Coronavirus in the PMR: the state of things and measures

There are 177 countries that faced the coronavirus in practice, more than 603 thousand cases (an increase over the past day over 70 thousand), 132 thousand of those who overcame the infection, 27800 passed from this life because of COVID-19. This is the situation in the world in numbers. Most of the infected are in the USA, America in these alarming statistics is followed by Italy, China, Spain, Germany. Among Ukrainians there are 310 sick. Coronavirus was detected during the past day (114 cases) in almost a third of them. In Moldova, 199 people fell ill (+21 per day). There are 11 confirmed facts of infection with COVID-19 In Pridnestrovie. There are 64 residents of the republic in the Slobodzeya infectious diseases hospital. 38 of them were hospitalized the day before. 45 samples were sent to the Chisinau laboratory. A part of the staff of the Moldavian GRES was placed in isolation conditions. All residents of the Severny Microdistrict of Bendery are in controlled quarantine. These data were announced in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President by the PMR Minister of Health Alexei Tsurcan. He informed his colleagues about the creation of an additional body - the operational medical headquarters, which included seven people. The first deputy minister of health Kristina Albul, headed the organizational unit (she also leads the coronavirus hospital in Slobodzeya). Among the first managerial steps is the development of a plan to create a multi-level system to counteract the spread of coronavirus and provide medical assistance to victims. We are talking about a clear separation of institutions where infected citizens will be located with those who are awaiting test results, and people from the environment of potential patients.

Doctors are promptly provided with protective equipment. More than one and a half hundred dressing overalls sewn by Pridnestrovian factories are already at the disposal of the Operational Headquarters and are distributed among medical facilities. Manufacturers announced their readiness for this morning another 150 units. The President called not to wait for the evening supply, but to distribute protective equipment as they come from production. Vadim Krasnoselsky again returned to the primary importance of preserving the health of doctors. The state is doing everything possible to protect the medical staff, but the neglect and misunderstanding of the danger level among the doctors themselves remains a problem. Monitoring compliance with security measures should be very strict, the President aimed.

They again returned to the question of the feasibility of organizing isolated residence for doctors working in a coronavirus hospital. Daily contact with family members is fraught with infection. Not only the representatives of the Operational Headquarters, but also the doctors themselves, who were initially skeptical, and some negatively reacted to this initiative, came to understand this. Two days ago, the Solnechny sanatorium was considered as a compact place of residence for the medical staff of the Slobodzeya hospital. Rapidly changing circumstances have made adjustments to the plans. To date, the building of the sanatorium in Dnestrovsk is fully occupied by the employees of the Moldavian GRES, who were isolated for two weeks in connection with the detection of coronavirus infection among workers. The temporary residence of doctors working with carriers of the virus is the Merenesti health-improving complex Dniester Dawns.

The President set the task to prepare the bases in Dubossary and Rybnitsa districts for receiving sick or suspected of infection citizens living in the center of the republic and in the north. As possible options, the MMZ dispensary and the Rybnitsa infectious diseases hospital are considered. It was decided that this would be the local Central District Hospital in Dubossary. Children's recreation camp are in reserve. The object is not heated. The presence of citizens, especially patients, in its premises is undesirable at the current temperature regime.

The President during the working discussion asked about availability of mechanical ventilation devices. There are 91 of them in Pridnestrovie, but only 73 in working condition. The President instructed to urgently bring together technical specialists working in various sectors of the Pridnestrovian economy, to assess the condition of the equipment and the possibility of their return to service.

Another decision made at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters is the functioning of retail facilities (except for non-stop pharmacies) only up to 21 hours. This restriction is already in effect in Tiraspol. From today, it will spread its effect throughout the republic. They spoke in the course of the meeting about the food supply of citizens. At the request of citizens in the Severny microdistrict in Bendery, at six in the morning they delivered additional volumes of vegetables, fruits and citrus fruits (only lemons, which the locals complained of, were 94 kilograms). Marketing at wholesale prices is from cars. As for the republic as a whole: in all settlements, addresses have been determined where a centralized trade in fruit and vegetable products will be organized. Local producers will have the opportunity to cooperate and turn in products for sale in these tents.

The topic of the conversation within the framework of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters was the situation that had developed the day before at the Solnechny dispensary, where quarantine employees were placed. According to the information voiced by Ruslan Mova, the collective does not understand significance of the isolation measures taken. Despite the efforts made to organize their everyday life and deliver them to the place of work and vice versa, some station employees express obvious dissatisfaction with what is happening. It came to disruption of public order. Law enforcement officers took appropriate measures, including administrative impact. We are talking about the arrest of two violators by decision of the Slobodzeya court for five and ten days. The issue of initiating criminal proceedings against one person is being considered. If necessary, not only MGRES employees, but also all residents of Dnestrovsk and the village of Nezavertylovka will be placed in isolation conditions, the President emphasized, drawing a line under the discussion of this issue. The situation is under the personal control of the President.

The head of the Operational Headquarters, Minister of Internal Affairs Ruslan Mova announced the following data on the results of the past day. 11000 calls to the hotline (986 over the past day) were made. Sanitization of 6500 facilities and common areas was mede. Over the past day, 1120 visits by militia officers to Pridnestrovians who are in home quarantine. 9 citizens are brought to administrative responsibility for violation of a special legal regime. The activity of eight more trade objects recognized as violators has been suspended. Nearly a hundred retail outlets were checked for compliance with the rules of pricing legislation. Three cases of unjustified overpricing have been identified (in Kamenka and Rybnitsa). Appropriate actions were taken. The delivery of 60 citizens was organized, for which the Russian Embassy reserved a charter flight from Chisinau Airport to the city of Moscow. Entry to 915 foreigners was denied. 158 citizens of the PMR entered the territory of Pridnestrovie yesterday; about fifty people crossed the border in the Pridnestrovian direction on the grounds established by the state of emergency. The exit denied for 29 citizens.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR supplemented the information picture. Vitaly Ignatiev said that two cars with medicines intended for Pridnestrovians remain on the Moldavian border. Five trucks finally passed all the administrative procedures required by the Moldovan side and arrived in the republic. On the way, new cars loaded with pharmaceutical products that are needed in Pridnestrovie. Will the situation be as protracted (the first ones have stood for more than a week), time will tell. Suppliers of other products, for example, equipment for organizing distance learning in educational institutions, which, under the conditions of widespread quarantine, are urgently needed, also encountered difficulties. All these issues are resolved at the level of relevant ministries and departments. On behalf of Vadim Krasnoselsky, the international community is timely informed of the situation.

The next meeting of the Operational Headquarters is scheduled for Monday morning, unless circumstances otherwise require.