Quarantine in the country continues

The President took part in the PMR Government meeting. One of the main issues is the discussion of the draft resolution governing implementation of quarantine mechanisms without the state of emergency. Vadim Krasnoselsky explained that the end of the special legal regime suggests that now decisions related to quarantine restrictions are made by the Government. At the same time, the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President retains its functionality.

Responsibility for implementation of the provisions of the government decree is allocated to the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova. It is under general control of the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the essence of the restrictions in force in the country does not change. The difference is that further adjustments will be made at the executive level.

Discussing specific norms, the meeting participants focused on the provisions related to restricting the entry into the territory of the PMR of foreign citizens and departure of Pridnestrovians from the republic. The decision contains a list of circumstances under which border crossing is allowed. Other cases upon application are considered privately by the Operational Headquarters. The educational process in the organizations of preschool education has been suspended until special order. Due to the fact that kindergartens do not work, and other organizations and enterprises will return to full-fledged activity from tomorrow, parents of preschool children retained the right to apply for a sick leave. Vadim Krasnoselsky, in a discussion on this subject, called on employers for flexibility, noting that, whenever possible, the organization of official activities in the remote mode is welcome.

The President emphasized that the document should not be antiquated. Practice, of course, will require clarifications and additions. The President called for monitoring the situation and adjusting the legal framework based on realities. The President considers development of the resolution, as well as the preliminary adoption of the relevant law, timely and appropriate.