnesty dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Pridnestrovie. I think we need one amnesty that will cover these two dates.

5. To carry out legislative improvement of the procurement procedure within the framework of the PMR Law “On Procurement in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” in order to ensure openness, transparency and effectiveness of procurement procedures, as well as the efficient spending of state budget funds and extrabudgetary sources of financing. That is, as this law is implemented, analyze and make proposals, if necessary, on a targeted change in the law.

6. To develop the State target program "Development of the system of additional education" (for the necessary period) in order to ensure sustainable functioning and further development of the system of additional education.

7. To continue the implementation of the state program to provide housing for orphans, children left without parental care, persons from among orphans and children left without parental care.

8. To continue the implementation of the allocation of funds allocated for the payment of guaranteed restored savings of citizens.

9. Together with the Government of Pridnestrovie, to develop and implement mechanisms aimed at increasing business activity and growth of the real sector of the economy.

10. To increase the volume of financing allocated for financing the development of the road industry, according to the situation that will develop in the economy.

11. To create a state program for the formation of a land cadastre.

I voiced more than 170 points - tasks for execution. By and large, they are all reflected in the Development Strategy of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. This is all the current daily work. I ask for the personal participation and personal responsibility of each official for the benefit of the development of our statehood, economy, and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens. Nobody will do anything except us. How we will work, what responsibility we will have, such will be the result. Nothing more. There are many external factors: world crises, phenomena that are individual for Pridnestrovie, but there are also internal aspects, the implementation of which is in our power. This is ensuring peace and the rule of law, economic stability, environmental security, anti-corruption activities, social security. It all depends on us. Therefore, I am deeply convinced that when fulfilling the tasks set, implementing the provisions of the Development Strategy and proper monitoring, we will succeed. I have no doubt about that.

I consider it necessary to focus on such an important element of the work of state authorities and Government as the interaction of the executive, supreme, executive branches of government, other institutions of our republic, and the President as well. I welcome competition and criticism - the intelligent, constructive one that drives society forward. Therefore, please interact at all possible levels and platforms for the sake of one thing - for the development of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. I emphasize once again the personal responsibility of each official. An important point: personal interaction with citizens and public associations. Personally, nothing else: this is the key to success and awareness. Another aspect is tight control over budget spending.

I am convinced that everything that is said today will bring the embodiment of our state idea closer to implementation.