The President held a meeting with the co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie

Oleg Belyakov reported on the execution of the presidential instruction related to informing the participants in the peacekeeping process about the situation in the Security Zone and the attempts of the Moldovan side to block the work of the Joint Control Commission, which are taking on a systemic character. Today a meeting of the PMR Supreme Council Committee on Foreign Policy was held. This issue was also discussed there. Oleg Belyakov noted that parliamentarians supported the corresponding statement. He drew attention to the changed attitude to what is happening on the part of the public and the close attention of the media, whose representatives spent about 11 hours with members of the JCC the day before. That is how long yesterday's meeting of the Joint Control Commission lasted, which passed from the standard to the extraordinary mode.

Oleg Belyakov spoke about attempts to politicize many aspects, giving specific examples. The speaker also outlined desire of the Moldovan side to include officials in the expert composition, whose participation is not expected in the approved format. Just as once persistently, albeit unsuccessfully, attempts were made to involve Cristina Lesnic in activities, so now Moldovan representatives, having no legal grounds for that, insist on the candidacy of the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Olga Cebotari. Another aspect that raises questions is the number of Moldovan law enforcement experts: there are five of them, which is unreasonably many.

Oleg Belyakov summing up in general, noted that the position of the Moldovan side has not changed, but there are small shifts. It was possible to get off the ground in the course of yesterday's many hours of discussion thanks to the firmness of the Russian representatives in matters of peacekeeping. As a result of this approach, which does not allow an unjustified compromise, the final protocol was nevertheless signed, the JCC co-chairman from Pridnestrovie said.

Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that yesterday the signed protocol document allow speaking with cautious optimism about the possibility of unblocking the work of the JCC. As for the behavior of the Moldovan side, the PMR President called on the Pridnestrovian representatives to react with restraint to any aggression and to repel it calmly and competently, not succumbing to provocations.