The issue of the Road Fund-2021 formation was discussed at the meeting under the President

The President held a meeting with the leadership and representatives of the PMR Government, the Supreme Council, heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic. The working conversation is organized in the format of a video conference. One of the issues on the agenda is the formation of the PMR Road Fund for the next year. The project was presented by the Deputy Chairman of the PMR Government Sergey Obolonik. The planned revenues, due to which this trust fund will be filled, will amount to 174.8 million rubles according to current calculations. At the same time, 64.3 million of them are a reserve, which in case of emergency is supposed to be used for other purposes. That is, the planned limit for the implementation of the road industry development program in the coming year is 110 million rubles. This is almost two times less than this year, and is incomparable with the real need for funds necessary for complete infrastructural transformation of the Pridnestrovian road network (it is 4.5 billion rubles). One of the main reasons for the cost cuts planned under the Road Fund is significant government spending on the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. This year, the Road Fund has become one of the sources of funding for the costs associated with the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. It will be reserve in this direction in 2021 as well. But this is a last resort. Roads must be repaired and maintained, the meeting emphasized. It is extremely important in the current circumstances to find the most optimal mechanism for allocating funds. Now cities and regions are allocated money in proportion to the mileage. The meeting participants said that this principle is justified when it comes to the maintenance of roads, but not in the context of construction and repair roads. It is necessary to take into account the load - freight traffic, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted. The road in Panina street is indicated as an example in Bendery. Despite the municipal inventory belonging, this overpass is of state importance and is actively used by residents of the whole republic and by transit transport. The President instructed to return to the issue of including this facility in the program for next year, noting that he will take personal control over the development of the allocated funds. The President was informed that the examination of the bridge had already been carried out, and not only by local, but also by St. Petersburg specialists. He was recognized as emergency. The estimate is being prepared by the Pridnestrovian Design Institute. The document should be ready in December.

The following information was announced during the discussion of the distribution of funds from the Road Fund: it is planned to spend 43.9 million rubles on public roads of municipal property, 13.2 million rubles for the repair and reconstruction of sidewalks, 1.4 million for the arrangement of the sewer network, and modernization of traffic lights objects one million, arrangement of the territories of cultural and social institutions - 6.2 million rubles. The total amount of estimated costs for the repair and maintenance of the state-run road fund is 39.7 million: roads - 36 million, sidewalks - 3.7 million rubles. A little more than a million is planned, according to the government project will be allocated to carry out expert reviews of projects, including for bridge structures. All these figures have not been approved yet. They are discussed in working order. The President is called to pay increased attention to this issue.