The President is in the north of the republic with inspection

The President during inspection visit was accompanied by the Head of the State Administration of Rybnitsa district and Rybnitsa Victor Tyagay. The participants of the visiting meeting began the visit from the central square. It will have reconstructions. The paving of the square has not been renewed since its foundation in 1977. The concrete pavement has become obsolete both physically and mentally. The worn-out concrete will be replaced with paving slabs (8754 square meters). The President drew attention to the need to expand the existing pedestrian paths and build new ones based on the needs of the local population, as well as to install benches, trash bins, and lanterns.

The Kirov Park (opened in 1967) is located next to the central square. It was also transformed. Work began in 2020. The existing fountain was repaired and a new one was built - the so-called dry fountain. The paths leading to them are paved. The replacement of the coating with tile will continue this year. The project is being implemented with funds from Capital Investment Fund 2021 (the total amount allocated from the state budget for the improvement of Rybnitsa Park is 3 million rubles). Vertical gardening will be organized at the expense of local sources, gazebos will be installed near the summer park stage, the district head shared with the President his plans.

Another recreational area, landscaped by order of the President, based on the request of local residents, is the river embankment and the park created on its basis (Valchenko microdistrict). Paths are paved here, benches, urns and lamps are installed, landscaping is done. The park area smoothly turns into the beach area, on which a rescue station has been built, shaded awnings, changing rooms, showers and a drinking fountain are installed. This year it is planned to further pave the area with paving slabs. There is a project for the entrance arch. The system of irrigation of green spaces has been thought over. A million has been allocated under the state capital investment program. Funding will come from local sources. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the idle boxes of buildings in the park area, noting the expediency of looking for investors to "revive" them and include in the city infrastructure.