Meeting of the President with representatives of religious confessions was held at the Presidential Executive Office

Dialogue with representatives of various religious movements was initiated by the PMR President. The Head of the Tiraspol-Dubossary Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Archbishop Sawa, Rector of the Catholic parish of the Holy Trinity Father Peter (Kushman) and the secretary of the Bishop of the Chisinau Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church Petr Ciobanu, Dean of the Old Believer Eparchy of the Eparchy arrived Mother of God (Chisinau) father Andrei (Wozniuc), Head of the Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the Republic of Moldova Bishop Nikolay (Voziyan), responsible pastor of the evangelical istian Baptist of Moldova in Pridnestrovie Kuz'minskii Peter, chief rabbi of Kishinev and Moldova Yosev Abelskaya Rav, Rabbi of the Jewish Community RM Shimshon Daniel Isakson and Director of the Jewish Community charity and cultural center "Hesed" Anna Kondrashchenko participated in the meeting.

Welcoming the interlocutors, Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked them for the invitation and the opportunity to discuss pressing religious issues. The PMR President reminded that representatives of 72 nationalities live in Pridnestrovie, and emphasized that there has never been and will not be oppression on this land on ethnic or religious grounds. Vadim Krasnoselsky called on guests to discuss all pressing issues related to specific faiths, the fate of individual parishes, the interaction of the state and the church, and the influence of religion on society.

The clergy and representatives of the administration of religious organizations thanked Vadim Krasnoselsky for the opportunity to discuss current issues. They talked about demography, youth education, and the interaction of various religious trends. The participants in the meeting called the exchange of views, suggestions, and initiatives valuable and productive. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that he is always open for dialogue. He emphasized the importance of the church in society, urged representatives of various faiths to consolidate and interact on the principles of good neighborliness, and invited interlocutors to take part in a very important event from the point of view of believers, scheduled for October 30: Memorial Day for victims of political repressions in Tiraspol fortress will be held funeral ceremony for the reburial of the remains of citizens shot in the 30s of the last century. The interlocutors supported Vadim Krasnoselsky in the opinion that the memorial prayer should be common this day.