The President heard the Report on the results of the State Administration Activities of Dubossary

The series of reporting meetings under the President, traditional for the beginning of the year, was continued by the discussion of the results of the Dubossary administration. The speaker is the Head of the district Ruslan Chaban. He began his speech with information on anti-coronavirus work in 2020, recalling that the somatic departments of the local hospital were redesigned into an infectious diseases hospital for 165 beds. Considering that in Dubossary, the COVID hospital was deployed later than in other parts of the republic, they managed to carry out the necessary repair and improvement work to receive infected patients. The hospital continues to function. 1228 Pridnestrovians – residents of Dubossary, Grigoriopol, Kamenka and Rybnitsa districts – were treated on its basis, Ruslan Chaban said.

Speaking about the demographic situation, Ruslan Chaban said that 264 babies were born in Dubossary district over the year – six more babies than a year earlier. The migration growth of the population (+369 people) was also recorded, both in the city and in the countryside.

Economy. A decline in tax revenues was recorded during the year, complicated by the pandemic. In general, local budget revenues amounted to 122,2 million rubles. Almost 127 million was spent. 84 million – for the payment of salaries, pensions and benefits. Industrial production decreased by 8% compared to 2019. Three organizations increased their performance, three others decreased. More than two tens of millions have been invested in the development of the road industry. 40 thousand were spent on the arrangement of parking lots, almost a million - on the reconstruction of sidewalks, 2.7 million - on the improvement of territories adjacent to educational institutions.

According to official data, 133 entities, 107 of which are peasant farms are involved in the field of the agro-industrial complex of the Dubossary region in 2020. Ruslan Chaban highlighted viticulture, poultry farming, cultivation of essential oil crops, and drew attention to the fact that the area of ​​land for sowing vegetables was increased 16 times in the reporting year.

The Head of the district considers the attention paid to the housing stock to be an important achievement of the past year. There are 174 apartment buildings in the city - mainly one-story buildings, two-story buildings and three-story buildings, most of them erected in the middle of the last century (during the construction of the Dubossary hydroelectric power station). Ruslan Chaban called the volume of work carried out in this area a record one. 21 buildings have a new roof and drainage system. Windows were replaced in the entrances of 22 residential buildings, metal entrance doors were installed in 11 houses. 69 objects have been renovated. Engineering communications have been updated in six high-rise buildings. 18 sections of sidewalks were put in order. 39 street zones are equipped with ramps. There are ramps in the table tennis school, museum, art gallery. Window blocks were replaced and the premises of the district administration were partially repaired. Bathrooms are being equipped in rural schools. The district's leisure and park network has been expanded. Seven objects were financed under the capital investment program: a building was completed and the premises of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children with Life Expectancy were fully equipped, a sports complex was built, repairs were carried out in several kindergartens, a Russian-Moldovan school No. 7, a rowing and cycling sports school, windows in ten general education preschool and correctional institutions.

Speaking about environmental measures, the Head of the district noted that a third of the costs in this area are associated with the elimination of unauthorized places for collecting solid household waste. The speaker focused on the topic of outdated special equipment, 80% of which, according to Ruslan Chaban, require major repairs or replacement. The acquisition of a garbage truck and an aerial platform was identified as a positive aspect.

As for water supply: tap water came to the villages of Dubovo, Boska, Novaya Lunga in 2020. If it is possible to implement the plans for 2021, centralized water supply appears in the village of Doibany-2, then the Dubossary district is fully covered by the water supply network. At the same time, it is necessary to reconstruct the existing centralized water supply systems in Dubossary and the village of Tsybulevka. Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded about this, outlining the tasks for the current year. In addition, the President mentioned in the plans for the year the continuation of the improvement of the Energetik park, the construction of an outdoor pool on the territory of the Dubossary rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, the overhaul of two kindergartens, and work on the site of the regional hospital. The President will visit most of these facilities today in the course of inspection visit to the Dubossary district. As for the activities of the Dubossary administration at the end of 2020, the President recognized it as satisfactory.