The President with his wife attended a festive concert dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory

The solemn event was held in the great hall of the Palace of the Republic. The gala concert is dedicated to the feat of the simple and many-sided Soviet Soldier. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed with words of gratitude and congratulations the veterans - the main characters and honored guests of the celebration, as well as artists, telling with their musical and poetic performances the true history of the Great Patriotic War and Great Victory, to the spectators and participants in the events on the stage, to all Pridnestrovians and everyone who appreciates and remembers the heroism of the Soviet people.

“Victory in the Great Patriotic War was for the Soviet people at the cost of millions of victims and enormous destruction. It was the Soviet Union, the Soviet people, the Soviet soldiers who broke the back of Nazism and Fascism. The Soviet soldier is the soldier-liberator of all Europe, including Germany, from Nazism and fascism. It is very painful to see how in our time in front of the veterans, they are trying to level the feat of the Soviet people, the Soviet soldier-liberator in the Second World War. For me personally, the concepts of memory and honor are inseparable. Peoples who are trying to change their history, lose their memory and their own honor. Such states disappear from the map of the world, going nowhere. Tomorrow we all have to stand in line with the Immortal Regiment, carry portraits of fathers and grandfathers who defended their homeland, lay flowers on the graves, pay tribute to the fallen — to generation of winners, to veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Thus, we will continue to honor our history, preserve our memory and honor”, the PMR President noted. Vadim Krasnoselsky, addressing “Hurray!” to the veterans, wished peace to the Pridnestrovian land.