The Commander-in-Chief of the PMR Armed Forces congratulated the first graduates of Tiraspol Suvorov Military College

The Tiraspol Suvorov Military College was created in February 2017, by the Decree of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky, on his own initiative. The first Pridnestrovian pupils of Suvorov Military College began their studies in September. Now there are two and a half hundred of them - students in grades 5-11. Today was the finish at this stage of the educational path for 18 of them: the first graduation at the College. The young people said the text of the oath, said goodbye to the banner and received certificates. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky took part in the ceremony of presenting documents on the completion of educational institution subordinate to the PMR Ministry of Defense; Addressing the graduates, the President congratulated them on the holiday, noting that the unusual and difficult circumstances of the graduation in quarantine conditions cannot diminish the joy of celebration and the significance of the moment.

The President noted that the Tiraspol Suvorov Military College has become an important component of the military education. Twelve today's graduates have already announced their decision to continue their studies at the Military Institute of the PMR Ministry of Defense named after Lieutenant General A.I. Lebed. Pupils of Suvorov Military College are enrolled in this university automatically - without passing entrance exams. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that for him personally it does not matter in which direction the children will continue their education. It is important that pupils acquired in the Tiraspol Suvorov Military College significant baggage of high-quality and diverse knowledge, skills, and were brought up in the spirit of patriotism, love and respect for the Fatherland, the President said.

Special words of gratitude of the PMR Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces were addressed to the officers of the College, as well as to the parents of the pupils, who had believed in this educational institution and in their children three years ago.

They spoke at the festive event about the numerous personal and collective achievements of the pupils of Suvorov Military College. The final creative competition, in which the first graduates take part, will be a competition for the best graduation. It was announced in the republic at the initiative of the President.

A new introductory campaign has begun. Applicants wishing to join the Suvorov movement will have to go through competitive selection. The interest in the educational institution is great - both among Pridnestrovians and among young citizens of neighboring states.