The President met with residents of Rybnitsa

The President met with representatives of the Rybnitsa administration, deputies of the Supreme and local councils. The event was planned. The goal is to get acquainted in detail with the situation in the district. The conversation took place in the meeting room of the state administration. Welcoming the interlocutors, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the working dialogue with the regional authorities and people's deputies is of systemic nature. Direct interaction did not stop during the period of quarantine restrictions, but according to the President, he is glad to be able to get out of the mode of limited personal contacts.

The topic of the pandemic - the state of affairs in the republic, the situation in the world, the success of the fight, the prospects for overcoming difficulties associated with containing the spread of the virus - remains relevant. The President, answering the questions of the residents of Rybnitsa noted in this regard that he was satisfied with the work of both officials and employees of the healthcare sector. The President spoke about the difficulties he had to face and what measures were taken to overcome them. He said that the state spent hundreds of millions of rubles on the fight against COVID-19, emphasizing that the responsible structures control every penny spent on his behalf.

Local deputies asked about the prospects for mass vaccination of Pridnestrovians. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that he considers the vaccination campaign an effective tool to combat the spread of infection. He said that he plans to be vaccinated, but later. This is due to the fact that the President fell ill with coronavirus during the third wave of the pandemic.

Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled the supply of various types of vaccines to Pridnestrovie as humanitarian aid. He said that new deliveries of Pfizer are expected in the near future as well as two types of vaccines made in China. Negotiations are also underway on the centralized procurement of vaccines. The question remains open so far: global demand exceeds the capabilities of manufacturers. It will be possible to draw conclusions about which vaccine is better not earlier than in two or three years. The President emphasized that no one doubts that it is necessary to develop collective immunity.

It is noted that the pandemic in general and vaccination in particular is not only a social issue. This is also the sphere of world politics, Vadim Krasnoselsky is sure. Speaking about the validity of vaccination certificates issued on the territory of Pridnestrovie, the President emphasized that Moldova recognizes it. As for other countries, they make decisions independently, based on their political, economic and other interests.

They spoke at the meeting about foreign policy and economic contacts of the republic. The President recalled that Pridnestrovie is linked by export-import relations with 90 countries of the world. The pandemic complicated them, but did not level off this, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. Difficulties are added by a difficult dialogue with the closest neighbors. Assessing the negotiation process with Moldova, the President recalled that out of two hundred agreements reached in previous years, 190 are not being implemented by Moldova.

Peacekeeping in Pridnestrovie, the situation with neutral car license plates are among the topics raised by the President's interlocutors.

The topic of the shortage of working-oriented specialists was discussed today. They talked about the prerequisites for launching the dual education mechanism, its relevance and effectiveness. Vadim Krasnoselsky said that he got the idea of ​​actively introducing a practice-oriented education system after visiting Moldavian Metallurgical Plant and communicating with the personnel of the plant.

They talked about rural medicine. The Head of the administration of the village of Plot said that the local outpatient clinic is in disrepair. It was decided to place a rural medical outpatient clinic in one of the buildings of a rural kindergarten. The documents on the transfer of the premises to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health have been signed. The President was asked when to wait for the repair and construction work. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that it is necessary to estimate the volume. Specialists will be directed to the object that will be included in the capital investment fund program for the next year.

Vadim Krasnoselsky said that 138 million rubles were invested in the renovation of the healthcare infrastructure, 42 medical institutions were repaired or built from scratch during the period of the Capital Investment Fund program. At the same time, 56 kindergartens, 62 schools, 21 social correctional institutions were put in order. Dozens of objects of culture, sports, additional education were included in the target program. Huge money is being invested in replacing and repairing housing and communal services.

Social and infrastructural transformation of settlements is in the process. The capital investment fund program is in effect, no one doubts its effectiveness, the President emphasized. He drew attention to the fact that the implementation of this large-scale - state level - project gave impetus to the development of the country's construction industry. As a result – a significant number of new jobs was created, an increase in tax revenues.

Measures to support the construction sector of the economy and the agricultural sector were discussed at the meeting. They asked about progress in the coverage of rural areas with water supply. This issue is of particular importance for the residents of the village of Bolshoi Molokish. They ask to put in order the school gym in the village of Ulma.

Residents of Rybnitsa complain that there has been an unfinished building of school number 6 for several years in the center of the city. Availability is 65%. According to experts, 23 million rubles are needed to bring the facility to commissioning. The Rybnitsa School is one of four objects, the construction of which was started by ANO "Eurasian Integration", but not completed. Three of them will be finished. We have to prioritize. The first of these facilities is the tuberculosis hospital in Bendery. The President assured that they will definitely return to Rybnitsa School.

The meeting participants expressed their gratitude to the President for the visual infrastructural transformations, naming specific objects, the appearance and content of which are changing thanks to the Capital Investment Fund and the constant attention of the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky, in turn, thanked the residents of Rybnitsa for their activity, understanding and support.

The President will visit the facilities in Rybnitsa at the end of the meeting, where repair and construction work continues.