The Collegium of the PMR State Customs Committee summed up the activities of the customs authorities in 2019

The President took part in the work of the Collegium of the PMR State Customs Committee. The main report was made by the Chairman of the PMR State Customs Committee Vitaly Nyagu. He said that the annual plan for development of customs authorities has been completed. The exception is a number of measures, the implementation of which requires a significant investment of time and money. The deductions to the republican budget exceeded the planned ones by 13%: 824 million rubles were received by the state treasury in the form of customs payments (this is 45% of the budget revenue). 393 million was paid in the form of customs duty, 328 million - total amount of excise taxes. Vitaly Nyagu noted that last year showed the effectiveness of the reform 2017-2018 initiated by the President, due to which the customs sphere is liberalized. According to the speaker, when making decisions, the State Customs Committee consults with the Public Advisory Council. Among the achievements is the improvement of the regulatory framework. The changes introduced in the PMR Customs Code allowed, for example, to increase by 17% the number of vignettes purchased per year. Under this article, the budget received about half a million dollars. Enterprises were given the opportunity to declare in a simplified manner, as well as electronically, goods that are exported outside the republic as samples or exhibition materials.

Particular attention, according to the Head of the PMR State Customs Committee, was paid in the reporting period to the elimination of administrative barriers and the simplification of customs procedures. Vitaly Nyagu announced a lengthy list of measures taken in this direction. In addition, he spoke about the participation of customs authorities in the implementation of the import substitution program. This year zero rates are applied for 700 codes of commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities. Among them there are goods used exclusively in technological processes.

The speaker spoke about development of customs infrastructure. Today, all checkpoints are equipped with weighing equipment. Seven checkpoints are equipped with awnings for comfortable inspection of goods. Inspection box for cars was built at the Pervomaisk expanded checkpoint. Inspection box for cars was expanded at the Nezavertaylovka checkpoint, The Blizhny Khutor and Khrustovaya checkpoints were provided with new sources of power supply, Protyagailovka checkpoint was moved to another place. 8 checkpoints were provided with video monitoring and control system for customs clearance. New hardware and software complexes for license plate recognition of vehicles are installed at five checkpoints.

Vitaly Nyagu focused on the introduction of technologies for automatic decision-making on the release of goods. complete transition to electronic declaration has been made since January 1, 2019; the corresponding center has been introduced into the structure of the State Customs Committee. The Head of the committee illustrated a part of the report on measures taken for automation and digitalization of all stages of customs control that were implemented and planned before 2023 with a video presentation. He also outlined areas of information security. It was also about the development of an information exchange system with the customs services of other countries. Speaking about working contacts with Russian colleagues, Vitaly Nyagu announced the organization of five internships for employees of the PMR State Customs Committee in the Federal Customs Service in 2019.

Speaking about foreign economic activity, Vitaly Nyagu noted that in 2019 the level of export decreased by 5% compared to 2018. The main reason is a reduction, due to circumstances beyond the control of manufacturers, sales of metals and metal products abroad. According to Vitaly Nyagu, commodity flow with the CIS countries predominates (74%) in the structure of foreign trade. Trade with representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union is 38%, with EU members - 22%. The main trading partners of Pridnestrovie: Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Italy, Germany. The task set by the President to increase exports to the Russian direction is being successfully completed.

The Chairman of the PMR State Customs Committee focused on the participation of representatives of the customs authorities of the republic in foreign policy, in particular, in the work of expert groups on issues related to the customs sphere.

The speaker devoted part of his speech to ensuring economic security. According to Vitaly Nyagu, in 2019 the State Customs Committee revealed 946 violations of customs legislation, almost three million fines and received 420 thousand rubles of customs payments. As for the smuggling of narcotic, psychotropic substances and weapons, 14 criminal cases were filed in the reporting period.

The Head of the department spoke about interaction with citizens and economic agents. 24 information and discussion meetings were held with participants in foreign economic activity in the reporting period. A schedule of such events for 2020 has been approved. Three thousand dialogues are carried out in the online system of online consultation. 1150 calls were received on the “hot line”.

Vitaly Nyagu informed the board meeting about the work being done to increase the level of professionalism of the staff, their physical and military training. In general, the Head of the committee considers the past year to be productive.

Boris Kichuk, chairman of the Public Advisory Council on Customs Policy at the PMR State Customs Committee highly praised the work carried out in 2019 by joint efforts. As a co-rapporteur, he informed about the main areas of interaction and voiced the conclusion made based on the results of the analysis: there are practically no systemic problems that adversely affect the activities of business entities; there are issues of a local nature, and they require a solution and due attention from the ACS and the State Customs Committee.

According to the results of 2019, the PMR Prosecutor gave his assessment of the activities of the State Customs Committee. He called the State Customs Committee a highly organized law enforcement structure, noting the effective cooperation of the committee with the prosecution authorities. Anatoly Guretsky, drawing attention to the well-established interaction between customs authorities and economic entities, focused on some aspects related to contacts between customs officers and individuals: this area, according to the prosecutor, needs improvement.

A similar opinion is shared by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky. He speaks about this during his speech at the meeting of the Collegium of the PMR State Customs Committee. The President considers that the philosophy of relations between customs structures and citizens of the republic should be changed. Inspection of personal belongings of individuals crossing the border should not be total. The effectiveness of such a mechanism is minimal, and increases nervousness in the society. Vadim Krasnoselsky called on customs officers to be more psychologists and remember that it is they who meet and escort citizens entering and leaving the republic, and therefore form an impression of the state. As for interaction with legal entities, positive changes, in the opinion of the President, are obvious. Vadim Krasnoselsky praised the introduction of new technologies in the customs sphere, emphasizing that Pridnestrovie is noticeably ahead of neighboring states in terms of these indicators. The President expressed gratitude for the development of the e-customs system on his own, noting that employees who implemented this significant and complex project should be encouraged. The President assigns a significant role to modern technologies, which is noticeably growing in the context of the international unrecognition of the republic. Speaking about the decline in exports by 5% at the end of the year, the President emphasized that MMZ showed a 30% drop, that is, in other areas the volume of export operations increased. The President considers it important to increase the supply of Pridnestrovian goods in the Russian direction. He called for continued work aimed at achieving a balance of indicators of exports to Russia and EU countries.

Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about the importance of improving the qualifications of employees of the State Customs Committee, noting that the number of complaints from the public to the customs authorities and specific specialists depends on its level. The President noted that during the reporting period, citizens' appeals to him related to the activities of customs structures were single. The President mentioned expanding the material and technical base of the PMR State Customs Committee.

In general, the President praised the results of the activities of the State Customs Committee of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic following the results of 2019, expressed gratitude for the work done and urged the State Customs Committee to further self-improvement.