Formation of the capital investment program for 2020 continues

The President heard the Heads of ministries and state services in the course of the meeting on the next stage of the capital investment program implementation. They talked about which objects, in their opinion, need priority attention from the state.

The Head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the PMR Sergey Obolonik among the objects proposed for inclusion in the capital investment program 2020, singled out boiler-rooms. This is a major overhaul of 8 facilities, serving mainly rural schools, kindergartens, children's homes. The total amount required for the execution of works - 31 million rubles. Speaking about the upcoming infrastructural changes in the Tirasteploenergo, Sergei Obolonik noted that the amount of funds planned to be allocated from the budget for financing the investment program next year increased threefold compared to last year and will amount to 32 million rubles. By means of the capital investment repair the network will be repaired and equipment purchased.

It is planned to pay serious attention to providing the population with water. The amount requested by the Ministry of Economic Development is 18 million rubles. Water will be the priority in 2020. Water disposal will be the next step. There are two dozen localities in which the worst situation with water supply is recorded. The overall need is much broader, noted Sergey Obolonik. As for the investment program of the water utility, it was decided not to dispense funds, but to focus attention on every city and district in stages. In 2019 the network of capital will be free from rust in the pipes, in 2020 - Bendery and so on.

Tatyana Kirova told the President about the infrastructure plans of the PMR Ministry of Finance. She recalled that tax inspectorate in Bendery is located in unsuitable for the reception of citizens of premises, the technical condition of which causes a lot of complaints. The construction of a new building was started in 2010, but the work stopped at the zero level. The Head of the Ministry of Finance proposes to return to this project. Made by designers structure is quite spacious. Initially stated capacity - 186 people. In the case of redevelopment and refusal for example from the assembly hall in the building it will be possible to comfortably accommodate up to three hundred employees. This allows you to plan the unification under the same roof of the tax service, statistics,

, the President emphasized that schools, gardens and hospitals are a priority today. In addition, the President, drawing attention to the cost of construction of the building, in fact, offered to consider other options. According to the President, there are unfinished buildings in the city that match this request. Another important point - is the location of the object. Taking into account the specificity and mass attendance of the institutions that will be located in it, it is necessary to take into consideration the neighborhood, logistics, the possibility of creating parking spaces for transport, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. The proposal of the Ministry of Finance and the options recommended by the President for consideration will be studied.

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Efimy Koval said that agrarians are counting on the allocation of funds from the fund for capital investments for the reconstruction of the ameliorative complex of the republic. According to the program of agricultural development, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is supposed to invest annually in the expansion of irrigation systems 20 million rubles. Another area announced by the Ministry of Agriculture is the development of botanical garden. The second stage of improvement of the park is estimated at 3.5 million rubles. Vadim Krasnoselsky, noting that the work at this facility is not being carried out sufficiently quickly, instructed him to submit a project and a clear action plan, after analyzing which a decision would be made to include the object in the capital investment program of 2020 and determine the required amount.

The total cost of work on the objects proposed for inclusion in the capital investment program of the next year by the Ministry of Defense of Pridnestrovie is 13.5 million rubles. The object, which is not related to the infrastructure of the armed forces, but is under the Ministry of Defense, is the “Dniester Dawns” camp. Oleg Obruchkov said that last year the relevance of the camp was confirmed, and outlined the need to put in order one more corps. It will be possible to improve hundreds of children in the summer. To repair work will require 4.8 million rubles. The minister noted that a little more than half of this amount would have to be allocated from the republican fund. The rest will be covered by their own income. Oleg Obruchkov, emphasizing that all the earned money is directed exclusively to the improvement of the camp, said that about 400 trees had already been planted on its territory, paths had been cleared, curbs were put in order. The President considers the proposal of the Ministry of Defense reasoned. "Dniester Dawns" - an object of exclusively social orientation, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky.

13 million rubles is the approximate cost of work on the objects that the Ministry of Internal Affairs suggests to include in the capital investment program of the next year. Among them, there are educational institutions - Republican educational complex named after Makarenko, the Republican Cadet Corps and Tiraspol juridical institute. In addition, Ruslan Mova outlined the need for repairs to buildings, premises and adjacent territories of the District Department of the Interior of Kamenka, Dubossary, Grigoriopol and Slobodzeya.

The State Sports Service focused on the need to continue work at the Republican stadium. Required amount to complete is 12 million rubles. It is proposed to allocate 3 million, which will be sent to the final improvement of the western tribune. Roof overhang is already installed there. It is necessary to update the seat and put in order stairs. The President recalled that a sports facility needs not only infrastructural, but also administrative changes. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, the stadium should be run by the city, not by the civil service. This will allow to quickly and effectively solve many current problems, the President is sure. The government is charged with promptly resolving this issue. To date, preliminary steps have already been taken. The Republican Olympic Reserve Center is legally separated from the stadium. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers this decision to be correct, since the objects have completely different functional - the Republican Olympic Reserve Center prepares professional athletes, and the stadium is used as a platform for holding mass events of city and republican values.

Another sports institution that the core civil service proposes to include in the 2020 state program is the Dubossary Table Tennis School.

The State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage mentioned the Pridnestrovian State Art Museum located in Bendery as a potential participant in the capital investment program-2020. The buildings in which the exhibition halls are located and the storage facility is located (4 thousand units) are still pre-revolutionary buildings. They undoubtedly have historical value, but have become unsafe for visitors. More than two million rubles are needed to repair the roof, strengthen the walls, update the heating system and install fire alarm. The next stage and new costs are the replacement of windows and doors (the existing ones were installed in 1947). The President called the upcoming work not repair, but a real reconstruction.

The civil service requests 3 million rubles for repairs to the building of the Institute of Arts, located next to the capital's registry office. A significant amount, 5 million rubles is proposed to allocate for the continuation of repairs in the capital theater named after Nadezhda Aronetskaya. Backstage part - dressing room, costume, rehearsal room requires attention. In addition, the institution needs an additional power source in case of electricity absence. The Palace of the Republic is waiting for funding. The requests are much more modest - approximately 800 thousand rubles.

Only one object is listed in the application of the PMR State Communications Service. Vladimir Belyaev spoke about the need for less than half a million rubles to strengthen the wall of the post office building in Kamenka along Dalnaya Street, under which water well was found. The President emphasized that ensuring the safety of citizens is one of the most powerful arguments in deciding on the inclusion of an object in the capital investment program.

Discussion at the level of the country's leadership proposals from ministries, departments and public services will continue.