The competition of social projects for the grant from the PMR President is over

The winners of the competition for social projects for presidential grants have been determined today, during the working meeting. All projects that have passed the commission selection have been studied in detail. Potential participants were initially offered a choice of 14 nominations. The main requirement: ideas should be aimed at achieving social, charitable, cultural, educational, scientific goals, related to health protection, the development of physical culture and sports, satisfaction of the spiritual and other intangible needs of citizens. Non-profit organizations and initiative groups operating according to the declared profile for at least a year were invited to participate.

The geographical coverage of the winning projects is practically the entire republic. Representatives of Tiraspol, Grigoriopol, Bendery, and Slobodzeya are among the organizations-laureates. The topics, tasks and target audience are diverse. The funds will be allocated for the involvement of children with disabilities in creative and work activities, the introduction of children to sports, the organization of physical culture and recreational activities for citizens with cerebral palsy, assistance in caring for pets, the restoration of Old Believer books and manuscripts, archaeological research, and the preservation of historical heritage. The amount of grants is from 300 to 600 thousand rubles.

Having made a decision on the winners and summing up the results of the competition as a whole, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to the organizers and members of the commission, noting the complexity of the task set before them.