The issues related to the provision of the educational process under quarantine conditions were discussed at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters

The COVID-19 incidence of illness in children was discussed at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. 17 cases were registered per day only the day before: coronavirus was detected in six kindergarten pupils, 9 schoolchildren and two children who do not attend educational institutions. These statistics confirm the feasibility of the decision to temporarily transform the educational process. The distance mode, introduced before December 1 for the middle and senior levels of the school and the entire student community, will minimize the circle of children’s contacts. Technical preparation for remote studies is being actively pursued. A specially created platform is filled with lessons. Availability is 87%. An important component of activities in this direction is registration of students, which is necessary to ensure their participation in the learning process not only in guest mode, but also in an interactive mode. The administrators faced the problem of providing incorrect email addresses for schoolchildren. Parents are asked to take a responsible approach to this issue.

Another problematic aspect is the lack of communication facilities necessary for full inclusion in studies at a distance, in 5% of Pridnestrovian schoolchildren. The Ministry of Education is considering options for solutions. In addition, the President raised the issue of providing large families with technical means, in which several schoolchildren are being brought up. The task was set to collect and analyze information on this matter for making further decisions.

The possibility of keeping primary school pupils in the schedule (they will attend schools after the holidays) lessons of the second official and foreign languages was discussed today. The Operational Headquarters to reduce the circle of contacts of children decided earlier that pupils during the quarantine period should have only one teacher - the major one. So that students do not lose their accumulated knowledge, permission has been given to organize distance learning.

As for small schools, a generally accepted mechanism will operate: 1-4 grades are at school, 5-11 - at a distance. Exceptional cases are considered individually with a decision made at the level of the Operational Headquarters and the President.