The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus

According to information provided by the Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova, 155 citizens with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus are being treated in the infectious hospitals of the republic. Another 46 people, six of whom are children, are in quarantine centers with suspected infection. Totally, COVID-19 was diagnosed for 1196 Pridnestrovians. The number of deaths is 46 people (3.8%). The number of recovered - 972 (more than 81%).

According to statistics, the number of calls by citizens to an ambulance due to high body temperature (which is one of the symptoms of infection) in June decreased and was almost equal to the same period last year. Comparative data at the instruction of the President was presented to the participants in the meeting of the Operational Headquarters by the Head of the State Institution "Republican Center for Emergency Medicine" Yevgeny Kalalb. The statistics of the last three days showed that 130 people go to ambulance on average per day, 14 of them with high fever.

While the number of calls to the ambulance decreases, the number of calls to the hotline of the crisis center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to grow. More than one hundred thousand appeals of Pridnestrovians were accepted by specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the beginning of the hotline. A large flow of calls is connected with questions of citizens about the possibility of traveling outside the republic. The reasons are different: the need to urgently go for treatment to another country - such requests are considered first of all, requests for travel to neighboring states for employment or work - this issue at the meeting required a detailed discussion. Ruslan Mova informed the audience about the growth of diseases among Pridnestrovians who work at enterprises in Moldova. For citizens and legal entities working at Moldovan enterprises with outbreaks of disease, the Operational Headquarters has tightened the requirements for issuing permits to cross the border. The facts of the disease were revealed at another enterprise in Moldova, where 190 citizens of Pridnestrovie work. Among them, there are already three infected with COVID-19. These are residents of Dubossary and Bendery. Earlier, the permits to cross the border issued to employees of these two Moldovan enterprises were canceled, and the workers themselves will be kept in self-isolation for 14 days under medical supervision.

Speaking about rapid testing, participants in the meeting emphasized its effectiveness in detecting infections in large teams. So, as a result of such testing the other day, an infection of a nurse in the surgical department was detected in the hospital. A quick test showed a positive result at first, the infection was confirmed by laboratory - while the disease was asymptomatic. According to the Health Ministry Christina Albul, by mid-July 30000 rapid tests should be in the republic.

They talked in the course of the meeting, about the future Rybnitsa COVID laboratory. The Head physician of the central district hospital Vladimir Ivaschenko said that a suitable room for the laboratory has already been found. When discussing the purchase of necessary equipment, Vadim Krasnoselsky advised taking the experience of creating Tiraspol laboratory as a basis.

From today, full-fledged suburban transportation has resumed. The leaders of transport companies, drivers and passengers of fixed-route minibuses must comply with the quarantine rules established earlier for suburban transport — the mandatory sanitation regime, the limit on the number of passengers, and others.