The republic is ready to treat citizens in hospital conditions despite the increase in morbidity

It is necessary to promptly provide new bases for the isolation and treatment of COVID-19 patients, taking into consideration that the hospital network with coronavirus profile, even taking into account the additionally deployed areas (2394 beds, 1790 of which are in level II hospitals), is 94% full in Pridnestrovie. Potential addresses were discussed at in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. A week later, sleeping quarters in the separate buildings of the Cadet Corps and the Suvorov Military School should be ready to receive patients (the pupils will begin their studies remotely at the end of the holidays). It will be possible to accommodate 330 people on the territory of each of these educational institutions. The ministries that are subordinate to the institutions were instructed to prepare the premises, provide catering and public order, the Ministry of Health - to fill the branches of hospitals with personnel. It was noted that 1511 people are currently involved in anti-coronavirus activities out of 10000 representatives of the healthcare sector of Pridnestrovie (232 doctors, 605 mid-level workers, 674 representatives of junior medical personnel), that is, there is a reserve for the formation of a staff of new units. At the same time, it is important not to lose staff due to infection of employees of medical institutions, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. There are many such cases: 236 employees of health care facilities were infected with coronavirus in October-November.

The "Solnechny" dispensary in Dnestrovsk (the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs) is ready to receive patients. It can accommodate 150 people. The institution will be provided with personnel by the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the expense of employees of its medical department. Asymptomatic patients will be delivered here from Dnestrovsk and Slobozeya. Repair and construction work has been completed in the building of a children's clinic in Rybnitsa. It is planned to deploy 160 hospital beds there. Additional furniture has already been delivered. It will not be possible to admit patients until the smell of paints and varnishes used in the repair disappears. The building of the local political technical school is being considered as an option for placing carriers of the virus. Its capacity is 140 beds. In case of emergency, another 100 residents of Rybnitsa can be isolated in the premises of a former kindergarten in Griboyedov Street that have been idle for five years. The bed capacity is also expanding in Kamenka. Totally, at the moment, objects for additional accommodation of about 1200 sick Pridnestrovians have been thought out in the republic. Their introduction into operation in a new status will increase the existing bed fund by 70%.