The provision of medicines under control of the President

The President in the course of discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters, asked about provision of the health care system with medicines, protective equipment and other medical products necessary for effective fight against coronavirus. According to the Minister of Health, there are 16000 antigen tests, protective overalls and protective overshoe covers - 3100 sets, 300000 disposable masks, 230000 gloves, 70000 respirators in the department's reserve warehouse. Another 27000 respirators were delivered to hospitals. With regard to anti-coronavirus drugs: 729 packages of hydroxychloroquine, 300 packages of ivermectin, 16700 vials of levofloxacin and 35000 of heparin were distributed among hospitals. New deliveries of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, arbidol, meropenem, levofloxacin, azithromycin, remdisivir, dexamethasone are expected. Kristina Albul said that 19100 enoxaparin syringes arrived in the republic on Friday.

The President, having listened to the minister's report, recalled his demand to replenish stocks of medicines and means of individual protection in advance and also focused on the fact that many drugs used by the PMR Ministry of Health are of Chinese origin. It is necessary to think over, order and pay for everything necessary in advance, considering that the country manufacturer will celebrate the New Year holidays in February, the President instructed.

They also talked at the meeting about nutrition in hospitals. The Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova informed the President that he and his colleagues had inspected some objects. Taking into account the claims previously expressed by citizens, special attention was paid to the RCH. The inspectors noted the diversity of the menu and the good quality of food preparation at the republican hospital. They also discussed today the progress in the implementation of the outsourcing system in medical institutions. There are still issues with conclusion of contracts with specialized companies for the supply of ready-made food to hospitals, but they are being resolved on the operating level.