Collegiums of ministries and departments based on the results of activities in 2020 will be held via videoconferences

The current work of the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the framework of anti-coronavirus practice, as well as some of the annual results of the main activities of employees of the internal affairs bodies was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters.

Control and verification measures were taken in the republic for 5300 objects of the sphere of trade and services on the subject of compliance with the sanitary regime, during the past week. About a hundred violations have been identified. 97 people were brought to administrative responsibility for failure to comply with the rules for wearing protective masks. Four violations were documented during inspections of vehicles carrying passengers (over four hundred vehicles were checked).

110 militia officers monitored the observance of public order and quarantine requirements on Christmas night. There were no serious violations revealed in any of the 67 Pridnestrovian churches, in which festive services were held on the night of January 6 and 7.

As for the crime situation as a whole at the end of the year: according to the report of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the crime rate decreased by 4% (the indicator in 2020 is the lowest in the last 18 years). 3388 criminal acts were registered in total. The number of crimes committed in the past year in public places is 10% less than in 2019. At the same time, a serious decrease by 22% was also noted a year earlier. The disclosure rate is 91%. The indicator improved by 3%, stated Ruslan Mova.

More detailed report on the results of 2020 will be presented within the framework of the Collegium of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs. The event will be held via videoconference in the context of the ongoing pandemic. All ministries and departments, as well as heads of state administrations, will report in a similar format. It is necessary not only to sum up the results of the past year, but also to analyze it, draw conclusions and outline further plans, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted. The schedule of final meetings with the participation of the President, the leadership of the PMR Government and the Supreme Council will be formed in the near future.