Vadim Krasnoselsky took part in the single voting day

A single voting day is being held in Pridnestrovie. The citizens of the republic form legislative and representative bodies of power for the second time in this general format. The Institute of the single voting day was included in the legal framework of the PMR in 2014. This mechanism was first implemented in practice in November 2015. The 2020 election campaign started in early September. Registration of candidates was completed on November 7. Pridnestrovians today elect representatives to the legislature of the republic, as well as form the composition of local councils and determine who will preside and head the administrations of villages and settlements.

As for the PMR Supreme Council deputies, the seventh convocation will not be as numerous as the previous ones: the number of constituencies, and therefore mandates, has been reduced from 43 to 33. 45 candidates apply for this number of deputy seats, 32 of which are experienced parliamentarians representing the interests of citizens of the republic in the Supreme Council of the VI convocation. One constituency is Dnestrovsk, two in Dubossary and Kamenka districts, three in Grigoriopol, five in Rybnitsa, six constituencies each in Slobodzeya and Bendery, eight in Tiraspol, out of 33 constituencies.

There  are 7 city (district) territorial election commissions, 77 rural, 33 district and 256 precinct election commissions. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky voted today at the polling station No. 215, located on the basis of the Tiraspol sports school No. 1. Svetlana Krasnoselskaya, the President’s wife also took part in the elections. Two ballots were dropped into the ballot box - with the indication of candidates for deputies of the Tiraspol City Council and the Supreme Council. The electoral procedure was carried out in compliance with all quarantine requirements: mask and glove mode, distancing, disinfection.

Leaving the polling station, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to everyone involved in organizing and holding the elections, emphasizing that the electoral mechanism of this year is seriously complicated by pandemic circumstances. The President called on everyone to be extremely careful, emphasizing that neglect of security measures can be fraught with extremely negative consequences. Vadim Krasnoselsky did not disregard the increased protective and preventive measures taken to ensure the safety of voting participants.

Polling stations will be opened until 20:00. The President called on everyone who has not yet fulfilled their civic duty to come and indicate their choice, making a feasible and very important contribution to the formation of the country's future. The President expressed gratitude to those who have already voted for their responsibility, understanding, and active citizenship.