The safest return of schoolchildren and students to classrooms is the decision of the Operational Headquarters

132 Pridnestrovian schoolchildren were infected with COVID-19 during two weeks of 2021. For comparison: the incidence rate among pupils was three times higher in the second half of December last year. Members of the Operational Headquarters under the President associate the positive effect with long-term disunity of children's groups, which was ensured by increase of the vacation period for full-time students to three weeks. Students of the primary level of the educational system of the republic, as well as small-scale schools, in which they are taught full-time, have returned to their classes in order to continue the educational process starting today. It is planned to return to the graduate classroom pupils and students of the last years of vocational education institutions from February 1. The President called for the strictest sanitary and epidemiological discipline and strict control over the implementation of the requirements imposed in the pandemic. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the task set by him to minimize the number of classes held in classroom conditions remains in force: those subjects, for which distance learning is the most problematic, as well as disciplines for which it is supposed to pass final exams, will be taught permanently. The requirement on the inadmissibility of the movement of children in school offices is also preserved: teachers will move from class to class. As for pupils of 5-8, 10 grades and students of intermediate courses of universities and secondary vocational educational institutions: in preliminary plans, they will return to the traditional form of education from mid-February, but the final decision will be made closer to this time based on the epidemiological situation. The Ministry of Education and the administrations of educational institutions were instructed to develop a detailed schedule for conducting classes for all classes (groups), taking into account the combined teaching system.

From February 1, pupils and institutions of additional education, sports, art, music schools will begin to accept, subject to compliance with the current sanitary and epidemiological requirements. The decision on each object will be made by specially created commission. In case of detection of focus of coronavirus infection, their activity will also be suspended pointwise. This approach will gradually return society to pre-pandemic life, while ensuring the safety of the population, according to the members of the Operational Headquarters. The next in line to return to service are cultural objects. The possibility of resuming the work of the Palace of the Republic, theater and cinema in the near future is being discussed.

Students of the buildings of the Suvorov Military School and the Republican Cadet Corps, in which branches of coronavirus hospitals were temporarily located, are being prepared for the return. On behalf of the President, hospital linen, in particular mattresses and bedding, which were used by infected patients, will be transferred to the Ministry of Health, and the Tiraspol Suvorov Military School and Republican Cadet Corps will receive new sets. Before the return of the Suvorov Military School pupils and the cadets, the commission will check the readiness of the institutions to receive them.