The PMR Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief made a congratulatory speech addressed to the participants of the Military Parade and all Pridnestrovians

The main event of the festive program dedicated to the Day of the Republic is the Military Parade to mark the 31st anniversary of the founding of Pridnestrovie. The country's leadership, residents of Tiraspol and guests of the city are watching from the stands. The parade was commanded by the Chief of the Main Staff of the Armed Forces of the PMR, Major General Pavel Mikhailov, and the parade was inspected by the Minister of Defense of the PMR, Major General Oleg Obruchkov. The head of the defense department reported to the Commander-in-Chief about the readiness of the troops of the Tiraspol garrison for the parade after visiting the parade crews and congratulating the participants. Vadim Krasnoselsky made a congratulatory speech.

The PMR President addressing all Pridnestrovians emphasized that the republic was created by the will of the people, noting that its unity and cohesion made it possible to overcome the numerous trials that befell the state.

Vadim Krasnoselsky announced a Minute of Silence in memory of the fallen and deceased defenders of the Fatherland.

The President spoke about the development of Pridnestrovie, stressing that the course has not changed throughout the 31-year history of the country. The main guidelines are independence, strengthening the community of the “Pridnestrovian people” and building a socially oriented state with a market economy.

The President focused on the consistency of foreign policy activities based on the principles of open and equal dialogue with all states and international organizations. He addressed words of gratitude to the Russian Federation, stressing that it is a strategic partner and protector for Pridnestrovie.

Congratulating Pridnestrovians on the main public holiday, Vadim Krasnoselsky wished everyone new labor victories, family happiness and prosperity, and prosperity and peace to the country.

18 ceremonial regiments took part in the military parade – over 1300 current and future defenders of the external and internal security of the Pridnestrovian state, its borders, peace, law and order.