Vadim Krasnoselsky talked with participants of “The Heirs of Victories” rally

The autumn rally of participants in of “The Heirs of Victories” rally movement has become a tradition. Young people, like a year ago, gathered on the site of the Dniester Dawns recreation camp. The four-day rally brought together more than four hundred people — schoolchildren, pupils of Suvorov military college, cadets, students of secondary special and higher educational institutions — assembled in 29 groups. The program includes meetings, competitions, contests, passing the Ready for Labor and Defense norms. Today, the young people talked with the Vadim Krasnoselsky. Discussion with the PMR President is also a tradition. Vadim Krasnoselsky began the conversation by emphasizing his own interest in this kind of dialogue. “I am interested in meeting with young people, with the public. They provide an opportunity to hear your opinion on various aspects, compare it with mine, analyze it, possibly take it into account when making certain decisions”, said the President.

Hourly meeting in the open air allowed discussing a dozen questions that interest young people. They talked about the prospects of recognizing the republic, relations with neighboring states, ways of involving the population in a healthy lifestyle, the situation in healthcare, updating social infrastructure, pricing - the reasons for the difference in prices for the same product and government measures to prices checking. Young heirs of victories asked about the support of young professionals and young families, the prospects for the growth of scholarships and salaries, the reality of employment in the republic, the essence and reality of participation in the affordable housing program. The President, answering every question in detail, dispelled rumors, for example, that the military service life on conscription would be increased to 1 year and 8 months. The Commander-in-Chief of the PMR Armed Forces assured that today there is no talk of increasing the period of military service in the army. Exactly one year - this period is prescribed by law, and it is quite enough for the appropriate training of a young man, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. He recalled that there is a combined - military conscription and contract - form of service in the armed forces of Pridnestrovie, which Vadim Krasnoselsky considers the most optimal. Mobilization resource is extremely important for ensuring the country's security, which is repeatedly confirmed by history, including the example of the Great Patriotic War, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. At the same time, he encouraged the children to respect the lessons of the past with respect and attention. “Learn the story. It teaches us a lot. Reading books based on historical facts, you can find answers to many questions”, said the President.

Returning to the topic of modern army, Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the reform that brought positive changes and spoke about further plans for the development of the republic’s armed forces. The main achievement, he believes, is the return of young people's confidence in the army, their interest in military service.

They asked the President about his attitude to the Cossacks and how he sees the future of Cossacks. Vadim Krasnoselsky said that he refers to this with great respect, considering the Cossacks to be true defenders of the homeland. “There were times when the Cossacks were subjected to repression. Fortunately, they are in the past. Today, the Cossacks, as before, are defenders of its borders”, said the President. He spoke about the culture and richness of the traditions of the Cossacks, which deserve preservation and development.

Not a single question was devoted today to the technical equipment of educational institutions. The young people are waiting not only for new computers, but also, for example, work machines. Student of Technical College named after Gagarin said that the "youngest" machine in their educational institution was 1961. The President took control of the issue of updating college equipment for practical classes.

Another question, the answer to which was the presidential order, is about the fate of the memorial sign “Glory to Labor”, established in Soviet times in the Sholkovy (Silk) district of Bendery. Vadim Krasnoselsky was told that the monument was damaged. The problem will be indicated to the head of the local administration.

Concluding the meeting, Vadim Krasnoselsky returned to where he started the conversation, noting that today's discussion was yet another confirmation of the value of communication with young people. He said that the formation of youth policy without taking into account the views of youth itself is impossible. He also focused on the fact that the development of society, taking into account the interests and needs of the younger generation, was given special attention in Strategy-2026. This program document spells out the three-component state idea of ​​Pridnestrovie - strengthening independence, further forming the community of “Pridnestrovian people” and building a socially oriented state with a market economy.

Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to the interlocutors for the conversation and for the fact that, as participants in the patriotic movement “The Heirs of Victories”, they form this ideology.