The material and technical support of the process of teaching children, safe from a sanitary and epidemiological point of view was discussed at the meeting with the President

The President in the course of the conference call was informed about the state of affairs with provision of schools with computer equipment and accompanying elements necessary for the launch of the distance learning system. The total need is 1934 computers (cost 11.8 million rubles). 504 of them have already been installed in 71 schools and educational institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. All these educational institutions are provided with high-speed Internet. 1400 all-in-one PCs are expected to arrive in the republic in the near future.

They mentioned during the discussion the fact that coronavirus hospital was deployed on the basis of the Suvorov School, in connection with which the question was asked: about the expediency of allocating computers for this educational institution at this stage. Vadim Krasnoselsky explained that sleeping buildings are allocated for the COVID hospital, while the administrative building that is at a distance, retains its functionality. At the end of the holidays, the teaching and officer staff will begin the educational process in a remote mode, for which new computers are installed.

Another important issue is the manufacture and installation of air recirculators in the premises of educational institutions. They are produced in Pridnestrovie. The model fully complies with established requirements: it provides 70% air disinfection of 160 cubic meters of air (in a standard classroom, its volume is 60 cubic meters). These technical devices are purchased for all schools of the republic, institutions of additional education, rehabilitation and training and vocational guidance centers - totally 4648 units. The first batch (549 pieces) has already been tested. Based on the opinion of users, the unit produced by the Bendery plant "Potential" has been improved. The productivity of the enterprise is 800 units per month. Thus, the estimated deadline for execution of state order to provide all schools in the republic with recirculators is about six months. It was noted that applications for manufacture of air purifiers come not only from educational institutions, but also from various organizations.

Germicidal lamps (3436 irradiators) are installed in kindergartens.