New life of the old park

The capital park, formerly known to residents of Tiraspol as the Kirov Park, has changed its appearance and name. Now it is called Pokrovsky, which fully corresponds to its past and present. This territory once housed the largest cemetery in the city - the cathedral cemetery, but in the 30s of the last century, the graves, including the defenders – soldiers and officers of the 55th Podolsk Infantry Regiments and 56th Zhytomyr Regiments, were razed to the ground, a park zone was laid down. Much later, already in the current century, when the park lost its former attractiveness and tidiness, the decision made was recognized as a historical injustice. Construction of the Church of the Presentation of the Lord and the Vvedensky Pakhomiev nunnery was started in the complex to correct it, erected an entrance group with Orthodox bells. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky met on the site of a church under construction with Archbishop Sawa of Dubossary, fully supporting the idea of ​​creating religious objects in this place.

As for the park as a whole, a kind of patronage over it was taken by the Ministry of the Interior located next door. Militiamen improved the territory during the year. Obsolete green spaces have been cleaned here, hundreds of trees and shrubs have been planted, a car parking has been arranged, central alleys and paths leading from four sides to the park are paved with paving slabs, lanterns, benches, and trash cans have been installed. An important component of the park infrastructure is sports and games: there is a sector for outdoor exercise in strength sports, as well as a children's playground, equipped with outdoor exercise machines. Sanitary and hygienic unit has been thought out for comfortable stay of citizens in the leisure area. About three million rubles were spent on the reconstruction of the park. Basically, these are funds of gratuitous assistance from representatives of the city's business community.

Today the Pridnestrovian militiamen officially handed over the renewed park to the city authorities. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky took part in the festive event. The President expressed gratitude to everyone who, by virtue of their capabilities, assisted in the implementation of this socially significant project, which, according to Vadim Krasnoselsky, is not only infrastructural, but also cultural and historical.

The participants in the ceremony – the President, the city administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, employees and veterans of the internal affairs bodies – examined the reconstructed park. From the point of view of departmental affiliation, it is urban, but the militia deservedly feel at home in it, moreover, as good owners, they were noted during the walk. Access of citizens and guests of the capital to the Pokrovsky Park is free. To ensure the safety of visitors on its territory, as well as to keep the park infrastructure intact and safe, video surveillance cameras were installed around its perimeter, integrated into the Safe City system.